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Simple port of the ZOO archiver to run under Windows.
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Simple port of the ZOO archiver to run under Windows.
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Contents of the README.TXT file

This is version 2.10 of zoo.exe, compiled using Borland C++
3.0 and the EasyWin library.

This beast does not have any Windows-like features like
dialog boxes or pulldown/popup menus, it just runs with a
teletype interface, but it RUNS under Windows 3.0/3.1 as a
Windows application.

Some minor changes were made to the source to make the use
under Windows easier:

1) When started without command line arguments, WINZOO asks
for a command line. Just enter the arguments in one line
like you would do on the DOS prompt.


WINZOO is started. You want to extract *.c from
csource.zoo. Enter the command line:

x csource *.c

To list the contents of all zoo files in the current
directory, enter:

l *

2) Since you can never be sure of the current directory
when using WINDOWS, WINZOO shows the current directory.
To change to another directory, enter a '+' sign
immediately followed by the target directory.


WINZOO tells you proudly:

Current directory is: C:\WINDOWS

Just enter:


and WINZOO will do the chdir and tell you about the new
directory. Enter your command line, and watch the movie.

For the remaining documentation, please read the manual of

Thanks to Rahul Dhesi for creating zoo, the most portable
archive program I know about. When I compiled it using
Borland C++ for Windows, I got NO WARNINGS!!

Wolfgang Siebeck

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