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File encrypt/decrypt system using DES, RSA (public key), Playfair or Vernam encryption methods. Uses prime numbers of up to 500 digits. Version 4.1a.
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File encrypt/decrypt system using DES, RSA (public key), Playfair or Vernam encryption methods. Uses prime numbers of up to 500 digits. Version 4.1a.
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DECRYPT.BAT 128 70 deflated
DEMO.BAT 3328 1221 deflated
ENCRYPT.BAT 128 70 deflated
INSTALL.BAT 384 232 deflated
IRIS.DAT 524 350 deflated
IRIS.EXE 130344 60662 deflated
IRIS.HLP 118784 30921 deflated
KEYS.DAT 1553 870 deflated
LOCK.DOC 1664 791 deflated
LOCK.EXE 13392 9018 deflated
MERLIN.DOC 4480 1872 deflated
MERLIN.EXE 51238 30420 deflated
OZY.TXT 768 393 deflated
READ.ME 3200 1324 deflated
REGISTER.DOC 4864 1430 deflated
SWIFT.MSG 640 288 deflated

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Contents of the READ.ME file




IRIS implements data encryption using RSA, DES, VERNAM, PLAYFAIR, BAZERIES,

MERLIN implements the DOS 'copy' function but with DES encrypted output.

LOCK implements a simple session lock facility, preventing unauthorised
use of a PC while the user is absent.

Distribution Disk

The IRIS distribution disk contains the following files:

IRIS.EXE - The PC-IRIS program
IRIS.HLP - On-line help file
IRIS.DAT - Permanent default file
KEYS.DAT - Sample cipher key file
ENCRYPT.BAT - A quick interface to IRIS for file encryption
DECRYPT.BAT - A quick interface to IRIS for file decryption
READ.ME - Last minute notes / revisions
REGISTER.DOC - Registration details and order form
DEMO.BAT - DES encryption and MAC demonstration
OZY.TXT - Text file used by demo
SWIFT.MSG - Text file used by demo
INSTALL.BAT - Installation procedure
MERLIN.EXE - Encrypting COPY clone
MERLIN.DOC - Ascii documentation for MERLIN
LOCK.EXE - Session lock facility
LOCK.DOC - Ascii documentation for LOCK


The INSTALL procedure will create a directory '\IRIS', and copy the required
files into it. The command format is:
INSTALL source-drive target-drive

If you have a hard disk C:, load your distribution diskette in Drive A:,
and issue the command: A:INSTALL A C

If you are using a twin floppy machine, just copy the distribution diskette,
store the distribution as backup and use the copy as-is.

We recommend that you modify AUTOEXEC.BAT to include C:\IRIS in the PATH, if
you choose not to include C:\IRIS in the PATH, then you will have to CD \IRIS
before you run IRIS.

The ENCRYPT and DECRYPT batch files

ENCRYPT.BAT and DECRYPT.BAT provide an quick interface to IRIS for DES file
encryption and decryption. Usage is thus:

ENCRYPT filename DES-key or DES-keyphrase

DECRYPT filename DES-key or DES-keyphrase

ENCRYPT ozy.txt 43-23-F9-C2-55-7E-1F-B3
DECRYPT ozy.txt 43-23-F9-C2-55-7E-1F-B3

ENCRYPT ozy.txt bewaretheidesofmarch
DECRYPT ozy.txt bewaretheidesofmarch

Release notes

The release notes for IRIS are available via the on-line help, under help
topics 'v4.1_release', 'v4.0_release' and 'v3.7_release'.


Documentation is provided in the form of the on-line help system. The help
file, IRIS.HLP, is not printable. To create a printable documentation file,
issue the IRIS command HELP /EXTRACT. This will create the file IRIS.DOC,
which may be printed via the usual DOS commands.


Registration details may be found via the on-line help under 'registration'
and also in the file 'REGISTER.DOC'.

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