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EZFORMAT V3.0. A complete and excellent floppy disk formatter.
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EZFORMAT V3.0. A complete and excellent floppy disk formatter.
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Contents of the READ.ME file

Easy Format 3.00 "READ.ME" File


Version 3.00

" R E A D . M E " F I L E

Copyright (c) 1988,1989,1990 by Falk Data Systems.
All Rights Reserved.

Please feel free to copy the Easy Format package and pass it out
to your friends and associates. We not only don't mind if you do,
we encourage you to pass it out. What better testimony to the
usefulness of a product, than the word-of-mouth (or disk)
advertising by the people who actually use the product. If you
like it, chances are, your friends will too.

The only requirement is that you pass it out as a complete package
- including the documentation files and executable programs - and
that you don't alter or modify any part of the package in any way.
Please refer to the Easy Format User's Guide for complete details.

The Easy Format User's Guide is in the text file called
"EzManual.TXT". The User's Guide contains important information
which will help you to get the most out of the Easy Format
package. We highly recommend that you print out a copy for future


The Easy Format User's Guide is ready to print. For your
convenience, page breaks and margins are already included.
The left margin is slightly larger, leaving you plenty of
room to punch holes and insert the manual into a notebook or
binder. EzManual.TXT is properly set up for most printers.
Ideally, it should be printed in a 10 character-per-inch
font. Proportionally spaced fonts are not recommended. The
User's Guide is 73 pages long.


Easy Format 3.00 "READ.ME" File Page 1 of 2

Easy Format 3.00 "READ.ME" File

Registration and order forms may be found on the last three pages
of EzManual.TXT.

You may use standard DOS commands to print the Easy Format User's
Guide. The following information provides instructions for
several ways of printing the User's Guide.

Using the DOS "PRINT" program to print the manual in the


Using the DOS "COPY" command:


Using the DOS "TYPE" command:


Easy Format is a very flexible and powerful program. To get the
most out of Easy Format, you should take a few minutes to read the
User's Guide. The User's Guide is easy to read and very thorough.

Easy Format is NOT a public domain program. It is Copyright (c)
1988,1989,1990 by Falk Data Systems.

Easy Format is distributed on a try-before-you-buy basis. If you
use the software after the evaluation period, you must purchase it
from Falk Data Systems.

Becoming a registered user is NOT optional. If you use the
product for more than 30 days you must become a registered user.
Using the product for more than 30 days without registering is a
violation of federal copyright laws.

Becoming a registered user comes with an impressive list of
additional benefits and opportunities. Please refer to the User's
Guide for complete information regarding how to become a
registered user, and the benefits of doing so.

Thank you for using Easy Format. We believe that you will find it
to be easy to use, and fun too! Happy formatting!

Falk Data Systems
5322 Rockwood Court
El Paso, Texas 79932

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