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Sets function keys to text or Ext ASCII.
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Sets function keys to text or Ext ASCII.
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Setkey allows you to set the Function keys to a message of your choice or
to an extended ASCII character. This is primarily for use in DOS as many
programs (including most editors) take over the Function keys for purposes
of their own. Setkey also restores the function keys to their original
meaning when other settings are no longer needed.

To use the program, you must have ANSI.SYS installed. To install ANSI.SYS,
put a copy of ANSI.SYS in your root directory. Create a text file called
CONFIG.SYS with the statement DEVICE=ANSI.SYS or add this statement
to your CONFIG.SYS file if it already exists. After that, each time you
reboot the system, ANSI.SYS will be installed.
To run the program, simply type SETKEY at the DOS prompt. You will
be offered a selection of restoring the keys to their original meaning,
setting the keys as you want or exiting the program.

1. Restoring the keys to their original meaning.

You can restore all Function keys, the unshifted keys, the shifted keys,
the control keys, the Alt keys or an individual key. This allows you to
quickly reset as many keys as you want without tampering with the user
settings that you wish to preserve.

2. Setting the keys

You are offered a choice of setting a key to a text message or to an
extended ASCII character. You may run into occasional situations in
which you must type the same text over and over. For example, when
copying files you may need to type a long path description such as


a number of times. Simply take over one of the function keys with this
messsage to save a lot of effort. By setting keys to extended ASCII
characters, you can create files with names like ky . This
makes it difficult for anyone to access your files without a program
like this. For your convenience, Setkey will display a table of the
extended ASCII characters.

** NOTICE **
Setkey is provided AS IS with no warranty express or implied.
While every effort has been made to thoroughly debug Setkey, no
responsibility will be assumed for damages related to using this
program. If you have a problem with Setkey, please feel free to
write to the address below and describe the situation.

This program is distributed as Shareware. You may use, copy or distribute
Setkey so long as:
1. No fee is charged, except for reasonable copying
fees, not to exceed $6 US per disk.

2. The program and its accompanying documentation are
distributed together without modification.

3. The program is not distributed as part of a
commercial package without prior written
permission from the author.

If you find this program to be useful, please consider a contribution of
$10 (or any amount) to help support the developement of such software.
Donations will be welcomed at:

George V. Wilson
3932 Lincolnshire St.
Annandale, VA 22003

Copywrite 1987 George V. Wilson All rights reserved.

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