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Windows 3.0 program that allows files and directories to be moved, copied, or deleted.
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Windows 3.0 program that allows files and directories to be moved, copied, or deleted.
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Contents of the MVWIN.TXT file

Move Utility for Windows (MvWin)

Version 1.0 - 4/26/91

Copyright (c) 1991, by Micro Magic.
All rights reserved.

General Description: This program allows files and directories to be
moved, copied, or deleted. Directories can be manipulated just like
files. For the most part, a mouse initiates all of the actions and the
keyboard is rarely used.

Operation: When the program begins, an empty work space is presented. A
row of disk buttons is placed below the menu bar. Each button
represents one of the disk drives on the computer. There is a
"trash icon" at the bottom of the application work space.

Clicking on a disk button, opens a window into the disk and displays
the current directory. A line at the top of the window, displays the
number of files and directories displayed and their total size.
Multiple windows for a disk are allowed. Navigation to different
subdirectories is possible by double clicking on the desired directory.
(Make sure the directory has not been selected.)

Moving (or copying) something is a two step process. First select the
members to be moved. The top line will display the number of members
selected. Next, drag one of the selected members to it's new destination
The new destination may be a disk button, a file/directory in another
window, an icon of another window or the trash. When the button is
released at the new destination, all of the selected files/directories
are moved.

In order to get a feel for how the program works, it might be helpful
to create some test files and use MvWin to move, copy, and delete them.

Shortcut: The right button of the mouse can be used to select or
unselect a file without affecting the selection of any
other file.

Deleting: The "trash icon" is used to delete files/directories. Simply
drag your selected members to the icon. Trash can be processed in
one of two ways.

Automatic Trash disposal - ON - The files/directories are deleted

Automatic Trash disposal - OFF (default) - The files/directories are
only marked for deletion and remain on the disk. The files will
no longer be displayed in a disk window. If something has been
put in the trash, the trash icon can be restored to a window which
displays the members that have been marked for deletion. At this
point, files in the trash can be moved back to where they came
from or back to another window to prevent them from being deleted.
Nothing is deleted from the disk until the trash is emptied or the
program is exited.

NOTE: When a directory is in the trash, it will be deleted whether or
not it has any files in it.

Menu Bar:

Empty Trash: Delete all of the files/directories in the trash
Exit: Quit the program

Refresh: Display the subdirectory again
Details: Allows you to display additional information, such as
dates and/or sizes.
All: View all of the files in a subdirectory
Include: This brings up a dialogue box that allows you to select
which files will be displayed.
Sort By: Lets you sort the names alphabetically, by date, or by
Reverse Sort: Allows you to reverse the sorting order

Copy: Select one of these depending on whether you want to move
files or copy files

Only File Sizes: When displaying sizes, only display the size of
files. Do not display the size of directories.
(Hint: If you are in a hurry, only display file sizes.
It takes a little time to generate the size of a directory.)

Auto Trash disposal: If this is selected, a file/directory is
deleted immediately upon being moved to the trash.

Confirm Deletions: The program can ask you to confirm any
deletions it makes. This option determines whether or not
confirmations are presented. 'First' means that a
confirmation will only appear on the first deletion in a group.

Confirm Exits: If this is selected, the program will display a
confirmation message when closing a window that contains
selected members.

Windows - These options allow you to arrange the windows and icons or
to select a new active one.

Installation: No special procedures are neccesary. The program can be
run from any directory. It will look for an initialization file
called MvWin.ini and located in the Windows subdirectory. If it does
not exist, it will be created. The initialization file is used to
determine what the initial settings should be on the menu. If the
file does not exist, defaults will be used. When the program ends,
it saves the current menu settings in this file. (The state of
any open windows is not saved.)

DISCLAIMER: Micro Magic hereby disclaims all warranties relating to this
software, whether express or implied, including without limitation any
implied warranties of merchantability or fitness for a particular

Micro Magic will not be liable for any special, incidental,
consequential, indirect or similar damages due to loss of data or any
other reason, even if Micro Magic or an agent of Micro Magic has been
advised of the possibility of such damages.

In no event shall Micro Magic's liability for any damages ever exceed
the price paid for the license to use the software, regardless of the
form of the claim. The person using the software bears all risk as to
the quality and performance of the software.

After reading the last three paragraphs, your probably wondering what
kind of damage this program could do. It has been thoroughly tested
and hasn't trashed a disk yet. DOS calls are used to do the actual
processing. (Your favorite 'unerase' program should work fine on any
deleted files.) Please be careful and understand what the program
is doing. Using the capabilities built into the program,
it is possible to wipe out an entire hard disk.
If you do happen to come upon a bug, please let us know.

Distribution: You are free to copy and distribute MvWin for NONCOMMERCIAL
use if:

No fee is charged for use, copying or distribution.

It is not modified in any way. This program has been copyrighted
by Micro Magic and is not public domain.

Clubs and user groups may charge a nominal fee not to exceed ($5) for
expenses and handling while distributing MvWin.

COMMERCIAL users must register the program before distributing it
within their organization. Site Licenses are available.

Registration: This program is shareware. You must register MvWin if
you use it on a regular basis. Registration costs $10 (US). This
entitles you to all Version 1.xx releases. The 1.xx releases will
contain bug fixes and minor enhancements. Registration also includes
update notices for new versions. Please send your name and address
along with a check, money order, or cash to:

Micro Magic
1104 E. Bulkey Street
Castle Rock, CO 80104-9409

Authors Note: There still are a number of enhancements that I would
like to make to the program, like rename capability, on-line help,
displaying how much room is left on a drive, and providing a faster
way to navigate through subdirectories.
If you find that there are other enhancements that you would
like to see in the program or if you have any problems
with the this version, please contact me at the address above or
on Compuserve. Some of your suggestions may be incorporated into
the next release.

Eric Jacobshagen
Compuserve - 76676,732

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