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Reset the computer clock only twice a year.
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Reset the computer clock only twice a year.
File Name File Size Zip Size Zip Type
DST-MGR.DOC 1091 594 deflated
DST-MGR.EXE 36654 25760 deflated
FALL.BAT 77 76 deflated
SPRING.BAT 86 86 stored

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Contents of the DST-MGR.DOC file

DST-MGR 1.00 Copyright (C) 1991 by Richard P.Klein - All rights reserved.

Daylight Savings Time Manager

This program is designed to run certain functions only on the day the
clocks change. This will allow you to swap configurations programs that
are used to synchronize your computer with the Naval Observatory.

This program when executed without command line options call as a default:

SPRING.BAT on the last Sunday in April.
FALL.BAT on the last Sunday in October.

Command line options:

1) Enter alternate filename of process (batch.file) to call.
DST-MGR richard.bat

2) Help

This program will call richard.bat rather than the default SPRING.BAT or

This program is released into the Public Domaine.

Richard Klein

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