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ZIP file viewer designed as PCBoard BBS door.
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ZIP file viewer designed as PCBoard BBS door.
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Contents of the ZIPTV.DOC file

Z i p T V

Version 1.0, 18-Feb-89

Online Zipfile Text View/Extract Module


Copyright (C) 1989 Samuel H. Smith; ALL RIGHTS RESERVED

This program is supported by:

The Tool Shop BBS
Phoenix, AZ
(602) 264-3969 (HST)
(602) 279-2673 (HAYES 9600)

'ZIPTV' is a small zipfile text-view utility. It allows you to
directly list out text files in a zipfile without first extracting them.
This version is compatible with network filesharing. It is based on the
zipfile text-view function in ProDOOR. Run ZIPTV without parameters
for a summary of command syntax.

This utility can be used as a simple DOOR in systems that can provide
one or more filespecs for zipfile viewing.

This utility is compatible only with PKware PKZ090.EXE and later file

ziptv [-Pport] [-Tminutes] FILE[.zip] ... FILE [OUT]

-Pn Enables com port COMn and monitors carrier.
Local operation allowed with -P0.

-Tn Allows user to stay in program for n minutes.

Example PCBVIEW.BAT for PCBoard 14.0 (dos 3.3 and later)
@ziptv -p1 %1 >pcbview.txt

Example PCBVIEW.BAT for PCBoard 14.0 (dos 3.2 and earlier)
echo off
ziptv -p1 %1 >pcbview.txt

Example PROD.CNF for ProDoor 2.9 (2-18-89 and later)
; Archive manipulation commands
; list members, text to stdout, xtract file to file, test, rearc
ziptv -p$N$ -t$TIME$
pkunzip -c
pkunzip -t
.ZIP has errors!

Revision history

Initial alpha test release. Not all compression methods are implemented.

The 'unshrink' procedure is now working partially. It stops when the
'partial clear' code is received (this happens after about 30k of
text has already been seen). This version of ziptv is probably good
enough for general use. Look for a fix to this last unshrink bug in
the next week.


SourceWare: What is it?

SourceWare is my name for a unique concept in user supported

Programs distributed under the SourceWare concept always offer
complete source code.

This package can be freely distributed so long as it is not
modified or sold for profit. If you find that this program is
valuable, you can send me a donation for what you think it is
worth. I suggest about $20.

Send your contributions to:
Samuel. H. Smith
5119 N. 11 ave 332
Phoenix, Az 85013

Why SourceWare?

Why do I include source code? Why isn't the donation
manditory? The value of good software should be self-evident.
The source code is the key to complete understanding of a
program. You can read it to find out how things are done. You
can also change it to suit your needs, so long as you do not
distribute the modified version without my consent.


If you modify this program, I would appreciate a copy of the
new source code. I am holding the copyright on the source
code, so please don't delete my name from the program files or
from the documentation.


I work very hard to produce a software package of the highest
quality and functionality. I try to look into all reported
bugs, and will generally fix reported problems within a few

Since this is user supported software under the SourceWare
concept, I don't expect you to contribute if you don't like it
or if it doesn't meet your needs.

If you have any questions, bugs, or suggestions, please contact
me at:
The Tool Shop BBS
(602) 264-3969 (HST 9600)
(602) 279-2673 (HAYES 9600)

The latest version is always available for downloading.

Enjoy! Samuel H. Smith
Author and Sysop of The Tool Shop.

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