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Active Life Version 1.5 (For Windows) is a powerful system for planning and tracking ones business. Features Pop up calendars and Flexable Schedules.
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Active Life Version 1.5 (For Windows) is a powerful system for planning and tracking ones business. Features Pop up calendars and Flexable Schedules.
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Contents of the README.TXT file

1Soft Corp. Technical Support for Active Life:

800/326-4391 -or- 707/987-0256
Mon-Fri 6:00am - 6:00pm (PACIFIC)
Sat-Sun 9:00am - 5:00pm (PACIFIC)

Active Life 1.5 - Excellent PIM for Windows/DOS/OS2

Active Life 1.5 is a powerful system for planning, managing, and
tracking one's active business and personal life. Flexible schedules
manage work-flow effectively. All types of recurring items need be
entered just once. Features pop-up calendars, week-at-a-glance, alarms,
printed schedules, and more. There are versions of Active Life 1.5
for DOS, Windows, and OS/2 Presentation Manager. The DOS and Windows
editions also include a timer and an indexed text/graphics notebook
manager with auto-dialer. Shareware by 1Soft Corporation. List $149.

Active Life can plan time for everything you want to do!

Active Life is very popular. Since first appearing on CompuServe in
October 1989, Active Life has consistently been downloaded more often
than any other business application. CompuServe is the world's largest
on-line service with more than 600,000 members.

System requirements:

Active Life for DOS........ DOS 3.0+
Active Life for Windows.... Microsoft Windows 3.0 or 2.x
Active Life for OS/2 PM.... OS/2 1.2+

Getting Started with Active Life

Starting Active Life for Windows:
Starting Active Life for OS/2 PM:

Active Life for Windows and Active Life for OS/2 PM are ready to
run once you've unzipped the files. Run AL.exe.

Starting Active Life for DOS:

Active Life for DOS requires first running the 1Soft setup program.
Run SETUP.exe.

You will be asked to select which type of display and mouse (if any)
that you are using. Choose among the following display adapters:

1. Monographics (Hercules compatible monochrome graphics)
2. CGA* (most laptop's and PS/2 models 25, 30)
3. EGA

4. VGA (PS/2 models 50+)

(* On a CGA, Active Life requires the high resolution mode (640x200).
This mode supports only 2 colors (eg. black and white). To run Active
Life in full color, you need a VGA or EGA display.)

To change your settings, simply run SETUP again at any time.

Choosing the correct display and mouse (or no mouse) is critical. If
Active Life is started with inaccurate settings it will not run. To
make corrections, simply run SETUP again.

When settings are correct and Active Life for DOS still does not run,
it may be due to a conflict with a resident program (.exe) or driver
(.sys). To pinpoint the problem, we suggest you temporarily modify
your CONFIG.sys and AUTOEXEC.bat files so no resident programs and
drivers are included. Re-boot your machine and try AL.bat. If AL runs
OK with a clean system, add each TSR or driver back, one at a time,
rebooting between each change. Call 1Soft technical support if you
need any assistance. 800/326-4391 or 707/987-0256.

On-line Tutorial, Help, and Reference Guides:

The first time you start AL, press Enter to clear the opening
welcome message. After the main window appears, choose HELP from
the menu bar by pressing ALT+H (hold down the ALT key and press H).
A pull-down menu will appear. Then press Enter to open the first
guide: Interface Basics; or choose another guide from the list.

The on-line guides are available only in the Windows and DOS
editions. These guides contain complete information on Active Life.
In the OS/2 PM edition, the same information appears in a text file
named AL.doc.


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