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CopyQM is a utility which reads a master diskette and produces verified copies of the master. CopyQM formats, copies and verifies all DOS formats and features multiple drive "round robin" operation with automatic drive-re
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CopyQM is a utility which reads a master diskette and produces verified copies of the master. CopyQM formats, copies and verifies all DOS formats and features multiple drive “round robin” operation with automatic drive-re
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Contents of the READ.ME file

CopyQM Version 3.12 (COPYQ312.ZIP)

Distribution Information

December, 1993


CopyQM is a diskette duplicating program that, since its introduction in
1987, has set the standard for PC duplication software. This program is
by far Sydex's most popular, though we do offer a complete line of programs
related to diskette duplication and conversion. Call us if you have a
special need.

CopyQM reads a master diskette and formats, writes and verifies duplicates
of the master diskette. Copying can be performed on up to six drives in
a single session; copies are written on only one drive at a time.
"No Hands" operation is featured--after you've started things, you needn't
touch the keyboard again; just insert diskettes in drives as needed.

In addition to the basic operating mode, CopyQM features the following:

1. Conversion between different formats. Unlike competing
products which just copy the same format to different
drives, CopyQM actually rebuilds the diskette format to
match the drive. It's possible to convert from a 360K
format to a 1.44M format. And you wind up with 1.44M
worth of diskette space.

2. Support of image files. An image file created by CopyQM
is a complete description of the information on a diskette.
You can enter a comment to be included (registered version).
The image file is checksummed with a 32-bit CRC.

3. Copies Mac HD and DOS diskettes with no special processing.
Will copy most PC-readable diskettes regardless of format
with the "Blind" option.

4. "SMART" mode will format diskettes only when needed.

5. Faster copying by copying only active data--the empty area
on a partially-filled diskette is not copied.

6. "Plus version" includes serial numbering facility, insertion
of copy-protection information, diskette maintenance utility,
self-extracting image files and more.

7. Menu or command-line interface with complete on-line help.

8. Choice of direct hardware access or use of BIOS routines.

CopyQM is shareware and you are authorized to examine this trial copy for
up to 30 days after receipt. If you decide that you'd like to continue
using it, you must register with us. We'll send you a registered copy of
CopyQM with full file commenting enabled, along with a utility to insert
comments into image files that you may already have created.

Registration with Sydex includes full perpetual update privleges; you can
download an updated registered version for the price of a phone call to our
BBS. To register, just mail a filled-out order form with your payment to:

Sydex, Inc.
P.O. Box 5700
Eugene, OR 97405

Or call us at:

(503) 683-6033 (voice)
(800) 43-SYDEX (VISA/MC Orders only)
(503) 683-1622 (FAX)
(503) 683-1385 (BBS)

Our hours are 9 AM to 5 PM PST, Monday through Thursday.

You should have the following files in this archive or diskette:

CQMENU.EXE CopyQM Menu driver
CINSTALL.EXE CopyQM Installation program
VIEWCONF.EXE Configuration viewer
COPYQM.DOC Documentation for CopyQM
CHINDOC.EXE Chinese-language help for CopyQM
DBCS.DOC Notes for users of DBCS display codes
PLUS.DOC Description of CopyQM Plus and SyDupe
VIRUS.DOC A note on virus indications in CQ 3.0x
WHATS.NEW Feature update list
READ.ME This file

Run the CINSTALL program to install CopyQM on your system. You can print
the documentation files by copying them to your printer, but you may want
to save some paper and register your CopyQM--we supply printed documentation
with all orders.


Shareware distributors are free to distribute unregistered copies of CopyQM,
but are not authorized to change, edit, delete or modify any file contained


All products and documentation here are

Copyright 1987 - 1993
Sydex, Inc.
P.O. Box 5700
Eugene, OR 97405

and may not be sold or licensed without the express permission of Sydex.

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