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Optimize floppy usage, copy frm HD, w/C src.
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Optimize floppy usage, copy frm HD, w/C src.
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Contents of the FILL.DOC file

FILL - program to fill floppies from a hard disk.

FILL [-q] source-path [source-path] [source-path...] destination-path

-q specifies quiet mode. Files that already exist on the destination-path
will be overwritten without comment. FILL normally informs you if it is
about to overwrite a file.

Dave Rand
72 Longfellow St
Thousand Oaks, CA 91360


Have you ever had 1-2 meg of 'old' files on your hard disk?
You can't bear the thought of erasing them, but copying that much data
to floppies is SUCH a pain. Arranging the files so that they fit on
the floppies without wasting space is also a problem. So... why not
have the computer do it for you!

Thus was born FILL! FILL copies files from one path to another, without
causing problems. It operates much like the familiar COPY command, but
automatically determines the available space on the destination device.
As well, it arranges the files on the floppies so that a minimum of space
is wasted.

Let's look at a real life example how to use FILL. Here is a directory
on my system that I want to put on floppies so I can reclaim the space.

21:40:19 P:DS.COM PC-MODE
DS - Dave Rand, Version 1.4 Thu May 29 03:13:45 1986

Directory/File Size % Used Files
TRANSE.DOC 20K 1.41 1
DT115.ARC 26K 1.82 1
MDM840.ARC 58K 4.12 1
ATO.ARC 87K 6.16 1
MODEM901.ARC 91K 6.48 1
KMD081.ARC 109K 7.73 1
PROCOM24.ARC 136K 9.70 1
PROCOM23.ARC 207K 14.74 1
YAMDEM.ARC 220K 15.68 1
\YAM 451K 32.16 14
Total 1402K 100.00 23

Lots of files, and lots of K. This won't even fit on a high-density floppy!
Let's use FILL to handle this:

C>fill *.* yam\*.* b:
362496 bytes remaining. Copying yamdem.arc to b:yamdem.arc.
137216 bytes remaining. Copying kmd081.arc to b:kmd081.arc.
25600 bytes remaining. Copying transe.doc to b:transe.doc.
Please mount new disk on b:, 6 files (602K) left to copy.
Press Enter to continue.
362496 bytes remaining. Copying procom23.arc to b:procom23.arc.
150528 bytes remaining. Copying procom24.arc to b:procom24.arc.
Please mount new disk on b:, 4 files (260K) left to copy.
Press Enter to continue.
362496 bytes remaining. Copying modem901.arc to b:modem901.arc.
269312 bytes remaining. Copying ato.arc to b:ato.arc.
180224 bytes remaining. Copying mdm840.arc to b:mdm840.arc.
120832 bytes remaining. Copying dt115.arc to b:dt115.arc.
94208 bytes remaining. Copying yam\boss.arc to b:boss.arc.
14336 bytes remaining. Copying yam\demophon.t to b:demophon.t.
Please mount new disk on b:, 12 files (358K) left to copy.
Press Enter to continue.
362496 bytes remaining. Copying yam\umanh.hlp to b:umanh.hlp.
176128 bytes remaining. Copying yam\yamdemo.exe to b:yamdemo.exe.
50176 bytes remaining. Copying yam\yamdemo.doc to b:yamdemo.doc.
30720 bytes remaining. Copying yam\yhp.exe to b:yhp.exe.
15360 bytes remaining. Copying yam\cisnodes.lst to b:cisnodes.lst.
3072 bytes remaining. Copying yam\muc-do to b:muc-do.
1024 bytes remaining. Copying yam\rev to b:rev.
Please mount new disk on b:, 5 files (8K) left to copy.
Press Enter to continue.
362496 bytes remaining. Copying yam\cdemo to b:cdemo.
354304 bytes remaining. Copying yam\callog to b:callog.
353280 bytes remaining. Copying yam\local.t to b:local.t.
352256 bytes remaining. Copying yam\rxlog to b:rxlog.
351232 bytes remaining. Copying yam\newphone.t to b:newphone.t.


Nothing to it!

FILL makes this job easy. Note that it is not limited to just floppies,
but may also be used for removable hard disks, and other devices. If all
the files specified will fit on the existing free space, FILL will just
copy them over and terminate without asking for a new disk.



FILL has a limitation in that no more than 1024 files can exist in any given
subdirectory. If you have more than this number of files, FILL will ignore all
past the first 1024. This limit can be expanded by altering the supplied
source code and recompiling.

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