Utilities for DOS and Windows Machines

UTILITY Files from The Programmer's Corner
File Name File Size Date Created Description
$1UTIL20.ZIP63824Feb 9 1993The $1 Utilities V2.1 2-9-93. Nine DOS utilities and 22 pages of documentation.
$EDITPAT.ZIP46258Aug 31 1994EditPath - The easy way to edit the DOS path. Editor/batch file maker in one. Saves your old path. Doesn't waste environment space.
128KEY.ZIP8644Sep 14 1990Expands keyboard buffer to 128 characters, not a TSR.
144TO196.ZIP19703Oct 9 1994Convert your 1.44 BM Diskettes to 1.968 MB diskettes.
1FINGER.ZIP11758Nov 30 -0001Breaks "twin key" stroke (ctrl/alt/shf-key) into 2 successive key strokes. Great for handicapped who cannot span the keyboard.
1PASS155.ZIP15442Apr 20 1992One-pass floppy disk copier. Uses RAM, EMS, or hard drive for buffering.
22DSK139.ZIP187066Sep 3 1992Converts, formats, and manipulates diskettes in over 100 CP/M 2.2 formats.
2ALL_210.ZIP16439Feb 6 19902ALL will convert between any two file archive formats.
2LHARC13.ZIP45069Apr 19 1989Convert .ARC and .ZIP files to .LZH (LHARC) format.
2ZIPV2_5.ZIP19595Dec 8 1989Converts .ZOO, .PAK and .ARC files to .ZIP format.
387.ZIP24316Apr 29 1990This is a 387 emulator for 386 machines. Fully emulates the 80387.
3PMOUSE.ZIP113238Nov 26 1988Mouse menus for MS and Logitec mouses. Menus for Procomm (+), Turbo Pascal, C, and Debugger. Supports Procomm + test drive.
3X3-S8F.ZIP62170Jun 1 19883 1/2" Disk Labeler.
486CACHE.ZIP1123Feb 21 1994Utilities to turn on & off the internal cache of a 486 processor.
4D2411.ZIP7173Oct 20 1990Critical error handler replacement for 4DOS.
4D30REF2.ZIP9590Mar 17 1990Updated Version of on-line 4DOS reference utility.
4DHPATB.ZIP10219Dec 2 1993Patch to update the help file for 4DOS 5.0B.
4DOS55A.ZIP249792Oct 12 19944DOS command.com replacement version 5.5. Shareware version programs and support files.
4DOS55B.ZIP256747Oct 12 19944DOS help system. Companion to 4dos55a.zip.
4DOSBATS.ZIP4899Jun 21 1989Several useful batch files for 4DOS. They require ANSI to be loaded.
4DOSMICE.ZIP2176Mar 11 1989Microsoft and Logitech mouse menus for 4DOS.
4DTECH01.ZIP8862Apr 19 1990Contains technical notes from the makers of 4DOS. Apparently the first in a series of tech notes.
4DTNT.ZIP29982Nov 3 1991Tips and Tricks for 4DOS - version 4.0 only. Very useful, it includes some terrific aliases and btm's.
4DUPDATE.ZIP46020Feb 21 1994This file contains the PATCH.EXE required to apply patch files in order to update 4DOS.
4EDIT20.ZIP117346Mar 6 1994File description editor - add descriptions to DIRs. Can use with or without 4 DOS. Very Good.
4FILES30.ZIP97075Jul 16 1993Full Screen Text Shell for 4DOS version 4: point and shoot, view text and archive files (via user specified file viewers) and more. Designed as a power user's shell. Can view and edit file descriptions.
4HELP10.ZIP65110Oct 24 1989This is an enhanced help facility for 4DOS 2.2. It puts all commands on screen in a single window at once, supports a mouse, and is internally cross-referenced.
4LOG05.ZIP68176May 22 1991Provides analysis of 4DOS type logs for maximizing system performance.
4MAP.ZIP42333Nov 16 1990Allows a user to customize and remap 4DOS key definitions. In addition, 4DOS command line editing functions may be expanded.
4MAT.ZIP12795Jan 16 1989Special quick floppy formatter, formats two floppies at a time.
4MICA25A.ZIP11798Feb 27 1992Shareware ZIP/ARJ file manager written using 4DOS batch file functions. Provides menus for archive creation/extraction/management, and some other useful capabilities.
4PATCH.ZIP45824Jan 19 1993PATCH.EXE that is required to apply the patch files to 4DOS.
4UTILS83.ZIP150009Apr 28 19944DESC 1.83 Full-screen 4DOS file description editor with cut and paste capability. Also includes a file finder that will search descriptions.
4ZIP201.ZIP154524Dec 21 19914DOS description support for ZIP files.
62ENVPAT.ZIP1886Nov 9 1993Directions for patching all versions of DOS to allow 512 byte environments.
704K.ZIP1341Nov 27 1985Increase DOS memory to 704k (works with some memory boards).
720KDVR.ZIP4536Jul 17 1987Device driver for 720K floppies.
800II140.ZIP10149Mar 23 1989Format ordinary 5 1/4 floppies to 720K & 800K.
@.ZIP4941Jul 21 1986Allows multiple DOS commands on a line.
@BOOT.ZIP6698May 18 1986Create your own boot message for floppies.
A2Z16.ZIP33389Mar 11 1989McLean's convert ARC to ZIP v1.6 with TP source.
ABBRD.ZIP142515May 26 1989Intel's Above Board & Above Board Plus software - latest release.
ABCI14.ZIP79818Dec 3 1988Group of extended DOS utilities by Tom Hanlin.
ABORT3.ZIP2762Sep 8 1986Will Escape from any Prog. Mem Res. (TSR) Good.
AC213.ZIP47134Mar 3 1992Simple archive convertor. Works with ARC, ZIP, Lharc, ARJ, etc.
ACC0313.ZIP149955Mar 15 1989Latest version of software for the ALL Charge Card. Fixes previous bugs.
ACOMMENT.ZIP33935Apr 8 1991AutoComment will insert ZIP comments into a mass amount of files.
ACZAR210.ZIP328799Oct 23 1993ACZAR file archive shell. Features include full mouse support, SAA interface, EMS support, supports ZIP, ARJ, LZH, PAK, ARC, and ZOO files, built-in high speed file viewer, and more.
ADDKEYS.ZIP3668Jun 6 1990Add F11 and F12 keys logically to your system.
ADDMEM.ZIP20775Jan 2 1992Utility to give you up to 384K extra conventional memory while in text mode.
ADDMOUSE.ZIP9207Sep 10 1994Utility to add the mouse to any menu driven programs.
ADDPATH.ZIP618Apr 25 1988Add to your PATH on the fly.
ADDRAM10.ZIP25557Feb 14 1989Extend DOS memory past 640K, IF you have a EEMS or true EMS 4.0 Board.
ADDTOIT1.ZIP3217Jan 1 1993Add to existing PATH string, even if it makes it longer than 127 characters. Freeware from PC Computing.
ADJRAM41.ZIP63868May 15 1988Adjustable RAM Disk Program v4.1 includes C and ASM source.
AGE11.ZIP20984Mar 31 1988Report AGE of a file in days. Return Errorlevels & Set Env.Var "AGE"=fi.
AI20.ZIP33646Sep 22 1990AI Command line Interface. Will guess what you meant to type if you make a common typing mistake. Has a 20 command-line history buffer.
AJUTIL.ZIP24165Jul 9 1987Utilities for XT & AT's: Clock.com & others.
ALIAS422.ZIP15819May 28 1989TSR that sets up Alias's for dos commands.
ALMCLOCK.ZIP5009Oct 1 1986On screen clock, displayed on a CGA monitor's 26th line.
ALTBRK.ZIP4709Dec 18 1985Break out of a locked system. Only works on DOS 2.1 systems.
ALTRCN12.ZIP65139Oct 15 1989AlterCon allows the menu-driven or command line management of up to nine different CONFIG.SYS and AUTOEXEC.BAT files.
AM108.ZIP246521Jan 25 1995ArcMaster v10.8 - Excellent Compression Utility Shell. Update adds support for PKZ 2.04 plus some minor bug corrections.
AMIGA.ZIP158710Apr 10 1991Run AMIGA programs on your IBM (386).
ANAD207.ZIP133952Sep 3 1992ANADISK v2.07, Disk utility. Analyze, edit, repair, and copy disks. A must have for floppy-only users.
ANARKEY4.ZIP141456May 25 1991Anarkey is an intelligent command-line editor for DOS.
ANRK30.ZIP147740Oct 1 1989A DOS command editor with history recall that uses EMS or disk for overlays, uses only 1k of DOS memory.
ANSIKILL.ZIP10613Jun 5 1989Strip harmful ANSI codes from ZIPPED file comments.
ANY2ZIP4.ZIP4833Jul 6 1989Converts any archive format file to the ZIP archive format.
ANYTIM20.ZIP27474May 16 1992Will automatically run programs at anytime. This TSR will also insert keystrokes if needed.
APATH23.ZIP8322Apr 2 1992APath version 2.3. Allows adding multiple directories to the path at the front or end of the PATH while avoiding duplicates. It can also be used to remove directories, too. Small, fast, transparent, works with batch fil
APPLE-HD.ZIP7985May 18 1994Produce blank HD 3.5" MAC format disks (requires TELEDISK).
APPLY.ZIP17585Feb 26 1987APPLY executes a command for each of a set of arguments, C source included.
APPM112.ZIP21624Nov 30 -0001AppMap v1.12 - assign a specific function to a key, continues to work in almost any DOS application.
ARC2PAK.ZIP31625Jan 16 1989Utility to change from ARC to the smaller PAK format.
ARC2ZIP.ZIP9462Feb 21 1989Arc to zip program.
ARC2ZOO.ZIP16940Jun 27 1987Change ARC files to ZOO files - Requires Zoo.EXE.
ARC40E.ZIP10567Mar 17 1989Version 4.0C of Buerg's ARCE archive program, with documentation.
ARC601.EXE139264Nov 21 1989Latest junk from SEA. The old ancient ARC'er that started it all.
ARCF106.ZIP6816Feb 17 1988Find text strings in ARChive files without unpacking (Buerg).
ARCHCONV.ZIP12922Aug 14 1992Easily convert from one archive type to another.
ARCID106.ZIP22154Dec 2 1994Archive Identifier v1.06 - Identifies archival types by signature, not extension.
ARCSWEEP.ZIP9454Feb 18 1988Removes files in a sub-directory that are contained inside any ARC archives within that directory. C source included.
ARCTV26B.ZIP39871Apr 12 1988ARChive Text Viewer v2.6b; S.Smith w/Turbo Pascal 4.0 source.
ARCVIEW2.ZIP20592Apr 4 1989View index of arc,zip,zoo,etc. w/C src.
ARJ241A.ZIP205134Jul 20 1993Update to ARJ v2.41 - Fixes some small bugs.
ARJM100.ZIP94447Sep 29 1991Menu system for ARJ file compression.
ARK25Z.ZIP162682Jun 2 1989A very capable shell program for PKZIP.
ARP.ZIP10770Jan 2 1987Three programs that turn DOS's RAW mode On or Off. ASM source included.
ARRMO11A.ZIP8370Jan 25 1991Turns mouse movements into cursor key controls. Great for programs that do not have internal mouse commands. This is the best one I've ever tried.
AR_EXE.ZIP18794Jun 12 1990A new compression program -- executable.
ASC125.ZIP32382Mar 13 1989Convert ascii files to com files, add color, scrolling, search capabilit.
ASCCHK.ZIP15099Nov 16 1986Pulls any valid ASCII strings out of binary files. Allows viewing of all ASCII text contained in a file.
ASCIFY.ZIP16730Jun 5 1988Convert 8 to 7 bits and vice versa.
ASCIICHK.ZIP15082Nov 16 1986Checks for text in EXE or COM files.
ASDKEYS.ZIP12546Nov 28 1985Resident key definition iuniutility. Easy to use.
ASK3.ZIP17837Dec 11 1986Ask question in batch file.
ASSIGN40.ZIP6491Dec 30 1987Reassign your keybord function keys, Turbo C source is included.
ASZR201.ZIP62833Jan 25 1993Archive Sizer 2.01 - Fast! ARC, ARJ, LHZ, ZP Splitter. Archive Sizer by Jibben Software splits and sizes all types of files, including archived files. Will split to a size to fit specific floppy format or to user determi
AT-CLOCK.ZIP43595Jan 24 1989Adjust your CMOS clock automatically (with C sources).
AT-SLOW3.ZIP5288Oct 14 1989AT-SLOW is a utility which when loaded will use the high resolution timer found in a 286/386 to slowdown games and other programs which run to fast on these computers.
AT-TIME.ZIP2948Oct 7 1987Execute a DOS command or run a program at a specific time.
AT50.ZIP46677May 8 1989A menu-driven manager for all the various archiving & zipping programs. You must have those programs first.
AT800.ZIP137516Feb 24 1994ARCTOOL v8.00 from GDSOFT. Maintenance update for PKZ204E. Archive shell handles ZIP, ARJ, ARC, ZOO, PAK, and most "EXE" archives. It handles archives INSIDE of other archives up to 4 layers.
ATCLK14.ZIP1328Nov 3 1986Set AT CMOS time w/o reboot.
ATCLKFIX.ZIP7553Feb 20 1990Nice update to CLOCKFIX.ZIP for AT machines with midnight date advance problem.
ATFLP131.ZIP6777Nov 9 1988ATFLOPPY is a TSR program that monitors write operations to an AT high density floppy disk drive, and warns the user if the disk being written to is formatted for 360K. Prevents writing to a low density disk.
ATNUDGE2.ZIP14373Sep 7 1988"Nudge" AT CMOS Clock once per day.
ATOZ112.ZIP16940Jun 27 1987Convert ARC files to ZOO files.
ATSPEED.ZIP1225Apr 25 1988Speed up AT floppy disk access.
ATTCLOCK.ZIP3223Jan 21 1992Fix for AT&T system clock.
AU109C.ZIP74984Oct 22 1989This program allows you to unarchive any program archived under ARC, PAK, ZIP, ZOO, DWC, LBR, or LHZ format. This program acts as a shell, and calls the correct program to unarchive the archive.
AUTOBAK.ZIP1659Sep 10 1984Automatic backup driven from batch file.
AUTOCAPS.ZIP912Mar 18 1991Turns off Caps Lock key when you hit SHIFT (left or right). Ram resident, only takes 400 bytes.
AUTOCONG.ZIP137688Sep 30 1992AUTOCON is a program that will allow you to easily and quickly change your AUTOEXEC.BAT and CONFIG.SYS files and boot-up with a different configuration.
AUTODATE.ZIP1921Sep 16 1986Stores date and time in file, useful for those without TimeClocks.
AUTOEXEC.ZIP40253May 8 1989Choose which BAT file to boot with!.
AUTOKEY.ZIP10219Jan 27 1989Stuff DOS keyboard buffer with keycode from a "script" file.
AUTORE.ZIP44745Jul 3 1990A program to allow easy reading of large text files. Similiar to List, yet builds a quick access index for chapters.
AUTOSAVE.ZIP12305Dec 12 1986Saves your work while you work, saves data loss.
AUTOSCR4.ZIP90553Nov 16 1992AutoScript version 1.04 TSR which "records" and "plays" scripts in background. Records keystrokes, kbd status changes, and delays between keys. Powerful script language.
AUTOZIP.ZIP29293Apr 11 1990Very simple front-end shell to PkZip. May be useful for beginers.
AV409.ZIP63603Sep 13 1994Archive viewer. Full-screen display of archive (ZIP, ARC, etc) contents.
AVIEW44.ZIP138459Jan 15 1994The Norton Commander Archive Viewer - V4.4 (Freeware) - a small utility to manipulate ARC, ARJ, HYP, LZH, PAK, SQZ, ZIP and ZOO files, can also be used as stand-alone utility, The Norton Commander is not needed.
AZP3030.ZIP25382Dec 28 1989A file selection front-end for use with PKZIP and PKUNZIP.
BACKSTAT.ZIP7747Jun 16 1986Checks to make sure you have backed up everything.
BACOPY.ZIP9834Aug 12 1986Backup copy routine.
BAKERS12.ZIP194751Jul 2 1987Baker's Dozen/Screen/disk/file utils/1-page.
BAN20.ZIP37343Jul 30 1992Boot-A-Note v2.0 - Boot-A-Note (BAN) is the classic computer "Post-It" note.
BANG!.ZIP9987Aug 26 1990DOS implementation of the UNIX ! (bang) command. Will allow you to recall the last 20 command line statements. ASM source included.
BASERES3.ZIP14731Feb 22 1986Convert among BIN-HEX-ASCII-OCTAL-DEC.
BBZIPPJ.ZIP74044Mar 1 1989Byte Brothers ARC->ZIP conversion ver. J.
BCMD20.ZIP108414Nov 5 1994Better Commands 2.0, a set of replacements for DOS commands and new commands entirely. May be used instead of, or along with, COMMAND.COM, 4DOS, NDOS, or DR DOS command shells. By Tom Hanlin.
BDC.ZIP17815Jun 21 1993Bulk Disk Copier w/C Source code.
BEDIT30.ZIP59525May 16 1993BEdit v3.0 - full screen binary and text editor, easy to use.
BEEPER10.ZIP4530Dec 12 1992Resident background BEEP handler with ASM source - change the BEEP sound.
BELL.ZIP7468Jul 6 1989Change your system's BELL sound to other sounds, in ASM.
BELLS.ZIP17912Sep 26 1987Add sounds other than the standard beep to your pc.
BGFORMAT.ZIP9516Oct 17 1991Background floppy disk formater.
BIN2AS1.ZIP15447Jun 10 1993A pair of utilities that will convert ANY file, including ZIP files and GIFs to an ASCII text representation. These can be included in E-Mail messages for decoding on the other end.
BLDZIP.ZIP24896Sep 26 1989Build ZIP file archives to a user specified size. Great for copying to a floppy. Full C Source!.
BLOOK2.ZIP24051Dec 18 1989Utility program that lets you look at an ASCII text file using large characters for display.
BLRTU88.ZIP84880Aug 3 1988Terrific Set of DOS Utilities.
BLRUTIL.ZIP73138Nov 4 1987Rasmussen's assorted utils: backup, diskcopy, more /brief doc.
BM16.ZIP150824Jun 14 1993Batery Master 1.6 by Decisis, Inc. Essential laptop software that works on battery powered computers to monitor and predict battery peformance based on computer use. It an be popped up within other programs.
BOOST.ZIP21449Jan 4 1987Utility to put your XT/Clone into Turbo speed via Autoexec.bat.
BOOT.ZIP5634May 18 1986Customize your own boot record! By Peter Norton.
BOOT101.ZIP23446Feb 9 1992Simple program that will completely reboot your machine.
BOOT201.ZIP24863Oct 16 1988Choose config and autoexec files at bootup.
BOOT202.ZIP213039Jan 3 1994Excellent program for dynamically or by menu changing CONFIG.SYS and AUTOEXEC.BAT during boot. This does not change files then reboot, it is truly dynamic. Great for little used devices like scanners, CD-ROM, etc. Update
BOOTMA.ZIP136100Apr 1 1992Boot Manager that allows multiple system configurations.
BOOTMSG.ZIP4205Jun 22 1993Display customized message on attempt to boot from non-bootable floppy. Good for distribution of a program - let users know what to do.
BOOTS.ZIP4228Dec 28 1988Recover from lock out and reboot, plus 2 other boot utilities.
BOOTTHRU.ZIP2380Feb 9 1987Allows you to boot from HD with a floppy in the A: drive.
BOOT_B.ZIP4516Dec 27 1990Allows you to boot your system from the B: drive.
BREAK.ZIP2954Nov 30 1985Device Driver that will disable the CTRL-BRK key.
BROWSE.ZIP1512Oct 20 1988Nice utility for looking at any ascii files. Better than 'TYPE'.
BRT25.ZIP91024Aug 1 1991Bridge Terminus v2.5a archiver shell.
BSET11.ZIP10142Nov 29 1989A simple DOS utility that will set environment variables to greater then 127 characters.
BT105.ZIP6269Feb 9 1987Boot Computer from Hard Disk with floppy disk in drive A:.
BTEASY12.ZIP15008Nov 25 1992Boot Easy Version 1.2 - Allows one to boot from any partion on your primary disk. Also supports booting from secondary disk.
BTYPE2.ZIP20360Dec 18 1989Utility program that works like DOS's TYPE command, but uses large characters for display.
BU4DIR.ZIP8110Jun 14 1990Reads the CONTROL file produced by DOS 4.x backup program and generates a directory of the files in the backup. PAS source included.
BUFFERS.ZIP2141Jun 13 1986Installs new keyboard interrupt routines that operate with a 159 character buffer rather than PC-DOS's normal 15 character buffer.
BUILD.ZIP24852Sep 26 1989This program takes the files specified and builds one or more zip files such that each resulting zip file will fit on a floppy disk. Includes C source code.
BVIEW.ZIP43264Sep 25 1992Binary Viewer - a nice binary file viewer.
BZIP.ZIP23388Jul 18 1992Backup files and directories using pkzip. With C Source.
CADEL.ZIP2679Feb 5 1990TSR to trap cntrl-break and cntrl-alt-delete with ASM source.
CADKILL.ZIP2607May 24 1989Routine to trap Ctrl-Alt-Del seq in programs. <>.
CALCQF.ZIP30680Jun 28 1988CALCQF is a program that will optimize for the best memory refresh rate. QBASIC source is included.
CAM261.ZIP111069Mar 6 1992Configuration and Autoexec manager for different configurations v 2.61.
CAPS.ZIP2533Aug 22 1987Shows CAPSLOCK status by cursor size.
CAPSLOCK.ZIP5192Dec 23 1988Causes Caps Lock to override shift key tO pREVENT tHIS.
CARETAKE.ZIP53817Mar 1 1989A very comprehensive TSR manager that will allow you to load and unload your TSR programs.
CBOOT200.ZIP4056Apr 16 1987Execute warmboot w/o CTRL/ALT/DEL.
CBOOT40.ZIP14595Mar 21 1990CBOOT is a crash recovery utility. It will often unlock a frozen machine. Will not work if interrupts were turned off.
CCP10B.ZIP76449Oct 4 1992The Configuration Control Program (CCP) is a system access, boot, and configuration control program for PC's. CCP provides secure access, boot protection, etc.
CDNTIMER.ZIP49928Dec 1 1993A general purpose resettable countdown timer. Use as "turn timer" in board games, as a cooking timer, event timer, etc. Includes C and C++ source. Requires VGA and 286 or better machine.
CED10E.ZIP32058Jul 24 1991CED version 1.0E command line editor. Latest version.
CEDWARS2.ZIP65975Mar 3 1989Examples bug fixes synonyms for (p)ced.
CEZ220.ZIP66228Nov 26 1990CopyEZ is a fast and easy way to format, copy and verify your floppy diskettes.
CF21.ZIP18025Apr 15 1988C-Format, v. 2.1, good disk formatter.
CFG11.ZIP15760Sep 11 1992Device driver for Config.sys -- provides multiple utility functions.
CFMT108A.ZIP44102Jul 17 1992Con->Format V1.08A: TSR background formatter for 5.25/3.5" disks; supports regular and high density.
CHANNEL.ZIP16624Feb 14 1985Divide memory into upto 8 channels and run programs in each channel.
CHD.ZIP8152Jan 28 1987Change to any directory or sub from anywhere fast.
CHEAPUTL.ZIP4365Jul 18 1993Collection of small useful utilities.
CHGDOS.ZIP38398May 10 1987Switch from PC-DOS to MS-DOS, and back. Like DOS Sys command but better.
CHGENV.ZIP19409Mar 12 1990Modify Master Environment. Menu Driven (Add, Modify and Delete).
CHGPATH.ZIP11868Apr 11 1987Change your Path setting without retyping the whole line, with C source.
CHK4360.ZIP18294Jan 5 1992Checks for compressed executable files, and lists compressor used. Now recognizes compressor used for Norton Utilities 6.xx.
CHKAV21.ZIP74354May 4 1991Checks to see if a ZIP has an "-AV" automatically in batch file.
CHNGTIME.ZIP79823Jun 30 1992Adjust your system clock automatically.
CHOICES2.ZIP6214Nov 23 1987Interactive DOS batch files with timeout trap.
CIPHER15.ZIP37118Dec 5 1992Scramble files with passwords for security.
CLICKER.ZIP1706Nov 7 1986Generate an audible keyboard click, gives better sense of keyboard reponse.
CLK26.ZIP7315Jan 9 1986Puts time and date on line 26.
CLKTM20S.ZIP9181May 7 1992A TSR to perform tasks at designated times. Tasks that can be performed include displaying time and date, sounding and displaying alarm, rebooting computer, and forcing keystrokes into keyboard buffer to start a DOS progra
CLOBBER.ZIP16139Dec 6 1990Deletes files which DOS won't (like those with graphics and/or spaces in filename).
CLOCK.ZIP1351Sep 1 1984Resident clock utility.
CLOCKS.ZIP28164Jul 6 1986Collection of clock programs.
CLRTSR.ZIP11119Feb 15 1986Utility to clear TSR programs.
CMCOPY.ZIP9783Apr 20 1993Two utilities 1)Will cut multiple disks from a master disk. 2)Will scan a disk sector by sector revealing all data(previous and current).
CMDSTK00.ZIP3380Nov 29 1987DOS TSR that remembers the last 32 commands entered from the keyboard.
CMFLOP11.ZIP20589Aug 14 1994Format, duplicate or scan diskettes with ease with this menu-driven program.
CMGR141.ZIP71644Jul 12 1990Unique Non-TSR command line manager for frequently used DOS commads.
CMINTZIP.ZIP8343Apr 3 1989Add comment line to zip files.
CNFMT108.ZIP44102Jul 17 1992CONFMT is a concurrent floppy disk formatter for DOS that will allow you to format disks in the background.
CODEIT.ZIP10033Mar 29 1991File encryption and decryption with TP3.0 source code.
COLON12.ZIP1855Sep 4 1988TSR to reverse ';' with ':' key, ASM source included.
COLRBOOT.ZIP42882Oct 29 1994COLRBOOT modifies the boot sector on a non-system diskette to display a binary screen image (4000 bytes) if the diskette is "booted". The image is stored on inner tracks. Allows boot from C after display. ASM source code
COMMENT.ZIP2201Jul 22 1986Echo comments to the screen during CONFIG.SYS loading.
COMP.ZIP5374May 28 1987Allow load/unload device driver after boot up.
COMPAT10.ZIP39786Mar 26 1989Patch COM files to add new features. Really.
COMPRT25.ZIP29884Sep 27 1993Control your COM and PRT ports.
COMPTS.ZIP5635Sep 18 1989Initialize COM ports 2-8 even for non-PS/2 for use with MODE.
CONED28.ZIP70765May 15 1992Select from up to 200 different AUTOEXEC.BAT & CONFIG.SYS files at boot time, or any time you need to reboot with a different configuration. This is the most comprehensive configuration manager available.
CONFIG20.ZIP27060Dec 14 1988System Configuration (Config.sys, Autoexec.bat).
CONFIG31.ZIP57865Jun 8 1992CONFIG is a menu driven file manager that organizes multiple versions of the DOS CONFIG.SYS and AUTOEXEC.BAT files.
CONV.ZIP31625Jan 16 1989Convert all .ARC files to .PAK (Smaller ARCHIVES). Needs PAK10.ARC.
CONVERT2.ZIP13968Feb 20 1989Convert archives to ZIP format.
COPPY36.ZIP17946Dec 19 1988Copy files to floppies by best fit.
COPYQ312.ZIP167307Dec 9 1993CopyQM is a utility which reads a master diskette and produces verified copies of the master. CopyQM formats, copies and verifies all DOS formats and features multiple drive "round robin" operation with automatic drive-re
COVER2.ZIP9393Sep 21 1987Disk Label Maker.
CP2MOUSE.ZIP5386Feb 15 1987Cut and paste with a mouse.
CPDSK15B.ZIP21154Sep 9 1993One pass diskette copier. Uses disk/XMS for buffering. Handles 2.88 floppies as well as 1.4M/720K/1.2M/360K formats.
CPORT.ZIP5997May 16 1986Memory resident serial and parallel port controller.
CPUB.ZIP29179Nov 5 1985Public key crypto system.
CPYC135.ZIP17562Nov 8 1988Copycon 1.35 good for batch files.
CPYDS124.ZIP39530Oct 3 1992CopyDsk v1.24 - Single pass disk copier. Make complete image or partial copies. Single or multiple copies and more.
CPYQ302.ZIP93413Sep 14 1992Recent version of excellent 1-pass disk copy program.
CRASH.ZIP1560Aug 13 1988Uncrash hung programs. Abort programs that have gone out of control.
CRASH119.ZIP40292Jul 4 1989Schedule COLDBOOTs to restart critical systems.
CRC110.ZIP8579Sep 17 1989Computes both 16-bit and 32-bit CRCs for any file. This is an excellent method to determine if a file has changed at all.
CRCDOS3.ZIP32007Jan 11 1988Utility that will generate a file's CRC. Includes C source code.
CRON.ZIP13057Jun 5 1989Execute tasks at predetermined times, like UNIX cron command.
CRON12.ZIP52748Oct 21 1990MS-DOS port of Unix CRON utility; works with Desqview and networks as well as vanilla MS-DOS. Runs programs you designate at specified periodic times. Has ability to swap itself to disk.
CRON26.ZIP46914Aug 25 1991Cron Jr. Ver 2.26 - A modified DOS version of Unix's cron program scheduler. Cron Jr is a must for any Lan Manager or any programmer who needs to run programs at specific times. Runs on Lan or stand alone PC.
CRONTB.ZIP26415Jul 22 1991CRONTAB is a program that will run programs based on the date.
CRUSH13.ZIP65340Nov 5 1994CRUSH v1.3 - Super-compressor for DOS.
CRYPTOR.ZIP12772Mar 29 1985CRYPTOR is a data encryption program for the PC. It works with any kind of files, ASCII, COM, BAS, EXE, WKS, etc, and is extremely fast.
CTMAP096.ZIP29105Mar 7 1990Memory Manger for 286/386 machines that use C&T chip sets. (82C302+82C307).
CUT.ZIP8255Dec 28 1986UNIX-like column/field filter program.
CUTPAST3.ZIP12041May 31 1987Cut and paste between two applications.
CVT-22.ZIP33180Mar 31 1990CVT version 2.2. Convert to-from almost any type of archive compression.
CVT-ZIP1.ZIP6099Apr 24 1989Convert ALL archive formats to .ZIP's. Two batch files for Dos 2.0+.
CVT.ZIP1759Feb 18 1989Very small program to convert between compression programs - ARC to ZIP,.
CX486.ZIP3972Nov 7 1993Turns on internal cache of the Cyrix & TI 486DLC/SLC with ASM source.
CYRIX15.ZIP72972Mar 5 1993From Cryix; allows you to view and modify internal register of 486DLC/SLC.
DAILY020.ZIP12110Dec 7 1989Daily Scheduler for Commands to be performed only ONCE a day (BETA).
DAYCN.ZIP6724Sep 16 1992Calculates the # of days between two given dates; checks for legal month, date, & leap year entries.
DAYTE.ZIP6100Jan 21 1989Don't have a real time clock? Use this to keep from going insane.
DAZL104.ZIP85177Sep 28 1989DAZL is a utility that will allow you to view and/or extract the contents of certain types of compressed files. ZIP/ARC supported.
DBOOT.ZIP33004Jun 28 1989Very handy boot configuration manager: maintain multiple autoexec.bat / config.sys files, includes editor.
DCF49.ZIP99529Oct 10 1994DISK COPY FAST V4.9: Powerful 1 pass diskette duplicating utility. VERY fast: 42+% faster than DOS, 33+% faster than competing programs; can FORMAT DISKCOPY DISKCOMP all in 1 pass. Optional byte-by-byte comparison, plus mo
DCLR1050.ZIP25336Sep 29 1991Permanently change colors under DOS 5.0 without the need for ANSI.SYS.
DCOPY1.ZIP28909Apr 17 1991Single pass diskcopy utility uses XMS/EMS/hard disk supports 1.44/1.2/720/360.
DCOPY26.ZIP17338Dec 18 1993Good one-pass disk copier. Very fast.
DCOVER15.ZIP10093Mar 2 1989Make disk covers for either 3.5" or 5.25" floppies, lots of options.
DCP10.ZIP28433Aug 9 1992Copy any media floppy to same media in one pass. (360, 710,1.2, 1.4).
DDATE11.ZIP13294Oct 16 1989Display current date in many different formats.
DDKEY201.ZIP31751Feb 26 1993DDKEY 2.01 2/26/93. A 7.5k TSR key redefinition utility with pop-up editing, optional record mode, literal key, halt for user entry in macros, instant on/off, pair shorthand, etc.
DDT17.ZIP60331Jan 6 1989DOS drive tool - handy utility for disk editing.
DE.ZIP19570Dec 29 1990Good DOS cmd-line editor with ASM source code. Supports command history, aliases, csh-like !$, !*, !n, !! constructs.
DEADMAN.ZIP3868Jul 27 1987Routine to simulate keypress after specified interval.
DEEPDRAN.ZIP5790Feb 8 1989Deep Drain Laptop Battery with Microsoft C 5.0 source.
DEFX110.ZIP32838Mar 12 1993DEFX v1.10--easy to use archive conversion utility. Operates on one file at a time. Now supports many archive format, converts all files to PKZIP's ZIP file with eXtra compression. HA, LZH, ZOO, PAK, ARJ support. UL by
DELAY103.ZIP1607Dec 1 1988DELAY.COM - Ver 1.02.
DEMM.ZIP6906Oct 8 1986Reads the Microsoft LIM manager and displays EMS statistics.
DES.ZIP33724Feb 1 1991ENCRYPT and DECRYPT are file encryption and decryption utilities. They use the DES method of encryption.
DESTROY.ZIP20505Jul 8 1985Destroy sensitive information, much `etter then delete.
DEV.ZIP1979Nov 8 1986Extracts info from device driver headers.
DEVIC104.ZIP7417May 31 1991Load/Unload charcter device drivers from the DOS prompt.
DEVLOD18.ZIP3030Mar 25 1993A small utility that allows you to load device drivers from the DOS command line.
DFILL.ZIP22822Dec 29 1991Copies files onto floppy disks in the most space-efficient manner.
DFKUNR30.ZIP13181Apr 20 1994Assign your own Macros to the F1-10 Keys for use at the DOS Prompt.
DFORMAT.ZIP68229May 13 1990Fast, easy to use, menu driven floppy formatter. Twice as fast as DOS, and will clear Boot, Dir and FAT areas in 2 seconds.
DIARC200.ZIP43471May 1 1992Unpack a directory of compressed files each into its own sub-dir and optionally check for viruses.
DICE401.ZIP32141Jul 26 1989Dos and OS/2 Command Line Editor.
DIET145F.ZIP45232Feb 27 1993DIET v1.45F is a utilty that compresses executables while leaving them useful, like PKLITE. Now works with device drivers.
DISK-DUP.ZIP39471Oct 24 1989Fast Floppy Disk duplicator - Copies any disk with 1 pass read by storing floppy image on HD - Multi copies supported.
DISKBUF.ZIP18876Aug 25 1990Helps in tuning performance of the DOS BUFFERS command.
DISKCHEK.ZIP6547Jul 16 1991How many floppies do you need to copy specified files? Different formats supported.
DISKCOMM.ZIP256013Aug 17 1987Disk Commando. Norton and Mace disk utilities clone.
DISKDU.ZIP118160Dec 3 1992DiskDupe 4.0 is a very fast versatile disk duplicator/formater.
DISKEDIT.ZIP28804Jan 1 1980A good disk editor.
DISKID.ZIP3248Aug 9 1991Utility to view or change diskette serial numbers on floppies formatted by DOS V4.0 or later.
DISKID21.ZIP4017Aug 22 1991Change serial number and volume label of floppies formatted under DOS 4.0 or later.
DISKOPS1.ZIP13651Sep 1 1989This file allows changing of the floppy disk drive parameters for faster access.
DISKPA21.ZIP51335Sep 4 1988Backup/Restore system that compresses files as it performs backup.
DISKPREP.ZIP5759Nov 13 1986Retrofits DOS to disk formatted w/o it.
DISKWIPE.ZIP3077Nov 21 1986Completely wipe out a floppy disk, format and all.
DIVEFIX2.ZIP9718Dec 20 1993Overcome DOS divide overflow error with this.
DKEY120.ZIP21951Jul 10 1988Keyboard macro program -- small and simple.
DKP401.ZIP156601Jul 19 1992EZ-DisKlone Plus v4.01. A "super" version of DOS's DISKCOPY. Single pass duplication of any DOS diskette. Compressed file images, compare, clean, fastformat, etc.
DLBOOT11.ZIP2116Oct 30 1990Simple TSR that will reboot your machine after x seconds.
DMBOOT.ZIP6512Feb 6 1992Switch between DR DOS and MS DOS when you boot.
DMC20.ZIP26808Oct 17 1990Dynamic Memory Control enhances the memory management capabilities of any DOS based PC, allowing dynamic loading and unloading of Device Drivers and TSR's.
DMCLOCK.ZIP2155Jul 19 1991Small, <1K conventional RAM, on-screen clock program.
DN214.ZIP2962Dec 17 1990DiskName ver 2.14. Now supports DOS 3.31 and higher. Put a volume name on your disk (supports both upper and lower case letters as well as spaces). Now supports drives partitoned larger than 32MB.
DO.ZIP7618May 8 1986Enter multiple commands on a single command line, executes them sequentially.
DO2LZEXE.ZIP8752Mar 4 1990LZEXE utility that includes it's TP source.
DOCUVIEW.ZIP157884Apr 30 1989Full-functional, mouse-capable browse program. Must Get!.
DOSCLK.ZIP4096Feb 1 1991Displays clock only while at DOS command line.
DOSINP.ZIP22671Feb 1 1989DOS command editor and recall history TSR. Like CED.
DOSMAX21.ZIP84078Jun 11 1993Move DOS and files, buffers, etc. into HMA or UMB. Parts of Command.com can also be loaded into high memory. Works with DOS 3, 4, 5, and 6.
DOSMEM.ZIP5175Aug 28 1988Use the 64k above 640 for 704k under DOS.
DOSMON3.ZIP6019Nov 26 1989Displays current DOS interrupt (21h) being serviced. ASM source.
DOSMOUSE.ZIP2246Sep 19 1987MS Mouse menu for DOS commands.
DOSNIX90.ZIP105168Aug 4 1990DOSNIX is a collection of UNIX style utilities written for MSDOS.
DOSNX94H.ZIP174540Oct 7 1991Some of the usual UNIX utilities for DOS. mv, cp, tee, etc.
DOSUTIL.ZIP104328Nov 7 1990Utilities include MOVE a file mover, CMD which remembers previous commands for future use, KILL which tells what files will be deleted before they are deleted, and INFO which lets you give files extended descriptions for v
DPATH30.ZIP6285Jul 31 1985Path to non exe com bat files.
DRS120.ZIP116095Feb 9 1992Data Recovery System. Recovers Data from Bad Diskettes.
DRVCLEAN.ZIP2402Nov 7 1986Runs drive cleaning disk for 30 secs.
DRVINST.ZIP8673Nov 19 1990Device Driver Installation/Removal Kit. Allows drivers to be loaded and unloaded from the command line.
DRX110.ZIP34533Jun 29 1993DIREX 1.10 - shell program for PK Lite, Lzexe, Exe Pack, and other file compression utilities - minor update/bug fix release.
DSHARP10.ZIP65594Jan 24 1993DeHaven's Sharp-Edged Tools. 22 fast, small and useful utilities from a programming guru.
DSIZ.ZIP1849Dec 11 1986Show size of all subdirectories.
DSKOPS1.ZIP13942Sep 1 1989View/Edit floppy drive parameters. Quiet drives & speed transfer.
DSKREADY.ZIP2187Jan 1 1989Report Drive Status in Errorlevel (ie Ready,OPEN,Write-Protect).
DSKVR46.ZIP50357Mar 12 1989DisKover new ver supports zip files.
DSPLAY11.ZIP8861Oct 20 1987Display text from batch files.
DSPMOD.ZIP14446Feb 6 1986Full featured, fast (record oriented) hexidecimal file editor.
DSQ300.ZIP7229Aug 22 1989Creates a compressed disk image file of any disk or diskette. The file is highly compressed and contains all original information, including boot record, FAT tables, volume label and directory structures of the diskette.
DSTATS.ZIP5804Dec 21 1988Fast display of disk statistics (space, etc.).
DSTMGR10.ZIP28293Oct 19 1991Reset the computer clock only twice a year.
DSU16.ZIP25479Aug 21 1990DSU (Disk Space Usage) calculates the true amount of disk space required by a file or group of files.
DUMP.ZIP14110Nov 25 1985Dump file in HEX/ASCII.
DUP48B.ZIP49622Feb 22 1990DUP is a package which considerably speeds the duplication of disks. A master image is created on a hard drive. After this, multiple copies can be produced very quickly. Produced disks can be serialized at your option.
DUPDSK31.ZIP24057Aug 1 1988DISKCOPY Alternative, Dups 360k Disks Fast!, Version 3.01.
DUPDSK32.ZIP23881Feb 17 1991DupDsk will duplicate 360k disk VERY Fast using only 1 read on source disk Version 3.02.
DUTIL12.ZIP65368Dec 21 1988Jim Derr's DOS Util Pack Dec.88.
DVCPY200.ZIP109474Sep 29 19924DOS compatable tool to offload files from hard drive onto diskettes, and do so in a space efficient manner. Because its 4DOS compatable it will copy the file descriptions along with the files (does moves as well as copies
DVECT.ZIP10745Nov 19 1986Dump interrupt vector and address tables to a text file.
DVICEMAP.ZIP2689Sep 7 1987This program will show the address's, attribute, strategy and interrupt locations for loaded device drivers.
DVORAK10.ZIP7040Nov 30 2000Change QWERTY keyboard to Dvorak keyboard.
DXZIP.ZIP12821Sep 30 1989Deletes files on the main directory already in a ZIP file.
DYNABOOT.ZIP32942Jun 28 1989DynaBoot is a dynamic configuration utility that lets you choose and edit combinations of AUTOEXEC.BAT and CONFIG.SYS files.
DZIP.ZIP8089Mar 2 1989Delete all unzipped files from single ZIP in one operation!.
EASY30.ZIP188204Jan 10 1990EZFORMAT V3.0. A complete and excellent floppy disk formatter.
EATMEM.ZIP8848Mar 10 1993Eatmem takes a command line parameter and "eats" memory to that size. Includes TP source code.
EBREAK.ZIP2884Mar 22 1986Increase your CTRL-BREAK potential - get out of those tight loops with this one. Includes full ASM source code.
ED.ZIP26805Sep 16 1989Edit the current Enviroment & AUTOEXEC.BAT & CONFIG.SYS files all at the same time. This program automatically loads all three.
EDCON210.ZIP23908Jan 1 1994EDCON PRO v2.10 - Edit/View your CONFIG.SYS and AUTOEXEC.BAT side by side on the same screen.
EDISK.ZIP12911Dec 25 1985Ram disk survival after warm boot.
EDITENV.ZIP22861Mar 25 1989Edit DOS Enviroment TSR.
EDME31.ZIP24787May 24 1990Edit the DOS Master Environment, Rev 3.1. Contains good tech info on undocumented techniques.
EDMOD.ZIP19743May 10 1993Edit or modify any of your 1024k (RAM) memory including video memory.
EE-2.ZIP5339May 31 1987DOS Enviroment Editor.
EE.ZIP10419Mar 19 1991This program enables you to quickly examine, change and add Master Environment Variables.
EEMRAM21.ZIP19509Apr 11 1989Extend DOS RAM using memory between 640 & 1 Meg. Uses EGA Graphics Space.
EFREE11.ZIP10793Jan 1 1992List the Environment's size, plus bytes in use and free.
EG12.ZIP38311Mar 8 1989Makes Floppy Disk Envelopes version 1.2.
EHE100.ZIP16980Aug 31 1988A very handy Hex editor that is fast, and easy to use.
EID132.ZIP108746Apr 11 1992Encrypt-It v1.32 DOS file encrypt/decrypter.
EM87V1_4.ZIP14636Jun 9 1990Latest version of 80x87 simulator for 286 and 386 machines. Slow, but needed to run some 80x87 specific software (such as AUTOCAD) if no 80x87 chip is present.
EMM286.ZIP6798Mar 31 1993LIM emulator for 286 chip machines.
EMM405.ZIP37359Aug 22 1990Newest drivers for the Everex 3000 memory board.
EMPTY.ZIP578Jan 13 1990Will allow you to create a zero byte file.
EMSFREE.ZIP2339Aug 9 1989Reports free EMS memory. Sets ERRORLEVEL.
EMSREL.ZIP6603Aug 29 1991Utility to release trapped EMS memory handles.
EMUL87.ZIP12594Jan 3 1988Emulate 8087 in software.
EM_SIM.ZIP10391Sep 22 1986Good Simulated Expanded Memory Mgr.
ENABA20.ZIP1563May 21 1989Enables Address Line 20 ( Gives 286 64K extra memory).
ENCRYP.ZIP16535Mar 11 1988Simple program that will encrypt a file so that others can not use it. An un-encrypt program is also included.
ENHKBD.ZIP21132May 13 1989TSR enhances keyboard INT 9 to allow 35 more keystrokes.
ENV18A.ZIP57183Apr 26 1992Master Environment Utility - enhanced set commands.
ENVED.ZIP19872Nov 6 1990Full screen DOS environment editor.
ENVED11.ZIP14754Mar 28 1987Full screen edit of DOS's environment area.
ENVIRO30.ZIP10376Feb 10 1993ENVIRO v3.0 - The DOS Environment Inspector. Displays allocation and usage information on the DOS environment buffer, as well as its content.
ENVIRON.ZIP2555Oct 29 1986Expands your environment and allows you to execute multiple SET commands.
ENVSIZE.ZIP16538May 15 1986Program to change the size of DOS 2.0's enviroment space.
EP15.ZIP16546Dec 30 1987Edit path (12/87).
EPATH.ZIP2322Jan 27 1989Allows you to edit your path. ASM source is included.
EPW12.ZIP6444Jul 9 1987Password encryption utility for executable (COM/EXE) files.
ESET.ZIP10052Oct 7 1988"Extended Set"-- edit environment variables.
ESET24.ZIP22329Jan 19 1991Enhanced SET command, includes easy to use environment editor.
ET140.ZIP3803Jun 4 1989ET is an elapsed timer function for measuring program performance.
EU21.ZIP10035Feb 8 1991Adds comments or strips them in color to zip files.
EVERY11.ZIP4954Apr 5 1990Delayed command execution, will run a program every X minutes.
EXE.ZIP11027Feb 1 1987EXE is a small utility that allows you to view and modify the Header on .EXE files. C source is included.
EXHUME10.ZIP10709Oct 3 1990EXHUME is a program which will enable you to resurrect data which has been lost on disks. It will directly read the sector.
EXITPC.ZIP2016Jun 19 1987Will exit computer out of a locked up program.
EZCL-V11.ZIP67110Oct 1 1988Almost as good as Prof. disk copier.
EZCLOCK.ZIP3287Jun 27 1990TSR clock which moves itself when covering text, nice feature.
EZCODE24.ZIP83483Jul 8 1992EZ-Code v2.4 - A dir/compression shell. Fully mouse-able, easy to use.
EZDOS.ZIP27032Oct 7 1987DOS utilities, some are real neat.
F11F12.ZIP2382Mar 8 1987Define F11 and F12 keys.
F11_F12.ZIP7000Nov 4 1989This is a tsr driver that supports function keys 11 and 12. I have found that many AT BIOS revisions do not support these keys on 101 key keyboards. Both the source and com files are included. A small C keyboard test progam is also supplied. The idea for this driver came from a recent issue of PC magazine.
FANCPRMT.ZIP4986Apr 3 1987A simple and elegant date+time setter for those who do not have clocks.
FASTBAC.ZIP15126Sep 6 1986Backup program.
FASTBF23.ZIP29143Mar 15 1989Keyboard speedup, buffer,repeat, and screen blanker all in one.
FASTBOOT.ZIP2192Dec 14 1989This TSR will reboot your system without having to run all of DOS's system checks. It saves a copy of the system's image to disk.
FASTDISK.ZIP1028Oct 6 1984Increase Floppy Speed.
FASTI14.ZIP15499Apr 3 1994Unzip a directory of ZIP files each one into its own directory.
FATAL142.ZIP17804Dec 12 1991Very good critical error handler for DOS. ASM source included.
FB110.ZIP2876Aug 24 1990A program to perform a quick warm-boot and leave system intact.
FB120.ZIP61912Aug 31 1989FileBrowser is a "text spreadsheet" designed to facilitate the task of reading and understanding large electronic documents.
FBLABELS.ZIP17225May 26 1989Makes simple labels for your FastBack backup disks.
FBR182.ZIP15746Jul 12 1992FBR is a system of three small programs which perform the backing up and restoring of files. By Vern Buerg.
FCP.ZIP10815Oct 21 1989Floppy copy program, EXE with C source for copying entire floppy.
FDFORM18.ZIP108798Jul 21 1991A PD floppy disk formatter producing 420k on 360K drives, and 1.76M on 1.44 drives. Very handy for saving floppies. Includes full TP 5.0+ source code, comments are in German.
FDRPM.ZIP4228Mar 18 1990Checks the speed of your floppy drive.
FDU201A.ZIP24713Dec 10 1990Saves/displays file comments stored in a hidden file in each directory. Same method of file comment storage as 4DOS.
FED160.ZIP52834Mar 3 1993FED (FileEDit) v1.60. A binary file editor for browsing and modifying files in Hex/ASCII or EBCDIC. Full featured, Compact, Fast. An invaluable tool for the dos support guru.
FFIT16.ZIP40563Oct 29 1992Fit files onto floppies using the least number. A nice handy program to have when you need to pack floppies.
FFMT01.ZIP32619Nov 19 1987Fast format using two drives, excellent really works.
FFORMAT.ZIP23209Aug 23 1989Will quickly format floppy disks. Claims in less then 3 seconds.
FILES102.ZIP2523Jan 3 1990A System File Table Expansion Utility that along with QEMM's LOADHI will allocate additional FILE buffers into high memory.
FILLDISK.ZIP56653Oct 10 1990Utility to fill remaining space on diskette (software write protect).
FILLFILE.ZIP6836Jan 24 1989Creates file of specified size. Use to fill up a disk to test "out of disk space" error handling in programs. With Microsoft C 5.1 source.
FILLFLOP.ZIP11719Feb 15 1987Optimize floppy usage, copy frm HD, w/C src.
FILTER1.ZIP4100Jan 2 1989TSR Keyboard Filter out CTRL-C,CTRL-Break,CTRL_ALT-DEL etc +asm source.
FIN116.ZIP52215Jul 29 1992TSR that completes words and phrases while typing by having learned typing patterns. Very intuitive. Nice for word processing and programming.
FINDATTR.ZIP3536Jan 6 1989Find all file attr's. W/ASM source example.
FIX-FAT.ZIP23632Jun 15 1985FAT editor DSDD floppies only.
FIX27.ZIP1253Apr 22 1988Recover memory blocks when TSR goes resident.
FIXBEEP2.ZIP6450Mar 20 1987Control tone/duration of DOS BEEP.
FIXFILE.ZIP25472Jun 2 1987FixFile allows you to quickly and easily edit a binary file.
FIXTIM10.ZIP8891Aug 2 1989This is a utility that will attempt to make your real-time clock more accurate. Works with both XT's and AT's.
FIXZIP10.ZIP18231Feb 21 1989FIXZIP - A damaged Zip file recovery utility. TP 4+ source included.
FIX_DISK.ZIP15746Mar 4 1987Various tools that can help fix corrupted floppy disks.
FKA312.ZIP9163May 26 1991Reassign function keys 1-12 and their combinations (ctrl, alt, shift).
FKEY-1.ZIP6607Oct 25 1987FKEY allows you to assign one are more DOS commands to a single function key.
FKEY.ZIP18106Sep 22 1986Function Key Templet Maker, 10 F# Keys.
FKEY12.ZIP10944Sep 25 1991Allows that assigning of macros to Function Keys.
FL120.ZIP37210Dec 27 1991FAST-LOAD by MSI *Ultra-FAST EXEC of a set of progrms from EMS or XMS. Programmers can load MASM, TCC, CL, LINK, ED, and COMMAND.COM and the time savings will ASTOUND you. Much safer than CACHE or RAM Disk.
FLAGBOOT.ZIP5082Jul 19 1988Read Kybrd Sws & redirect AUTOEXEC.BAT.
FLAGS.ZIP2972Oct 28 1987Set file and directory attributes with this great little program.
FLOP-360.ZIP30423Nov 15 1987Reliable 360Kb formatter on 1.2Mb drive.
FLOP.ZIP5454Jul 17 1987Speeds up your floppy drives step rate. Includes ASM source code.
FLOP50.ZIP10928May 25 1992Format Floppy 1.2 for DOS 5.0 to make formatting floppy disks easy and colorful. 4 format types: System, New, Quick and Safe. Requires ANSI.SYS and color monitor, and works on 360K, 720K, 1.2MB, 1.44MB and 2.88MB floppie
FLPKIT10.ZIP38592Dec 20 1994This programs allow you to test your floppy drives and optimize their BIOS parameters. Speeds up drives by minimizing startup, access and settle times.
FLUSH.ZIP2949Sep 3 1986Remove memory resident programs.
FLUSHER.ZIP2949Sep 3 1986Mark and remove TSRs.
FLY.ZIP6524Feb 2 1987Stack DOS commands before executing - saves waiting for task completion.
FM.ZIP8500Jun 17 1986Edit files at byte level (great!).
FM56.ZIP97762Nov 2 1993FormatMaster v5.6 - a sophisticated yet easy to use program that specializes in formatting 3 1/2" and 5 1/4" floppy diskettes. It offers time and labor saving features such as configurable volume label and sequential seri
FMAT-X.ZIP6327Sep 9 1989FMat is a Disk Formatting utility to make things a little easier for the novice in a multi-drive capacity environment. 3 1/2 and 5 1/4.
FMT.ZIP17258Jun 21 1985Format two disk at the same time.
FMT100.ZIP36697Mar 13 1992Format floppies to non-standard higher capacities.
FMTA100.ZIP16176Jan 23 1990Diskette formatter. Includes full ASM source code.
FMWIN10.ZIP63590Aug 24 1994Automatic formatter for windows, selects correct floppy size.
FORK33.ZIP4064Apr 1 1994Redirect standard output to multiple devices.
FORLST75.ZIP14759Sep 6 1990A variety of useful patches for LIST75x.
FORMAX.ZIP9526Feb 17 1988Get 800k frm 360k floppy requires dos 3.3.
FORMQ172.ZIP36149Feb 8 1992FormatQM is a program to format and verify batches of diskettes in any standard DOS format. Multiple drive support and "no hands" operation.
FRAGS.ZIP15347Mar 24 1987Show If and/or How Badly Your Files are Fragmented.
FREE.ZIP9689Jan 29 1989Show free disk space.DOS & EMS memory.Latest Ver;faster than CHKDSK.
FRULER.ZIP2327May 10 1986A pop-up screen ruler. Useful for counting columns.
FSPOOL.ZIP2408Oct 14 1986Redirects printer output to file.
FUMBS100.ZIP6976Apr 9 1993FIXUMBS is a utility to aid in UMB memory management.
FUMS100.ZIP6976Apr 9 1993Use Upper Memory Blocks more efficiently.
FUNCTION.ZIP9945Dec 29 1984Function key reprogrammer.
FV145.ZIP8988Jun 23 1993FV v1.45 verbose archive dirctory lister.
GAS50.ZIP13809Feb 14 1990Gas gauge program for laptop users. TSR measures battery power left.
GDIR.ZIP12564Nov 8 1987Recursive dir change & execute DOS commands.
GENMOU.ZIP8529Feb 10 1991Generic mouse menu program with ten-selection customizable menu.
GETALIAS.ZIP17385May 22 1989An alias file maker for 4DOS.
GETIT.ZIP2165Nov 30 1990A 4-DOS BTM command line dialer. Includes commented code.
GETROM.ZIP25768Mar 4 1986Collection of files that allow ROM to be written to Disk.
GLBSEC21.ZIP184672Jun 30 1994GLOBAL SECURITY - VERSION 2.1 A Transmission Security Program. Encipher, transmit, then decipher your data at the other end.
GM906.ZIP82737Feb 20 1991Latest Genius Mouse driver, version 9.06. This fixes problem with VGA and real-coordinates.
GOLDEN.ZIP30270Feb 2 1986Collection of Utilities from GoldenSoft.
GOODUTIL.ZIP8921Nov 8 19878 everyday utilities and their docs.
GPREP.ZIP5749May 12 1986Search for a pattern in files.
GRABINT.ZIP10288Jul 30 1987Grab the interrupt vector requested and write it to a disk file in a format that can be read later on and restored.
GREET.ZIP3227May 22 1986Greeting for batch files.
GUS_180.ZIP34666Feb 5 1994General Unpack Shell v1.80 Recognizes any archive format.
HA098.ZIP29109Jan 13 1993Fast file compression utility producing small files.
HANDISDE.ZIP81376May 10 1991A set of TSRs produced by MSI/CodeRunneR, targetted mainly at handicapped/disabled persons. Provides Ctrl/Alt/Shift combos without simultaneous press of keys.
HAP_PAH3.ZIP26000Jan 5 1993Hamarsoft (R)'s NEW ARCHIVER Version 3.00. Compresses up to 30% better than the _NEW_ PKZIP. Handles multiple files, BIG files, wildcards. More than THREE times as fast as version 2.10 Needs only 380 Kb memory ! Developed by Harald Feldmann.
HDBACKUP.ZIP30078Apr 23 1988Way to backup HD, and other utils.
HDFORMAT.ZIP21467Apr 2 1989Format floppys to greater than normal capacity 360, 720, 1,2, 1.44's.
HDSTRP.ZIP11021Oct 26 1985Convert DOS Backup files to regular files.
HEDIT2_2.ZIP45756Jul 30 1992Powerful, easy-to-use file editor for binary files. Create, edit, view, and print files in hex and ASCII. Includes block copy/delete/insert, string search/replace/count, file truncate, change mode, and many other feature
HELP12.ZIP42500Apr 18 1989Excellent menu-based help program for all Dos 3.3 commands, uses a mouse if present.
HELP31C.ZIP26581Aug 20 1987Full-screen help for DOS 3.1 commands (Freeware - no guilt trip).
HELP33A.ZIP27886Feb 27 1989On-line text help facility for DOS 3.3.
HEX.ZIP26819Aug 25 1989Allows the conversion of Hex to Decimal and vice-versi on the command line. Very handy, quick and easy to use.
HEXCAL.ZIP78833Aug 13 1989Hexcalibur is a high quality editor designed expressly for examining, modifying or otherwise manipulating disk files in their raw, or binary, format.
HEXD141.ZIP47303Dec 7 1991Hex Dump - This is a hexadecimal file dump program.
HEXED20.ZIP62417Feb 16 1991Hex editor with log, undo, many nice features.
HEXEDIT.ZIP26181May 22 1990HexEdit lets you load, view, and edit binary files of all kinds.
HEXNUM.ZIP9233Apr 25 1990Allows user to convert decimal to hex or hex to decimal from the command line includes C source code.
HIDE.ZIP13460Jun 19 1990A simple text file scrambler. It will scramble and password protect any text file. Fairly simple, yet easy to use.
HIDEMSE.ZIP1105Oct 2 1992These programs hide and show your mouse driver to DOS programs.
HIDNDIR.ZIP2780Nov 14 1986A program to create Hidden Directories.
HILOAD.ZIP18510Jun 4 1989Loads TSR's into "hi" memory between 640k and 1 meg. You must have memory mapped there first.
HIPZIP10.ZIP13600Jul 1 1990A simple menu/file picker system for PKZIP.
HISTORY.ZIP9842Dec 7 1986Adds VMS-like history to MS/DOS.
HISTRY61.ZIP11077Jan 5 1989Great new version of command line editor, lots of new features.
HIVID203.ZIP15548May 8 1993Adds up to 96K of DOS memory from EGA/VGA memory.
HLPURSLF.ZIP17211Oct 18 1987Design your own help screens.
HOTBOOT4.ZIP4729Dec 21 1989Uncrash or dump TSR's. This will unlock your computer from most hangs. It works pretty well. Includes ASM source.
HOTDOS2A.ZIP6432Nov 3 1985Latest version of Hotdos-- Jump to dos from anywhere.
HOTKEY11.ZIP1604Jan 22 1987Rated best by PC Mag -- later version.
HP15S201.ZIP16656Jul 17 1992This is a DOS device driver wich provides and absolutely transparent way to read, write, and format Hewlett Packard HP150 diskettes.
HPACK78.ZIP107445Nov 20 1992A terrific archiver that compresses, even has encryption.
HPKEY312.ZIP49447Jan 8 1990HyperKey boosts performance of your PC by enhancing your keyboard, and well as providing command recall to DOS.
IC.ZIP5360Jun 5 1991This is a utility that adds extra commands to command.com. Added commands are Wait, Equip, Sound, NameDir, Cls (w/ color). Source code available but not included.
ICE.ZIP2952Mar 6 1988Compress COM files to encrypt & protect from viruses.
IDCCAT.ZIP25270Jul 23 1987Catalog floppy disk files.
INBRDPC.ZIP113877Aug 10 1989InBoard/386 PC device drivers and utilities from the Intel BBS. These are the most recent ones on their board.
INDOS-10.ZIP9124Sep 17 1991Disable or replace internal commands in COMMAND.COM.
INFOELIM.ZIP21360Apr 25 1989Re-boot (yes/no), with TC source.
INT9FIX.ZIP9867Jul 11 1990Fix for SHIFT lock problem on 101 keyboards.
INTERNL.ZIP9319May 20 1991Change internal DOS commands so you can run other programs instead. Use this one with care.
INTRCPT.ZIP6262Jan 8 1988Use standard DS/DD disks in your 1.2mb AT-style drive and get 720K/disk.
IRIS41A.ZIP159615Jul 26 1991File encrypt/decrypt system using DES, RSA (public key), Playfair or Vernam encryption methods. Uses prime numbers of up to 500 digits. Version 4.1a.
IRQR.ZIP5393Apr 23 1988Show status of 8259 interrupt line usage.
ISH.ZIP18642Jun 4 1987Makes ARC,COM,EXE files into ASCII!.
ISL22.ZIP11954Dec 18 1990Compressed files directory lister. Displays all executable files in groups; uncompressed, LZEXE compressed, & PKLITE compressed.
JAMBO10.ZIP11535Dec 16 1991JAMBO is a Device Driver which is designed to make more memory available for you using DOS 5.0 with its EMM386.EXE memory manager.
JDOS107.ZIP20419Mar 18 1989A TSR that allows you to jump to DOS from your applications.
JIFFYMOD.ZIP13322Aug 10 1988File-Modification Utility. Insert, Overwrite, & delete within any norma.
JLH.ZIP2168Aug 1 1986Buerg's tiny bakup utility.
JLSCAN1.ZIP35458Mar 30 1988Text displayer. Scroll up/down and sideways. Dump blocks to prn or a fi.
JOYFRCE.ZIP1467Nov 8 1988Forces joystick operation.
JOYMOUSE.ZIP6026Nov 24 1989Allows a joystick to emulate a mouse.
JP4REF.ZIP238840Nov 30 1993Complete reference manual for 4DOS 5.0, 4OS2 2.0, and 4DOS/NT 2.0, JP Software's command processor replacements for DOS, OS/2, and Windows NT. For 4DOS files see 4DOS5A.ZIP and 4DOS5B.ZIP. 4OS2 2.0 and 4DOS/NT 2.0 files
JRAN704K.ZIP2593Sep 27 1986How to get 704K from DOS using JRAM.
JREZIP20.ZIP61150Jul 14 1991J. Richards Intelligent rezipper. Add comments, changes date, etc.
JULIAN94.ZIP19285Dec 31 1994Julian Date display utility for OS/2 and DOS.
JULIANV3.ZIP4283Oct 10 1987Simple keyboard lock program (memory resident) with timer.
K23.ZIP47107Sep 6 1991Kryptik 2.3 - Simple Encryption/Decryption Program.
K9.ZIP17058Aug 21 1986Memory Resident Utilities, this one does EVERYTHING! Excellent.
KACK10.ZIP9801Jul 12 1992Keyboard Acknowledger - Adds a click for each keypress.
KBBUFF.ZIP1285Dec 3 1983Alters size of keyboard buffer...
KBD14.ZIP12060Jan 9 1992Can change keyboard delay and rep rate as well as acting as a key-poker without going memory resident.
KBDR.ZIP6969Jan 16 1988Function keys 11 & 12 driver for AT keyboards.
KBE11.ZIP2952Jan 15 1991A small non-resident DOS keyboard buffer expander.
KBFIX3.ZIP11994Jun 22 1986Very good Keyboard fixer.
KBRESET.ZIP1816Jun 4 1987Clear Cap, Num, and Scroll lock if they become "Stuck" on.
KBSET100.ZIP22779Sep 16 1993DOS & OS/2 utility to set NUMLOCK.
KBSETUP.ZIP9371Feb 28 1991Sets keyboard typematic delay and repeat rates.
KBUF_MA.ZIP5415Nov 19 1988KBUF extends the size of the keyboard queue from 15 to 142 keystrokes. It is compatible with keyboard stacking programs and mouse cursor movement simulators.
KEY-FAKE.ZIP6632Nov 21 1985Pre-enter keyboard string before running program in BAT.
KEYCLICK.ZIP1575Apr 26 1986Add key clicks to quiet keyboards.
KEYCOPY.ZIP3839Aug 3 1991KeyCopy v1.01 3K TSR copy keystrokes to disk.
KEYCTRL.ZIP2033Jan 25 1990Small program that will control Num, Caps, and Scroll lock keys.
KEYLOC.ZIP4562Jan 5 1982Adds Ctrl-Lock, Alt-Lock etc...
KEYRATE3.ZIP18341Aug 6 1991Keyrate lets you adjust both the repeat rate and delay of your keyboard.
KEYS310.ZIP24676Oct 10 1988Outstanding key-scan prog & .DOC.
KEYSET.ZIP74262Jan 1 1989A set of utilities to toggle a PC's Shift-Lock, Num-Lock, and Scroll-Lock keys. Designed for use by the non-power user.
KEYSET11.ZIP27431Dec 25 1989KEYSET will display the settings of the CapsLock, NumLock, ScrollLock and PrtSc (Print Screen) keys, and allow you to change them.
KEYSPEED.ZIP8992Jul 15 1990This is a utility to set the typeamatic repeat and delay rate on AT-style keyboards. Turbo-C source included.
KEYSTATE.ZIP7446May 31 1989Change/Display the status of Caps Lock, Num Lock, Scroll, Ins, etc. keys.
KOLOR.ZIP2316Oct 6 1984Change colors in DOS. Very neat.
KOLORV15.ZIP4450Jan 24 1992Change DOS's default colors by running this program.
KPATCH.ZIP10429Mar 27 1989Binary (HEX) search and replace program.
KS10.ZIP5928Jul 28 1991Control the speed of your keyboard.
KSJR10.ZIP20344Jul 19 1992Keyswap Jr. Version 1.0 TSR that allows users to reprogram their function keys to other keys. Useful for laptop users with frequently used keys in awkward positions. Or reprogram your application function keys.
KWIKKEYS.ZIP9197Aug 31 1986Nice keyboard enhancement routine.
L-RMND16.ZIP39994Sep 11 1989LCG/Remind is a small utility program designed to remind you when it is time to back-up the files on your hard disk, and to help automate the process.
LABLOC1.ZIP135311May 9 1991Jeff Morley's utility to check a zipped file for viruses, take out comments, etc. This is the non-BBS version.
LACE_14.ZIP50661Jun 9 1992Lace 1.4 - multi-configuration editor by Keith Ledbetter. Allows you to keep up to 14 different combinations of CONFIG.SYS & AUTOEXEC.BAT without having more than one of each file.
LAEXIT11.ZIP2016Jun 19 1987Recover from keyboard lockout.
LARC333.EXE55936Jun 3 1989LHARC File compression prgm v3.33.
LASTRESO.ZIP11605Dec 22 1988Last Resolution will attempt to recover when your computer hangs up. It will allow you to restore your system to its original state.
LATER21.ZIP21437Sep 29 1988Allows you to run programs at a later time. Unattended attendant.
LCKR201.ZIP53438Jan 25 1993LHA Chunker 2.01 - Fast! LHA Splitter by Jibben Software. LHA Chunker splits and sizes all types of files, including LHA files. Will split to a size to fit specific floppy format or to user determined size. Files except
LDRES.ZIP6126Jan 6 1987Help make your programs memory resident.
LEMCLK.ZIP4985Mar 16 1987Clock utilities (with ASM source) for Leading Edge Model M.
LESDISK2.ZIP5219Apr 30 1989Enhanced VDISK with a couple new features.
LET12.ZIP58963Sep 17 1987Very good enhancements to DOS's SET command.
LHA255B.ZIP27581Apr 1 1993LHArc latest version 2.55b, still has backward compatibility to handle older LHARC files. This is still slow but the price is right.
LHACHNKR.ZIP50948Jul 17 1992LHA file splitter. Files remain LHA files. Also splits any other file type. Supports floppies for easy backup.
LHADATES.ZIP1230Apr 12 1991Information on how to revise LHArc to display dates in American (MMDDYY) instead of Japanese (YYMMDD) format.
LHMENU11.ZIP11977May 4 1989Lotus-style front end for LHARC.
LIMIT12.ZIP29117May 13 1994Limit v.12, high-speed file compression/archive utility, written in 80286 assembler.
LINESTP1.ZIP4434Nov 22 1994Version 1.1 of linestep. Allows you to step through a file, learning how data is stored in it. Now works with exe files.
LIST100.ZIP10686Mar 30 1993LIST V1.00 - LIST is a text file viewer that replaces the DOS TYPE command. It has screen paging built-in, allows multiple files to be viewed on a command line, & you can use wildcard characters.
LIST91C.ZIP108377Jan 31 1995Vernon D. Buerg's excellent LIST program - version 9.1c.
LISTCNFG.ZIP20175Sep 22 1990Copies LIST.COM default settings when upgrading to new version of LIST.COM. Includes complete C source code.
LISTED76.ZIP1084Feb 16 1992How to change the default editor in LIST.COM ver 7.6b to your favorite editor. This is an Updated version of LISTED.COM and includes instructions for DRDOS users.
LISTMEN6.ZIP41282Feb 26 1989Front end menu for Buerg's LIST.
LISTMENU.ZIP2805Feb 21 1987MS Mouse menu for Buerg's LIST program.
LK.ZIP13292Oct 14 1987Assigns DOS commands to function keys.
LMOUS623.ZIP56713Mar 31 1993Logitech mouse driver version 6.23.
LOAD120.ZIP38014Jun 16 1991Load and unload a DOS device driver from command line or batch file.
LOADFILE.ZIP15930Jan 1 1986List a file via TSR when in any other program.
LOBO-10.ZIP34975Jun 24 1990LOBOTOMY is a program that will allow you to easily and quickly change your AUTOEXEC.BAT and CONFIG.SYS files and boot-up with a different configuration.
LOCATE.ZIP9045Dec 17 1987LOCATE translates mouse motion into the appropriate number of arrow keystrokes. Allows many programs to use a mouse.
LOCK.ZIP65914Aug 12 1990Encrypts a file with passphrase for security.
LOCKIT11.ZIP9553Jun 16 1990Lock It! Is a file encryption/decryption tool to use when data security is of vital importance.
LOG.ZIP3144Nov 7 1988TSR to log system usage.
LOGIM.ZIP14099May 12 1988Various pulldown mouse menus for Logitech mice, and various programs.
LOGIMNU.ZIP8284May 11 1989Some New LogiMenu(s).
LOGITECH.ZIP14099May 12 1988Various Logitech mouse menus.
LOGOUT15.ZIP13800Dec 30 1989TSR to send keystrokes from keyboard buffer after specified period of inactivity. Reads data file to send different keys depending on your command line switch.
LOGSYS2.ZIP13263Dec 29 1986Log and control system use.
LONGPATH.ZIP9859Jun 5 1991Allows you to enter a path as long as you like.
LOOZ210.ZIP11706Aug 8 1987Extract and run a file archived with ZOO archival program.
LOWFIX.ZIP8207Jun 20 1991Patch compressed EXE files for DOS 5.0.
LS.ZIP11247May 7 1987UNIX-Like DIR'er.
LSTMNU63.ZIP4677Aug 26 1988Logitech mouse driver for LIST 6.3a.
LV102.ZIP20567Sep 12 1989Comprehensive Lharc File Viewer that includes many neat features.
LZALL.ZIP32729Feb 22 1990Will LZE all EXE files in a specified directory.
LZE-WC11.ZIP19100Apr 29 1990Very nice shell for LZE that allows wildcard filenames.
LZESHL30.ZIP24566May 5 1990Shell for LZEXE, UNLZEXE, COMTOEXE, and UPACKEXE version 3.0.
LZEXE91.ZIP44144Mar 11 1990Update to LZEXE which solves some of the memory problems of the original includes Comtoexe, Infoexe, and Unpackexe. Very nice package.
LZHE100.ZIP6221Apr 14 1990Quicker way to undo .LZH files (extract, view, and test only.).
LZIP13.ZIP48724Mar 11 1989Makes the Littlest ZIP (RE-ZIPs with v0.92 -ex) v1.3.
LZT.ZIP8494Apr 30 1990Translates output from LZEXE to English.
M.ZIP4340Feb 18 1990Memory mapper, like Mapmem, but includes full ASM source code.
MACETTE3.ZIP44256Apr 18 1994Mac-ette v3.01U Reads, Writes, Formats, and Duplicates Mac 1.4M diskettes on a PC.
MACMANIA.ZIP28545Oct 20 1987Keyboard macros resident or prgm orientated.
MACROS10.ZIP5150Jun 22 1991Collection of macros for DOS 5.0.
MACSEE4B.ZIP257004May 1 1994Working demo of a program to read and write Mac High Density Disks on a PC. Limited to files up to 15k.
MAD20.ZIP13687Jul 28 1989Mike's Archive Directory can list the directory of all popular archive types available and their self extracting .COM and .EXE files.
MAKEHELP.ZIP66982Aug 13 1989Create Help screens for other programs. Hot-Key them into action.
MAKERE18.ZIP3951Jun 17 1988Creates a .COM file out of a text file. Self-displaying ASCII files.
MAM109.ZIP64256Aug 10 1993Memory access manager, version 1.08. Manages UMB's, EMS, and XMS.
MAN.ZIP2074Aug 26 1991Unix-like MAN available for DOS. Zip all your DOCS.
MARC500.ZIP8334Mar 8 1986Allows you to merge ARCed files.
MAXDOS.ZIP4788Nov 16 1987Extend DOS memory map above video.
MAXFIND.ZIP19752Nov 24 1988PC Magazine reviewed text search utility.
MAXI17.ZIP56889Feb 9 1992New issue of Maxi the enlarger for diskette formatting.
MAXMEN.ZIP10408Jul 2 1989Frontend for 386MAX tables.
MCE.ZIP24317Sep 5 1985MS-Mouse cursor editor, creat mouse cursor shape.
MCEDIT.ZIP85211Aug 6 1991Create your own mouse cursors. Limited documentation but excellent.
MCURSOR.ZIP1171Sep 15 1986Forces a Microsoft Mouse to emulate the cursor keys.
MEGAC220.ZIP21422Apr 18 1991Copy disks in one pass, uses extra memory. Docs are in German, but program prompts are in English.
MEMSIM32.ZIP31034Aug 19 1989Simulate up to 32MB of expanded memory using your HD.
MEMSTORE.ZIP2526Nov 8 1986Copy from ROM/RAM to disk/IBM.
MENV.ZIP8470Aug 13 1991Master Environment Manager 1.0 - DOS utility to always manipulate the MASTER enviroment space, even from inside other programs.
MFLP.ZIP1191Nov 17 1987Driver to use 3.5" disk at 1.44 MByte capacity.
MFRM240.ZIP46138May 2 1991A Utility to Convert Mainframe Data that handles zoned decimals, overpunch, and trailing signs.
MINLOAD.ZIP3379Sep 12 1988Displays memory required to load and execute an EXE file.
MISCUTIL.ZIP23097Aug 20 1991Three small utility programs to patch or modify files.
MMAGIC24.ZIP105665Mar 1 1994Mouse access for many programs.
MMORE101.ZIP11057Jun 6 1993Unix type MORE command to replace MSDOS MORE command extra features.
MMTV503.ZIP42888Jun 17 1989MakeThemTouch V5.03. Date/Time stamp utility for archive files. Many options, and supports all major archive formats.
MODEGD.ZIP8178Apr 1 1992V1.0 This is a program, similar to part of the DOS MODE command, to set the parameters of a COM port. It does not do the other functions of MODE, but allows numerous settings that MODE does not support.
MODFILT.ZIP30400Dec 9 1987File filtering program, .exe .doc source.
MORE13.ZIP45278Jul 1 1990A replacement for DOS's More command. Displays in four columns and clears the screen before display. With C source code.
MORERAM.ZIP3033Sep 14 1984Allows full memory regardless of switch settings.
MOSLO12.ZIP3902Jan 30 1993Slow down your computer from 1% to 99% of it base speed.
MOUSE704.ZIP22418Aug 6 1992Latest ATI Mouse drivers, version 7.04 downloaded directly from ATI BBS in Ontario.
MOUSE820.ZIP272239Mar 16 1992Microsoft Mouse Driver version 8.2. This has some minor changes from 8.1, mainly in Storage usage. This is definitely structured for MS/DOS 5.0.
MOUSECUR.ZIP7131Nov 1 1989Mouse operates cursor full-time. This allows a mouse to work with ANY program that uses cursor control. With full ASM source.
MOUSEF.ZIP49863Apr 30 1991A mouse driven disk format utility - requires EGA/VGA and a mouse.
MOUSER.ZIP11961Oct 16 1987Use MS mouse with any cursor program. Assembler source included.
MOUSES.ZIP25009Nov 30 1986A collection of mouse menus for the Mouse Systems, Inc. Mouse.
MOVBASIC.ZIP1932Mar 3 1986Convert ROM BASIC into a regular file.
MOVE2ZIP.ZIP2641Jun 8 1993A simple 4DOS Batch file to move files and their 4DOS file descriptions to a .ZIP file using PKZIP. Requires PKZIP 2.0 and 4DOS 4.0.
MOVEROM.ZIP1994Jun 19 1985Move ROM to memory for faster access.
MRXPOP11.ZIP30911Feb 5 1993MarxPop allows you to pop up 7 programs as if they were TSRs.
MSMOUSE.ZIP17796Jun 15 1987A collection of menus for MS MOUSE.
MSUTIL13.ZIP55450Oct 8 1992A collection of simple DOS utilities from Microsource utilities.
MSWITCH.ZIP6816Mar 23 1989Turns Mouse on and off.
MTA_V901.ZIP103738Sep 3 1989Make to Anything (Archive Converter) version 9.01. Excellent!.
MTQ_V401.ZIP19606Jun 24 1989Fast replacement for DOS SORT from Holland, uses Quick sort.
MULTCOPY.ZIP16030Jan 21 1987Make multiple copies of a single disk.
MVA200.ZIP4879Apr 22 1988Make an archive up to 30 diskettes long.
MXPOP.ZIP29977Feb 18 1992MarxPop - Allows you to pop up 10 programs as if they were TSRs.
MYM-MSV5.ZIP6147Jul 9 1989Logitech Mouse support for Managing Your Money.
NCAV41.ZIP122552Nov 18 1993The Norton Commander Archive Viewer - v4.1. A small utility to manipulate ARC, LZH, PAK, ARJ, ZIP and ZOO files. Can be used as a stand-alone. The Norton Commander is not needed.
NET_MAN2.ZIP249710Sep 3 1991Great utility's for powerusers. Collection of simple utility programs.
NEWBEEP.ZIP6507Apr 12 1987Change the your bell to any of many different sounds. ASM source code.
NEWCHMOD.ZIP10735Jan 15 1987Set / reset file attributes.
NEWENTER.ZIP648Jan 16 1987Make + key on far right be ENTER.
NEWKEY52.ZIP153120Jul 1 1989Keyboard enhancer, like prokey but with extras.
NFRMT11.ZIP35310May 16 1992NFormat version 1.1. Allows complete control over all the floppy drive parameters you didn't even know existed before! Allows you to try to pack as much space on drive as possible (1.7mb on 1.44).
NICBOOT1.ZIP8576Feb 11 1990Replace loading messages during bootup with a nice status screen showing % boot complete. Requires VGA card and EGA/VGA monitor.
NJDUMP51.ZIP23019Jan 3 1988Nifty James Dump gives .OBJ file info.
NJRAMD14.ZIP44574Jun 23 1991Version 1.4 of Nifty James RAM disk. Now supports XMS. Small and fast. Includes complete ASM source.
NJSORT11.ZIP37642Oct 30 1988NJSORT v1.1, nice sorting module, asm & c.
NMIEXIT.ZIP5643Dec 15 1986Use a switch to exit from a hung system. For PC/XT.
NO.ZIP2662Apr 20 1987Include EXCEPTIONS in DOS commands. (ex.: no dum.com erase *.* ).
NOBRK.ZIP4020Oct 15 1987Disable CTRL C & CTRL BREAK keys.
NORPT.ZIP9121Aug 27 1989Simple program that will turn off the keyboard's repeat facility. Includes full ASM source.
NOSTOP.ZIP1838Oct 14 1990Disable Ctrl-C, Ctrl-Break, and Ctrl-Alt-Del.
NOW.ZIP9822Jul 4 1990-Now- tells you the date and time, and today's message. Message can be changed. Date and time are in readable long form.
NREFRESH.ZIP1204Aug 18 1987Speed Up your PC up to 6%!!! Nice...
NUMCON.ZIP6877Sep 25 1989Quick and small utility that converts numbers from Hex, Octal, and Decimal. Includes full C source. Useful for programers.
NUMLOCK.ZIP528Jun 4 1992Tiny program to turn off number lock key at boot time. If you have an AMI BIOS which has the annoying feature of turning on your number lock key, insert this in your autoexec.bat to counter it.
NUMS_OFF.ZIP3118Mar 19 1990Executable and TP source that will turn off the Num-Lock key.
OBSKIT15.ZIP224623Jan 11 1992OS shell environment, redefine (or enhance) built-in DOS commands.
OFFNUM.ZIP757Aug 4 1987Boot up your AT with NumLock key disabled. Very important for some games.
OFFS.ZIP1614Aug 19 1988Force Off CAPS/NUM/SCROLL lock.
OMNIKEY.ZIP63749Dec 11 1990Set of utilities for the Omnikey 102 keyboards.
ONBOOT.ZIP5383Feb 17 1989ONBOOT allows you to have AUTOEXEC run selected programs only during a warm boot, cold boot, or the first boot of the day.
ONCALL.ZIP92032Dec 11 1987PD CAROUSEL type program.
OZF100.ZIP13090Sep 10 1989Generates Batch files to rezip older ZIP 0.92 files. Excellent.
PACKCOM.ZIP4853Mar 19 1987Allows you to pack several small COM files into one large file.
PACKDISK.ZIP23915Feb 25 1987A general utilities software.
PAD.ZIP2053Jan 1 1980Post-It Style Notepad - Memory Resident.
PAK-KIT7.ZIP43919Dec 26 1988Latest PAK utilties.
PAK251.ZIP94804Oct 8 1990Newest Version of the Compression Utility from NoGate. Uses several different archive formats.
PALRUN2A.ZIP170198Aug 20 1990PALRUN is a program that permits you to leave most of your program and batch files in compressed form, thereby saving significant amounts of hard disk space. Part 1 of 2.
PALRUN2B.ZIP115230Aug 20 1990PALRUN Part 2 of 2.
PATCHANY.ZIP126799Nov 30 -0001Edit anything (file, subdirectory, phys dev, log dev) in hex or ascii or other representations with freeform or record, insertion in hex, extendable. The best hex capable editor I've found.
PATH22.ZIP58350Sep 16 1994PathTool is a powerful utility which easily lets users modify PATH by using straight forward commands. PathTool is capable of generating a PATH longer than 121 bytes.
PATHADD.ZIP8859Feb 7 1989Add subdirs to your DOS path without rewriting entire path.
PATHHUNT.ZIP6542Mar 16 1990Utility that will search your path to find out which path was used when you tried to run a program. C source included.
PATHMSTR.ZIP15974Jan 8 1989Use short aliases for long paths.
PAUSE10.ZIP1802Jun 21 1991Device driver to PAUSE the screen in the CONFIG.SYS just like batch file. Does NOT take any RAM after functioning.
PB19.ZIP30668Oct 28 1991Very nice utility that will allow you to playback keystrokes.
PC-UTIL.ZIP59589Oct 24 1986Great set of utils, this one has it all..
PCBRAND.ZIP106976Nov 30 1993Brand your software with the electronic engraver. Engraves any program and only PcBrand and yout password can read it. Doesn't affect program operation, allows you to protect your software as you would other assets.
PCCARK1.ZIP11170Aug 23 1988PcConnect archive-file Copy/View utility program.
PCPATCH.ZIP56431Feb 5 1988MS-DOS version of Larry Wall's Unix patch.
PCPATH.ZIP10005May 31 1987Playing with paths & env variables.
PCPF.ZIP31206Nov 12 1986Ver 1.2 simulate ispf/spf.
PCUNSIT.ZIP79022Nov 22 1992IBM version of Stuff-It (Mac Compression Util).
PCUTIL.ZIP5256May 11 1984PC UTILITY, very good!!!.
PCWINDOW.ZIP11696Sep 18 1985PCwindow is a hidden utility that remains resident in RAM, as an extension of DOS, until they system is re-booted. Provides user with 8 on-line utility functions.
PCZAP.ZIP11510Feb 13 1989Software by Technica to allow intelligent Patches to programs (& files).
PCZIP.ZIP55670Feb 14 1989Will reset your RAM refresh rate for fastest operation.
PDAILY.ZIP9978Jan 2 1987Patriquin utility to enable execution of file in AUTOEXEC to run once pe.
PDSUTIL.ZIP8479Mar 28 1986Partioned dataset utility.
PDZIP22.ZIP20341Aug 4 1991PDZIP v2.2b public domain ZIP archiver.
PED20.ZIP13336Apr 4 1991Path editor. Menu driven utility that can add or delete paths from the command line. Very handy to have.
PEP.ZIP118222Mar 18 1991The Painless Event Processor allows your PC to work 24 hours a day. You simply tell the event processor when to execute programs, batch files, tasks, utilities, etc.
PERUSE.ZIP252686Oct 1 1990Peruse is an ASCII and Binary file reader capable of reading files of an unlimited size in text or hex formats. Peruse can read an almost unlimited number of files at a time.
PGP23A.ZIP203955Dec 5 1993Pretty Good Privacy v2.3 -- Public key RSA encryption program, has docs and executables. Source code in a seperate file.
PGPSHEL2.ZIP59173May 13 1993PGPShell version 2.0 is a menu-driven front-end that makes Phil Zimmermann's excellent program Pretty Good Privacy (PGP) easier to manage and use.
PGPUTILS.ZIP17249May 7 1993Utilities for use with PGP (Pretty Good Privacy) version 2.2.
PICNIX31.ZIP132802Mar 3 1989A nice set of UNIX like commands for DOS. file 1 of 3.
PICNIX32.ZIP89128May 1 1988A nice set of UNIX like commands for DOS. file 2 of 3.
PICNIX33.ZIP58441May 25 1988A nice set of UNIX like commands for DOS. file 3 of 3.
PICNIXUP.ZIP121620May 1 1988Post release updates to PICNIX31, PICNIX32, and PICNIX33.
PIPED272.ZIP14318Feb 5 1993Redirect file lists to a dataset.
PJUTILS.ZIP63486Apr 22 1989Set of command line disk utilities w/full screen point-and-shoot pgm als.
PKCNVT11.ZIP44664Feb 12 1990PKWARE utility that converts LZH, ARC, and ZOO files to ZIP files.
PKFIX095.ZIP7778Feb 23 1989PKWARE's utility to fix some corrupted ZIP archives.
PKHELP.ZIP2807Oct 30 1986Pop-up help for PKARC & PKXARC.
PKII-120.ZIP59710Mar 24 1989Power Kit II version 1.20.
PKLITENG.ZIP11844Dec 31 1990Norton Guide for use of PKLITE (Use with EHELP or NG).
PKLTE115.ZIP41332Jul 30 1992Phil Katz's PkLite. Compresses EXE & COM files on disk, but still allows them to be run directly. Works great!
PKLXTRA.ZIP4257Dec 15 1991PKLITE enhancer, COM files only, with source -- not by Katz.
PKPRES47.ZIP68480Mar 8 1994PKPRESS v4.7 - This utility scans directories specified by the user (or entire drive) for ZIP files and recompresses them with maximum compression. Works with either Pkzip 1.1 or 2.04g versions, auto converting them from 1
PKSFAN11.ZIP2278Jul 30 1989PK SaFe ANsi v1.1 - prevents ANSI keyboard reassignment.
PKSFANSI.ZIP2039Jul 27 1989PK Safe Ansi from PKWARE. Disables keyboard mapping by ZIP comments, etc.
PKX35A35.ZIP50055Apr 27 1987Old PKArc and PKXArc programs. Very fast ARC compatible archivers.
PKXMENU.ZIP42129Jan 28 1988Run PKXARC and PKARC with menus.
PKZ110EU.EXE140160Sep 28 1990"Exportable" version of the PKZIP/PKUNZIP program. May be legally exported to non-U.S. countries. Does not support file encryption functions.
PKZF11.EXE24064Nov 4 1989Find files within .ZIP archives - by Phil Katz.
PKZM104.ZIP117383Feb 14 1991Phil Katz's PkMenu program which is a front-end for PkZip and PkUnZip.
PK_ONE.ZIP51193Dec 25 1989ZIP utility that will zip individual files in a directory into individual ZIP archives.
PLBBOOT.ZIP6833May 15 1989Simple utility that will reboot your computer. C source included.
PLUSCHEC.ZIP16035Aug 7 1988Deletes obsolete FASTBACK PLUS "History" files and prompts when BU is ov.
PMK32.ZIP205743Feb 15 1991Professional Master Key Version 3.2 - Norton clone. STILL does not support Compaq 3.31 partitions.
PMM.ZIP12241Aug 22 1985Poor Mans Mouse. Use a joystick as a mouse for some applications.
POLY28.ZIP51375Oct 19 1992Single pass diskcopy that will use XMS or EMS as a buffer.
POLYCOPY.ZIP19305Apr 7 1987Formats diskettes very quickly.
POP-CAL.ZIP10999Sep 20 1986Pop-up calendar.
POPANY.ZIP6954Sep 25 1986Allows you to call DOS or another program while you are within an existing program, assuming you have enough memory.
POPDSE.ZIP28909Jul 24 1990POPDOS is a TSR that can activate a DOS shell while almost any application is running, hence providing the ability to run DOS commands and even other programs.
POPEDIT.ZIP37238Dec 3 1986PopEdit allows the user to create, edit and save an unlimited number of memory resident PopUp Screens which may be loaded into memory as pages and called up upon request, in any application.
POPIT.ZIP47702Jul 29 1991PopIT! turns almost any program into a memory resident pop-up utility.
POPUP112.ZIP83973Apr 18 1992Excellent Utility to Popup any program --uses less than 16k memory.
PORTFIND.ZIP36666Jun 22 1992Port Finder version 2.72. Finds and activates COM, LPT, and Joystick ports. Use for COM3 & COM4 when not in BIOS. Also can use non-standard interrupts. Use to swap COM or LPT assignments.
PORTSW.ZIP1762Oct 29 1986Switches Serial and Printer port address. LPT1 to LPT2 and CON1 to CON2.
PREBAK13.ZIP39424Apr 14 1990Patriquin's great Backup Preprocessor and Interface Version 1.3.
PREXCM40.ZIP22622Oct 29 1993Protect! EXE/COM v.4.0 - Encrypts your EXE & COM files and leaves them executable.
PRNDSK.ZIP19142Mar 3 1987Redirects printer output to file.
PRODO10.ZIP5867Jul 31 1989Command stacking utility for DOS.
PROLOGI.ZIP4637Jan 2 1987Procomm Mouse Menu for use with Logi Mouse & MS Mouse.
PROMPT.ZIP3181Dec 13 1986Different informative prompts using the DOS Prompt command.
PROMPTER.ZIP6435Jun 9 1991Prompter allows you to change your prompt to just about anything that can be drawn with ASCII characters. There are 50 different pictures included.
PROTE200.ZIP118630Aug 27 1990Puts passwords in EXE and COM files, as well as protecting data files.
PSW11.ZIP7480Jul 9 1991Generate random passwords of varying lengths.
PTHMA105.ZIP28949Aug 2 1992PATHMAN simplifies the management of the path. Add and remove dirs. Extend path beyond the 127 byte limit. Path directory verification.
PTM229H.ZIP227252Feb 5 1994DOS Phantom V2.9H Task Automator & Keystroke Recorder. Record any task you perform at the keyboard for playback via hotkey, on a schedule, or from DOS command. Unlimited recording length. Demo recording & manual incl.
PUSHEXT.ZIP8038May 7 1987Load and run command.com from within any program.
PUSHPATH.ZIP5238Jul 26 1986Push & Pop Paths.
PUTPASS1.ZIP14488Mar 26 1987Put your own password into the code of any .COM program.
PW69A.ZIP7363Nov 26 1989Very simple password protection program. Easy to get around. Configurable responses, case/nocase sensitivity, tiny.
PWRKT173.ZIP27898Feb 3 1988Powerkit Keyboard Enhancer, v1.73.
PW_MAKE.ZIP7566Jul 2 1990Makes Passwords that are pronouncable but not English.
PZIP170.ZIP235083Aug 16 1992Great Recompression Routine for Sysops, Rezips and adds comments.
Q387_32B.ZIP109281Jan 19 1993This is a 387 emulator for 386 machines. Fully emulates the 80387.
QBEDIT.ZIP3010Sep 1 1992Change the default extension in the MSDOS 5.0 editor. Very useful.
QC175.ZIP23208Jun 23 1991Quick Convert v1.75 handles ZIP/ARJ/LHARC/PAK formats.
QCOPY.ZIP11995Jan 14 1988Multiple disk copies from single read.
QDC10.ZIP30619May 19 1990Copies floppies quickly in 1 pass, C source included.
QDR40C.ZIP7637Jul 11 1991Vern Buerg's Quick Disk Reformatter. Latest Version.
QFRESH.ZIP1627Aug 15 1988Speeds up memory cycle refresh time. Machine runs a little faster.
QSORT403.ZIP53669Aug 31 1989Fast, versatile text sorting utility. Twice as fast as previous version 3.20.
RAIND112.ZIP14298Jul 17 1992RainDOS is a DOS device driver which provides a direct interface to Digital Equipment Corporation's Rainbow DOS diskettes. All DOS functions are supported, including FORMAT and DISKCOPY.
RAMDRV.ZIP2769Aug 11 1986A Ramdisk that can be removed or changed without rebooting.
RAMMAN23.ZIP32974Jun 19 1990A RAM resident textfile viewer - it can turn any text file into a pop-up help screen.
RAMVIEW.ZIP14952Oct 26 1991RAMVIEW by PC-MAG, Modified by J. Tabor. Uses INT08/28 to popup program, and to call INT 28 in GETKEY for multi-task.
RATKEYS.ZIP8620Oct 24 1986Keyboard macro utility.
RBKEYSWP.ZIP4287Jun 22 1991Ralf Brown's auto-loadhi TSR to swap ESC-TILDE and l-CTRL-CAPS LOCK on enhanced keyboards.
RBOOT2.ZIP44146Mar 24 1989Alter config.sys and autoexec.bat "on the fly" prior to warm/cold boot.
RBOOT500.ZIP80706Aug 1 1991ReBoot v5.00 boot configuration manager.
RDCPM.ZIP2554Feb 20 1986Read CPM disks on MS-DOS system.
RDISK2.ZIP2769Aug 11 1986Create ramdisk without rebooting.
READBKP.ZIP12477May 4 1989Reads and displays the names of all files backed-up using DOS 3.1 BACKUP.
READBOOT.ZIP6579Jan 7 1989Read disk boot sector w/ C source - works w/ DOS 4.0.
READ_DOC.ZIP7725Feb 2 1990Very simple text file viewer. A glorified More prompter.
REAL2DOS.ZIP8785Jun 30 1993Resets The DOS Clock With The RealTime Clock v1.1.
REBOOT.ZIP614Mar 8 1983A good short reboot program.
REBOOT10.ZIP19653Feb 22 1993This file will reboot your system to various configuration options that you set up. Great if you frequently have to change your autoexec.bat and config.sys files.
REBOOT22.ZIP11780Dec 14 1987Reboot PC with different CONFIG.SYS files. Includes ASM source.
RECALL11.ZIP23853Nov 17 1990RECALL is a memory-resident commandline editor and history utility.
RECNFG21.ZIP112898Dec 17 1988Reconfig allows you to quickly change to different DOS configurations on your hard disk (Autoexec.bat and Config.sys files).
RECOM105.ZIP14314Apr 27 1990ReComment 1.05: Add/Remove/Replace/Log .ZIP file comments. Will log removed comments to a file, and update .ZIP file date, if desired.
RECON.ZIP12806Sep 12 1986Allows you to keep mult. sets of autoexec/config files for common setups.
RECONF.ZIP4716May 1 1990Helps you easily create multiple AUTOEXEC and CONFIG files.
RECORDER.ZIP2489May 17 1988Logs all file open activity. Useful for determining whuch files you are using the most. These files can then be put on a RAM disk.
REDEFN.ZIP23894Jun 14 1991Redefine keys on computer.
REFORM.ZIP4195Oct 22 1986Good way to completely erase disks.
REFRESH.ZIP1752Sep 16 1985Fix bad format info without damaging data.
REMM470.ZIP14442May 17 1991EMS driver from AST which works on all of their machines. Replaces all previous versions.
REPLAY12.ZIP20013Aug 24 1991Replay -- This is a TSR that intercepts all keyboard input, and allows it to be played back at a latter time. Very versatile.
RESCUE.ZIP27157Mar 4 1990Disk Rescue is a diskette recovery program which attempts to save the contents of a diskette, which normally is partially unreadable under DOS.
RESPR135.ZIP9397Jul 18 1990TSR Utility. Allows you to load and unload TSR's individually.
RESQ21.ZIP14516Jan 29 1987Recovered buffered text from RAM into a text file.
REWRITE.ZIP12168Oct 23 1989Utility to read 360K floppies written with a 1.2M drive and rewrite them so that they can be read with a 360K drive. Full C source included.
RINGBOOT.ZIP4096Apr 26 1991Reboot with ring from modem.
RITM11.ZIP30884Apr 28 1991Keep RTC and CMOS clock accurate. It "learns" the corrrect time.
ROBOKEY.ZIP3946Feb 15 1988RoboKey willstore a series of keystrokes and replay them at a designated time. ASM source is included.
ROMCOPY.ZIP15175Aug 9 1987Copy from ROM Bios and HD Bios to file for viewing.
ROMU.ZIP3487Apr 25 1988AT disk utility for ROM burners.
RPSRT101.ZIP98256Nov 18 1992Replacement SORT for DOS - handles large files (with ASM source).
RTCLOC.ZIP36189Mar 18 1989Set DOS/Real-time clocks from each other.
RTMR100.ZIP11969May 1 1992Return elapsed time and errorlevel of any DOS command. Handles COM, EXE, BAT, and internal commands. RTIMER can search your path for a file, and can use any command processor.
RUN.ZIP2433Jan 13 1988Start any Program from anywhere on your HD. With DOCs.
RUNONCE.ZIP6805Aug 26 1989RUNONCE -- a program to support executing programs only on the first computer boot of the day.
RUNONDAY.ZIP35810Oct 24 1989Excellant utility to put in your autoexec.bat file. Runs any program on a given day of the week. Use for backups, disk de-fragments, message file clean-ups etc.
RV250.ZIP27238Mar 20 1993RV v2.50 -- Kaya's outstanding archive utility for ARC LZH LZS ARJ ZIP ZOO etc. Will show contents of the archive, can sort the files by name/size/date/extension, strip excess bytes from the end, and more. Highly recomme
RVS112.ZIP46359Mar 6 1994RView Shell v1.12 archive file shell.
RWALL.ZIP13853Jul 27 1989Read-Write ALL disk formats (Atari ST > PC conversion).
SAFECOPY.ZIP32842Nov 26 1989Utility that copies (and verifies) files to DSDD disks which were formatted on High Density AT drives.
SAFER.ZIP59060Jun 24 1991Safe unerase untility, similar to that found in MS-DOS 5.0, but goes further.
SATCLK02.ZIP3840Feb 4 1989Utility to set and examine the AT real time clock.
SBREAK30.ZIP25875May 5 1988A very nice utility to segment files into smaller parts.
SC.ZIP6725Dec 12 1990Change colors within your autoexec.bat -- creates a COM file that can be called up at any time to change colors.
SCAT.ZIP9863Mar 22 1988Reformat Fastback+ disks for DOS use w/ASM.
SCOPY202.ZIP23166Aug 12 1991Copies a floppy disk to a file and vice versa. Version 2.02.
SCRAM11.ZIP1494Jul 7 1990Small Compact RAM Disk Device Driver by Bill Parke.
SCRCAL.ZIP5656Mar 19 1989TSR calculator, uses numbers from onsrc applic, can enter result to appl.
SCRNCH.ZIP43543Jan 31 1988Compress text & com files into a self-extracting com file.
SCROLLK.ZIP1151Jun 26 1986Makes your scroll lock key do what the name implies.
SCRUNCH1.ZIP29018Mar 27 1988Compress nearly any kind of file into a running .com file. Outstanding program.
SDC.ZIP102944Dec 7 1990Super Disk Copy - read disk once - make multiple copies.
SDF.ZIP21376Nov 16 1987Format 720K 3.5" disks reliably with a PC/XT/AT.
SDVL10.ZIP14449Sep 29 1991SDVL is simply a fast and efficient way to put volume labels on your diskettes in sequential order.
SEAL.ZIP28846Feb 9 1994The SEAL file encryption system. Protect your important DOS files from unwanted access with this key-based enciphering program.
SEARCH.ZIP7325May 26 1991Search displays all occurences in memory of a command-line parameter string.
SEARCH11.ZIP4696Feb 17 1986Like PATH only better.
SECRET.ZIP1861Mar 29 1985Creat Hidden directories... Good.
SECTOR20.ZIP31563Jun 17 1987Sector saver. Lets you wander around your disk pulling sectors into mem.
SECU_L.ZIP96572Mar 9 1993StanLite Software Security System. Executable compression/encryption system (kinda like PKLITE).
SEEMEM20.ZIP17971Dec 17 1991Similar in function to DOS5.0 MEM command, except much more verbose and works with other DOS versions.
SELECT.ZIP9319Jan 7 1991Select which AUTOEXEC.BAT to use during reboot.
SENDX10.ZIP37733May 20 1988Send X10 codes to modules at DOS level.
SERIALNO.ZIP23748May 1 1991Utility to put serial numbers into files.
SERPORTS.ZIP6474Oct 23 1989Detects COM ports & Serial Mouse IRQ's that are being used.
SETALARM.ZIP3010Apr 2 1986Set an alarm to go off at a specified time - includes .ASM source.
SETBEEP.ZIP5748Jul 15 1991Set duration of the beep on your PC.
SETCOLOR.ZIP1874Jun 20 1989An easy way to set DOS colors.
SETDRIV1.ZIP10529Feb 24 1990Change the default parameters (size) of your floppy drives. Includes fix for DOS 4.XX.
SETENVJW.ZIP15648Jun 12 1990Allows the setting of Dos variables in its environment space. Includes complete ASM source.
SETEXEC.ZIP11330Jul 21 1991Easy solution to multiple AUTOEXEC.BAT's. C source and EXE file.
SETKEY.ZIP15988Dec 23 1987Sets function keys to text or Ext ASCII.
SETLOCK.ZIP1669Nov 9 1987Six programs to set/reset Num/Caps/Scroll Lock state.
SETPATH.ZIP1977Nov 10 1987Aids in setting your Path.
SETPTH14.ZIP13494Mar 28 1990Latest version of an excellent utility that will extend DOS's PATH beyond 127 bytes, and make it easier to change your PATH.
SETRAM.ZIP3240May 15 1990SetRAM -- A variable RAMdisk for your PC.
SETTINGS.ZIP3681Aug 27 1988Set keyboard states (Cap/num lock, etc.).
SFREAK.ZIP2862Aug 2 1989Variable DMA Refresh adjuster (ASM/COM/DOC files provided).
SHARC879.ZIP55285Mar 9 1989Shell for archive extraction v8.79.
SHEZ105.ZIP261715Dec 13 1994Release 10.5 of SHEZ. An excellent shell for ZIP, ARC, LZH, PAK, etc. New features include Pop-Up directory windows, display file date/size, sort by date, user specified alternate viewer, etc.
SHEZSH17.ZIP9719Nov 4 1994Shows how to get more out of the archive file shell SHEZ.
SHEZT.ZIP35987Oct 27 1992Tutorial for Shez Version 7.2 - makes it very clear how to configure and use this valuable compression program shell.
SHEZVIEW.ZIP6499Oct 15 1991An alternate viewer for Shez. Displays file according to it's extension.
SHOWCAPS.ZIP1899Dec 22 1986A program to display Caps Lock status.
SHOWLOGO.ZIP4015Mar 4 1986Create a screen that will show everytime you boot your system.
SHRCM874.ZIP12478Dec 29 1988Logitech mouse drivers for Sharc.
SHRINK.ZIP3518Jun 1 1988Program shrink COM files to save space, yet they run normally.
SHROM22D.ZIP21130Jan 13 1993"Shell Room" Memory Swapper. Swaps out entire application so that you can SHELL out to large programs. Works well.
SHUTDOWN.ZIP32379Apr 21 1991Searches your drives for files you worked on or changed today and makes a backup of them.
SIL2.ZIP7599Oct 14 1985Silence is dedicated to keeping your PC quiet.
SILENCE.ZIP2689May 13 1986TSR to control PC Speaker. Turn it ON and OFF.
SILENCR2.ZIP36833May 9 1989Silence programs for good! Version 2.0.
SIREN.ZIP841Sep 17 1989Simple little program that creates a siren-type noise.
SIREN13.ZIP7727Apr 17 1989Countdown Timer with Siren, good for long jobs, protocol transfers, etc.
SIT2.ZIP14975May 26 1989Modify master environment from a child process.
SLEDMOUS.ZIP4119Jul 4 1988Menu system for Logitech Mouse.
SLIM110A.ZIP34864Apr 4 1991Ram-resident file compressor/decompressor from Ireland. (Compare to DIET from Japan, or Cubit or SQZ.).
SLOWAT.ZIP3099Dec 4 1985Slows AT down for speed sens. prgms.
SLWDN.ZIP4583Apr 5 1986Simple resident routine that will slowdown the processor by a specified percentage. Includes complete ASM source code.
SMACS.ZIP24703Dec 10 1985Super Macro keyboard enhancer with screen capture.
SMALL2.ZIP36764Sep 30 1988Automatically repack ARC files - reclaim wasted space.
SMOOTH.ZIP12610Jan 9 1989Smooth file view utility.
SMRTPMPT.ZIP5902Oct 5 19903K TSR adds system info to your prompt: i.e., free RAM.
SMRTZP10.ZIP48596Aug 25 1989Utility to create the smallest ZIP file. Needs PKZ091 and PKZ101.
SN.ZIP13791Sep 5 1991Changes serial number of disks formatted under DOS version 4 or greater.
SNPSHT.ZIP44878Apr 5 1993SnapShot version 1.10 - A Software Installation Aid Utility. This program takes a snapshot of all the files and directories on your hard disk(s).
SOFTBOOT.ZIP732May 27 1990Very good warm and cold boot utilities.
SOFTCH.ZIP46188Aug 14 1986Define and use softkeys.
SPACE01.ZIP6685Mar 29 1988Determines the amount of space being used in a directory, or drive.
SPEAKER.ZIP5143Nov 9 1986A speaker device driver, control the speaker from DOS.
SPEEDER.ZIP2385Aug 18 1987Speed your PC up to 5% by altering the machine's RAM refresh rate. ASM source is included.
SPEEDKEY.ZIP1128Oct 29 1989SPEEDKEY is a cursor speed-up program that runs as a device driver.
SPKX.ZIP12581Nov 11 1987Shell for PKARC & PKXARC: "Point & Shoot".
SPRAY.ZIP2853Jul 27 1989Dumps entire ASCII contents of RAM to standard output. Salvage unsaved.
SQUISH.ZIP17750Sep 25 1989New Archive Utility. Checks for smallest file size between .ZIP and .LZH archives and creates smallest size in an .SQS archive file. Slow but very file space efficient.
SQZ1083E.ZIP96514Jan 24 1993SQZ is yet another file-compresser/archiver, but better. Resulting in small archive and rather ok compressing rate. 32 bits CRC both on files and SQZ itself.
SRAM200.ZIP22379Mar 16 1992Speed ram version 2.0. Speed up your system ram and improve system performance by up to 10 percent. Really works.
SRDSK204.ZIP70858May 19 1993Very nice RAM disk driver. Supports XMS, and can be resized.
SRT.ZIP15983Sep 23 1989A simple ASCII text file sorter. Limited by available memory. Includes complete C source code.
SSCRC.ZIP14186May 1 1988Computes a CRC on all your files. Good virus protection.
SSM210.ZIP17369Jan 29 1989Sector Scan and Modify Utility.
STACK26.ZIP50026Aug 31 1990Simple utility that allows you to pull up old commands that you gave DOS, and to assign keystrokes to your function keys.
STACKCMD.ZIP4305Jan 19 1993A simple way to stack internal DOS commands. C source code.
STAK.ZIP2950Aug 5 1989DOS command stack, does NOT disable DOS edit keys.
STELTH17.ZIP60063Sep 27 1993Archive converter. Converts all compressed files to any other format, also UPDATES PKZIP 1.1 and 2.0 "normal" files to 2.0 -EXTRA.
STEPRATE.ZIP4745Feb 20 1987Speed up your floppy drive.
STLTH65.ZIP100536Oct 9 1994The archive file converter.
STOPBOOT.ZIP1281Apr 16 1986Gives a Y/N before allowing a Ctrl/Alt/Del reboot.
STOPUTIL.ZIP4972Jul 2 1986Breakout of program even if the keyboard appears to be "Locked".
STOPWATC.ZIP8250May 15 1987Time dos command execution - great for speed testing.
STRIPZ13.ZIP13149Oct 16 1989Strips comment from ZIP files; now fixes date change problem.
STUFF40.ZIP79712Nov 8 1992Stuff It/Stuff Key v4.0 Enhanced TSR stuffs characters into keyboard buffer. Useful for eliminating nag screens, starting batch files & reboots at set times.
SU521.ZIP288013Aug 22 1992Survival Utilties 5.21. The ultimate in utilities. A library of 28 utilities, it can do nearly anything. From moving files, to diagnosing disks.
SUBMIT.ZIP11019Apr 16 1989Chain Dos commands. Enter all DOS commands, and then hit ENTER to run.
SUMACS.ZIP24703Dec 10 1985Create keyboard Macros - very good.
SUTL21.ZIP44816Apr 19 1992A collection of several small utilities, including calculators, modems, etc.
SW200MAR.ZIP17101May 13 1993A DOS Stop Watch utility 20KB.
SWAMPUTL.ZIP81876Jul 24 1992FLUSH - Remove TSRs; RFF - Recursive file find; RFFE - Recursive file find including erased files.
SWAPDO.ZIP33397Apr 25 1990SWAP utilities documentation version 1.70 for 8 files: SWDT17.ZIP SWMM17.ZIP SWMT17.ZIP SWNG17.ZIP SWSH17.ZIP SWSK17.ZIP SWSP17.ZIP SWTN17.ZIP. This utility set swaps to EMS, XMS or Disk to save DOS ram.
SWAPDOS.ZIP37727Feb 1 1990Allows a program to be swapped out of memory when you Drop-To-DOS.
SWAPPER.ZIP17001Apr 24 1990Save & Restore Int Vectors used by device drivers.
SWDT17.ZIP22376Apr 25 1990Swap PcTools Desk Top. Documentation is in SWAPDO.ZIP.
SWEEP.ZIP3507Oct 15 1985Applies any DOS Com to Entire HD (not TSR).
SWELL100.ZIP37061Jul 6 1989TSR swapping utility. Swaps out application when dropping to DOS. Allows large programs to be run, only takes up 9k.
SWMM17.ZIP19061Apr 25 1990Swap MemoryMate. Documentation is in SWAPDO.ZIP.
SWMT17.ZIP31840Apr 25 1990Swap LOTUS Metro. Documentation is in SWAPDO.ZIP.
SWNG17.ZIP18882Apr 25 1990Swap Norton Guides. Documentation is in SWAPDO.ZIP.
SWSH17.ZIP17124Apr 25 1990Swap PcTools Deluxe 6.0 Shell into expanded memory.
SWSK17.ZIP17057Apr 25 1990Swap original Side Kick. Documentation is in SWAPDO.ZIP.
SWSP17.ZIP19801Apr 25 1990Swap Side Kick Plus. Documentation is in SWAPDO.ZIP.
SWTN17.ZIP16741Apr 25 1990Swap Tornado Notes. Documentation is in SWAPDO.ZIP.
SYSLOG.ZIP18476Oct 13 1986Thorough computer time log.
SYSOPTED.ZIP27457Mar 25 1989Flexible boot system. Pick what you want in your config.sys, etc.
T2C203A.ZIP20768Nov 12 1987Convert any ASCII file to standard .COM or TSR .COM.
TAD.ZIP1929Mar 3 1985Sets an AT's real time clock using the current DOS date & time.
TAKETEST.ZIP7225Jan 14 1989A TSR that allows you to assign alias's for an group of DOS commands.
TAR.ZIP18893Jan 23 1991Unix like TAR tape utility for DOS.
TAR4DOS.ZIP38154Mar 21 1990Unix Tar utility that will run under DOS.
TASKER18.ZIP35390Aug 26 1993Tasker is an unattended program dispatcher. It will execute any program and parameters, or command line input (Copy, dir, ren, md, del *.*, etc.. ) at any prescheduled time.
TCLESS.ZIP28673Apr 24 1988Unix style file viewer program. Much better then standard DOS MORE, however not quite as good as LIST.
TCMV01.ZIP109044Aug 24 1992The Configuration Manager (TCM) is a suite of utilities designed to provide system access, boot, and configuration control while allowing multiple configurations for flexibility.
TCOPY.ZIP46215Sep 18 1989Provides for "unescorted" copying of diskettes. Will quickly format as it goes, and can make multiple copies.
TDSET2.ZIP2560May 29 1987Interesting way to set time & date if you don't have a clock card!.
TEE11.ZIP5639Aug 16 1988Tee output to standard output + file.
TIGERK.ZIP11190Jun 17 1987Nice little utility that will reprogram function keys.
TIMAD11B.ZIP50802Apr 10 1994Utility to correct PC clock drift.
TIMEBOOT.ZIP5079Aug 21 1989Time Boot is a very short utility that will reboot (restart) your computer at a specific time you set.
TIMEBRK.ZIP15476Dec 17 1987Break out of a locked DOS application.
TIMEIT.ZIP9424Apr 11 1989Timeit is a program that times the length of time a program requires to run. Microsoft C source included.
TIMELOG.ZIP13146Jul 3 1986Keep track of how long you are on computer.
TIMERUN3.ZIP10021Sep 23 1989TimeRun is a memory resident program which causes execution of one to ten DOS commands at some specified time in the future.
TLB-A231.ZIP170755Nov 7 1993The Last Byte memory manager, version 2.31, Makes more memory available by taking advantage of various manufacturers chips. Advanced utilties.
TLB-V231.ZIP224080Nov 7 1993The Last Byte manager, version 2.31, makes more memory avialable by taking advantage of various manufacturers chips.
TNT33.ZIP428105Aug 20 1993Tessler's Nifty Tools Ver. 3.3 - Recommended by Brian Livingston in Infoworld, August 30, 1993.
TO-CD.ZIP30019Jan 11 1990Like Norton's NCD.EXE, with C source.
TOASM11A.ZIP41291Sep 9 1989Disassembler for COM and EXE files.
TOLIST.ZIP2845Jan 23 1987TOLIST pipes standard output to the LIST file viewer by Buerg so you can use all of that program's features.
TPOWER.ZIP115768Mar 28 1991Updated versions of original Turbo Power Software Utilities. Includes: DIFF (difference finder), SDIR (directory finder), ROOT (file finder), REP (command repeater), RPL (pattern match and replace).
TRANSLAT.ZIP8741Dec 4 1986Translate from EBCDIC codes to ASCII.
TSPEED.ZIP4219Apr 16 1988Switch CPU speed of TURBO-XT machines from batch file or DOS prompt.
TSR47.ZIP45381Mar 25 1993TSR Utilities version 4.7 - DOS function key macro assignment and command line edit/recall, Base conversion calculator, Directory window for file view and execution, Calendar, Clock w/alarm, etc.
TSRBT21.ZIP39698Mar 31 1990Simple TSR that will reboot computer at a specified time.
TSRCOM35.ZIP75756Oct 21 1993Mark/Release/Mapmem utilities updated for DOS 6.0. Can load TSRs in upper memory blocks under DOS 6.
TSRMAKER.ZIP19953Sep 18 1987Convert text files to memory resident data.
TSRWRK31.ZIP85232Jan 21 1990Set of programs to manage TSR's (MARK, UNMARK, SHOWTSRS, etc.). Similiar to Turbo Power's excellent TSRCOM utilities.
TSTX.ZIP24643Dec 12 1991Newest Version of TST, makes any program a TSR. Uses only 1.5K of memory if high memory is available, 7K otherwise.
TSWITCH.ZIP1160Sep 17 1987Prevent read/write errors in Turbo mode.
TTCONV13.ZIP28587Jul 19 1993TTConvert 1.3 - A Mac Application to convert between Mac and Windows True Type. Requires UnStuffit to decompress on the Mac.
TURBOKEY.ZIP1951Sep 13 1985AT Keyboard Speedup Program - Works GREAT!!!.
TUTIL10.ZIP7020Feb 18 1992The Toton Utilities version 1.0. Several small, compact, and simple utilites. Most of them are TSR's. Includes TSR's to make a drive-light out of your scroll-lock LED and many more.
TVENT11.ZIP28995Jan 20 1989Allows for the timed execution of any program.
TWX49.ZIP23236Mar 19 1991This program will control an X-10 TW523 Two-Way control module.
TXT2COM3.ZIP12922Aug 30 1987Converts text files to COM executable files.
TYP.ZIP7712Jun 28 1985Good replacement for DOS Type command.
U-OPT.ZIP19818Jun 23 1984Utilitiy to modify/display floppy sectors.
U-UTILS.ZIP119334Jan 2 1986Collection of three file byte editors.
UC2INS.ZIP184510Jan 17 1994UltraCompressor II. This compression package offers better compression than PKZip 2.04. Compression time is generally slower, but decompression is faster.
UFDPV1.ZIP26980Feb 2 1988File dump, any base, by words or bytes.
UMBDVR22.ZIP38925Feb 20 1992Latest UMB driver v5.22, now supports Win386 Enhanced mode. This is a very clean upper memory driver which uses you CPUs internal chip set.
UMM03.ZIP15103Dec 16 1991UMM.SYS v0.3 - An Upper Memory Manager for MS-DOS. Includes ASM source code.
UN10.ZIP1596Apr 27 1989Batch file that will automate unzipping ZIP files.
UNARJ230.ZIP39241Jan 19 1992C source and EXE for UNARJ221. (No longer included in ARJxxx archive.)
UNCRASH.ZIP2862Feb 19 1986Break out of programs when CNTRL-C doesn't work.
UNDEL.ZIP2462Jan 24 1986Undelete deleted files. A must have utility.
UNFORMAT.ZIP30795May 8 1987Recover hard disk from an accidental or unwanted reformat; protect against Trojan programs, too.
UNLZEXE5.ZIP11865May 18 1990UNLZEXE converts the compressed file by LZEXE (Versions 0.90, 0.91) to the decompressed executable one. C source included.
UNP330.ZIP27275Apr 7 1994Uncompress most compressed .EXE/.COM programs. Uncompresses DIET, PKLITE, LZEXE, and a bunch of others. Small but works well.
UNPRO50.ZIP1016Dec 10 1991Unprotect DOS 5.0 password protected menus.
UNSIT1_1.ZIP86256Sep 21 1993Decompress .SIT (Mac) archives on MS-DOS. New version includes capability to handle archives with MacBin and AOL headers.
UNZ51.ZIP174994Feb 12 1994EXE of the compiled MSDOS version of UNZIP51.
UPDATE.ZIP78409Oct 26 1986Good Backup Program.
USE5.ZIP8379Jun 26 1991Add directory, or remove a directory from your PATH.
USED.ZIP5675Apr 1 1988Show the amount of storage used by files in a directory.
USEFUL.ZIP31518Oct 27 1986Various Useful Utility Programs written by various people.
USELOG.ZIP38848Jan 8 1985Log computer use.
UTILS.ZIP36879Dec 14 1986MSDOS utilities.
UU31.ZIP32657May 24 1994UUencode/decode for MAC and MS-DOS files.
UZ42_16E.ZIP87325Mar 20 1992Info-Zip's free unzip - bound for use under both DOS and OS/2 1.x/2.0.
VA3610.ZIP6046Sep 5 1989Archive Viewer. Fully redirectable, supports ZOO, LZH, ZIP, etc.
VACUMN.ZIP1056Mar 25 1988Copy text from FAT-damaged floppy.
VAMPIRE2.ZIP39200Jun 25 1987Copy PC/XT/AT ROMs to disk automatically.
VARISLOW.ZIP1764Jun 24 1986Slow Down AT's with Assembly source.
VEAL401.ZIP70622Oct 15 1989Latest version of an excellent set of DOS utilities by Craig Veal. There are a bunch of very useful utilities here.
VEC120.ZIP11348Apr 11 1992Volume Label Edit and Copy Utility - lower case labels & more.
VECTOR.ZIP4706Dec 24 1988Given number, returns interupt vector in hex.
VERBAK13.ZIP26997Jan 11 1987Verify your backups.
VEUM.ZIP28128Jan 28 1987Use harddisk space as EXPANDED memory!!.
VGACOPY5.ZIP185642Oct 6 1993VGA-Copy-Pro v.5.2 Fast one-pass-diskcopy and formatter for up to 2.88 MB incl. special formats like 1.74 MB on max. four physical drives, plays digital sounds on speaker/blaster, requires EGA/VGA and mouse.
VGARAM.ZIP7091Oct 15 1990Use VGA video card RAM for DOS use. You can use up to 96K of your VGA (and most EGA) card RAM to extend your DOS area above 640K.
VGREET.ZIP37166Nov 26 1989A visual and speaking greeting for the time of day. Works with CGA/EGA/VGA. Excellent sound quality, works through system speaker!.
VIEW10.ZIP19751Jan 3 1989Read files in RECORD mode. Quite good.
VIEW6X.ZIP10081Sep 3 1991View file names within ZIP/ARJ/LZH/ZOO/ARC/PAK without unpacking.
VIEWZIP.ZIP24871Dec 26 1992Small source code and .exe file that displays a zipfile and its contents. Something I tossed together (it looks it) but it does work. If anyone is interested in some info on zip files. Only lists filenames. No Unzipping
VIP-64A.ZIP85180Aug 29 1993VIP allows the ability to view a file from within a ZIP file and/or selectively extract files from within the zip.
VLRDISK.ZIP18217Sep 1 1988Excellent ram disk utility configure at run time and while running.
VMSUTIL.ZIP282887Nov 3 1989Collection of DOS utilities that use commands similiar to DEC's VMS.
VMUNZ.ZIP68527Dec 9 1989IBM VM/CMS mainframe UnZip routine.
VPRVSC.ZIP40357Dec 7 1993A working vesa driver for the Viper VLB 2 meg video card. Many more options than Diamond's driver. Works with FS5 and Links (tested). Diamond's does not work with that software.
VRAM20C.ZIP14523Mar 21 1987Use extended memory to emulate expanded memory.
VYNCH_2.ZIP67222Jun 5 1994Voynch -- easy to use, rock solid data encryption. C source included.
WAIT23.ZIP9637Dec 5 1988Run program at a predetermined time. Ver 2.3.
WAKEUP.ZIP1931Sep 20 1986Execute command at predetermined time.
WARP1.ZIP6574Jul 6 2023Changes year on the fly, allows running of "expired" programs.
WHATIS.ZIP4877Jun 29 1990This program will inform you what type of file you have.
WHATIS10.ZIP83681Oct 28 1993This utility will display the description file of a ZIP or ARJ file.
WHATIS12.ZIP9056Dec 11 1990Reveals what language a program is written in.
WHEN31.ZIP13670Sep 1 1990A TSR to automatically start a program at a specified time. Assumes that no other program is running at execution time. Includes ASM source.
WHOA.ZIP11495Jan 19 1988Excellent AT slowdown utility w/ASM source - interesting display.
WPFKEYS5.ZIP17606Jul 28 1988Lists Function Keys on line 25 of screen.
WPT.ZIP971May 9 1988Software write protect tab. Prevents writing to any floppy or even hard drive. Handy safty device to have.
X-DOS-17.EXE57728Oct 23 1989UnARC/UnZIP/UnLZH for DOS - NOT A SHELL! Self-extracting; ver 1.7.
X-DOS50.ZIP430222Jan 22 1992Xdos Verison 5.0 a MS-Dos 5.0 Clone, Exe's.
X10UTILS.ZIP122976Nov 22 1990A set of programs to control the X-10 home lighting control system. Automate your house with units purchased at Radio Shack, Hechinger or DAK.
X30.ZIP17009Feb 22 1991X.COM allows you to archive seldom-used .COM and .EXE files into a COMLIB (command library) file, and then quickly execute them with the X program.
XANADU.ZIP15152Mar 1 1987Assorted file utilities.
XARCPLUS.EXE16384Sep 2 1990The free unARC from ARC 7.0 (ARC 7.0 is now a commercial-only program).
XCHG_103.ZIP13714Mar 20 1989Convert any compression format to each other.
XDISK340.ZIP75040Jul 11 1992xDISK generates RAM disks in expanded memory and permits to vary the amount of memory allocated to the disk without rebooting the computer.
XDOS0993.ZIP892641Sep 7 1993"Extra DOS Toolkit" of over 50 DOS 6.0 compatible Utilities.
XDOSMAN.ZIP160349Dec 12 1991Xdos Version 5.0 a MS-Dos 5.0 Clone, Doc Files.
XMEM130.ZIP24561Aug 31 1990Extended/Expanded memory management software.
XMORE.ZIP14242Jul 30 1986Extension for DOS's MORE command.
XPANDISK.ZIP21455Oct 31 1988Adjustable ramdisk for use in EMS memory.
XRAY102.ZIP65418Feb 13 1992Mini shell to view contents of archived files. Can also view text files within the archived files. Requires the unarchivers and LIST.
XRAY105.ZIP8190Apr 11 1990XRAY is a filter program that displays text strings in binary files.
XRAY15.ZIP14067Feb 18 1990XRAY is a TSR which provides either a detailed report or a summary of exactly which DOS functins (including lots of undocumented ones) your program is making.
XRAY2.ZIP28968Aug 5 1987Debug editor/show memory usage onscreen.
XTOOLS20.ZIP236588Apr 22 1991Expert Tools for the DOS user -- similar to Norton utilities.
XTPRO-MS.ZIP1535Apr 20 1988Mouse driver for X-Tree Pro.
Z10.ZIP143086Jan 18 1989First release-complete "z" utils-like patriquin.
Z212DOS.ZIP137968Oct 21 1993ZiPSHoT 2.12 for DOS. Will speed anyones unarchiving needs. Must be seen to be belived. Uled by the author.
ZAP104.ZIP52369Apr 30 1991ZAP is a file editor for binary and other program and data files. Plus, ZAP can examine and modify computer memory.
ZARC.ZIP64354Sep 21 1993ZARC - Zip utility. Zip tagged files easily. Version 5 Has more features. You can easily create, update, freshen, or move files. Uses LIST to view text files.
ZC102.ZIP21932Mar 25 1991March 91 version of zip chunker allows you divide up any size zip file and place on any size disk.
ZC210.ZIP16039Aug 26 1990Zip Commentor V 2.10, an excellent zip commentor.
ZC300.ZIP91779Sep 17 1993Zip Chunker 3.00 - ZIP File Splitter. Zip Chunker splits and sizes all types of files, including ZIP files. Will split to a size to fit specific floppy format or to user determined size.
ZCM12.ZIP152817Mar 27 1992Zip Comment master 1.2.
ZFMAT.ZIP15674Jun 17 1988A fast disk formatter. Checks to see if disk has already been formatted with optional reformat. Only handles 360K and 1.2M disks. Complete Turbo C source code included.
ZFV12.ZIP68553May 11 1991A Zip File viewer that can be used as a standalone BBS door.
ZGREP21.ZIP19803Apr 17 1990ZGREP searches ZIP file packets for the filname you specify. Only searches for files, not text inside those files.
ZIP-EM10.ZIP14504Feb 23 1989Another ZIP conversion program.
ZIP20X.ZIP176138Sep 14 1993ZIP utility from Info-Zip Group, for MS-DOS. Freeware.
ZIPAL14.ZIP5944Sep 18 1990View, change, or delete comments in ZIP files. (New to 1.4: Better error traps).
ZIPART11.ZIP14356Sep 14 1990A utility that splits apart .ZIP files into smaller .ZIPs. Will not split individual files, and requires PKZIP/PKUNZIP. Very nice.
ZIPBR111.ZIP44076Apr 2 1994Brand .ZIPs in a whole directory quickly and safely. ZIP Brand Fast V1.11.
ZIPCRACK.ZIP12010Mar 4 1992A really neat program that finds the password for .zip files. Pretty fast too.
ZIPCVT17.ZIP7045Jan 27 1993Updates zip files from ver 1.10 to 2.04.
ZIPDATE.ZIP31512Apr 22 1989Set date of ZIP files to date of newest file inside the ZIP files.
ZIPDEL.ZIP21202Aug 20 1989Allows the user to delete all files contained in a .ZIP and keep only the .ZIP file. Turbo Pascal 5.0 source included.
ZIPDS11.ZIP8625Mar 4 1989Date Stamp your zip files with date of most current file in zip.
ZIPERA11.ZIP9728Mar 8 1989Zip erase utility.
ZIPFND10.ZIP22143Dec 5 1991Searches .ZIP Files for text. Uses the DOS FIND Command or a user specified find command.
ZIPFO201.ZIP35247May 2 1993ZIPFO - Zipped file info utility v2.01 - Quickly gives you the following info: The version of PKZIP used to ZIP the file, the uncompressed size, if the volume label was stored, if the subdirectories are stored, if MAX comp
ZIPGUN33.ZIP44555May 14 1990Makes using PKZIP and PKUNZIP much easier.
ZIPID12.ZIP8975Mar 7 1993ZIP Identifier v1.2 - Tells you if a ZIP was made by PKZIP 1.1 or 2.04.
ZIPID96B.ZIP33231May 2 1993Determine which version of PKZIP was used on a ZIP file.
ZIPKIT0A.ZIP117228Oct 11 1991New version of ZipKit updated for DOS 5.0.
ZIPLOGO3.ZIP47403Jun 11 1990Puts your message/logo at beginning of ZIP files.
ZIPMENU.ZIP33170Feb 11 1990A simple menu shell that helps when using PKZIP.
ZIPMR118.ZIP45644Apr 25 1993Zip Manager v1.18 - complete shell for PKZIP and PKUNZIP.
ZIPR15.ZIP56931Dec 26 1992ZIP'R v1.5 - Increases Hard Drive Space. The ZIP'R utility, used in combination with PKZIP, ARJ, or LHA, can automatically compress entire programs into a single compressed file, saving valuable hard drive space.
ZIPSPL11.ZIP14780Feb 8 1991Splits big ZIP files into smaller files.
ZIPTV218.ZIP13677Feb 18 1989ZIP file viewer designed as PCBoard BBS door.
ZIPV11.ZIP7187Feb 17 1989Verbose List of Zip File with TP source v1.1.
ZIPVINC.ZIP12070Feb 15 1989ZIP file viewer with C source code.
ZIPVU123.ZIP37322Mar 15 1991View and execute files within a ZIP file.
ZIPZP715.ZIP54131Jan 7 1992ZipZap 7.15 allows you to view and/or modify a file or disk sector by sector.
ZLOG11.ZIP180124Jul 28 1989Excellent Computer logging facility. Logs actual Computer usage.
ZLOG121.ZIP191489Feb 24 1990ZLOG is a log package for PC's. It logs everything that you have done on your computer. It even logs the time your PC was idle.
ZM35.ZIP135228Jan 7 1995ZipMaster V3.5 - By author of ArcMaster but this is now ZIP oriented. Lots of features in addition to ZIP file handling, very nice package.
ZMIZE130.ZIP8831Mar 6 1989Extract .ZIP files & re ZIP w/optimum compression.
ZOO210.ZIP55602Jul 9 1991Latest version of the ZOO arcer/unarcer.
ZOPT11.ZIP12778Mar 30 1989Version 1.1 of zip optimizer zip now beats PAK compression.
ZQ-700A.ZIP30203Mar 27 1989ZipQuik Ver. 7.06 converts all files in a directory to .ZIP format.
ZQ_706.ZIP32110Mar 27 1989ZIP QUICK convert files to ZIP format quickly.
ZRAY124.ZIP19142Dec 31 1990Select/View/Extract files from Zip files.
ZSIZE.ZIP42385Jun 29 1990ZIPSIZE will take any ZIP file and break it into smaller ZIPs no larger than the maximum size you specify.
ZT280.ZIP126715Oct 28 1993Zip Tool 2.80 - Zip file utility - split large zips into smaller, combine small zips into one, copy & move between zips.
ZTEC62C.ZIP69653Dec 7 1992The Zip Terminus 6.2C : Menu/Front End for PKZIP archiver and it's associated files.
ZV112.ZIP20590Sep 9 1989ZIP View 1.12. ZIP file directory lister for viewing contents of ZIP files, including self-extracting files.
ZV21.ZIP39812Jun 16 1992Zip View 2.1 will list the members of an archive ZIP, ARJ, LZH etc. Will also re-date the archive to newest date of member file.
ZZ201.ZIP12771May 26 1991From Hungary, this ZIPfile utility does file handling chores on ZIPfiles in ZIPed form, without unZIPing them.
ZZAP66A.ZIP107479Jan 5 1993Easy conversion between PKZip 1.1 and 2.04. Automatically Zips and Rezips.