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EDCON PRO v2.10 - Edit/View your CONFIG.SYS and AUTOEXEC.BAT side by side on the same screen.

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and AUTOEXEC.BAT, side by side on the same
screen. Up to 200 lines of text with up to
128 char's in each, for both files. Built in
screen blanker with time and date. The
quick and easy way to get the job done.

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EDCON PRO v2.10 – Edit/View your CONFIG.SYS and AUTOEXEC.BAT side by side on the same screen.
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Contents of the EDCON.DOC file

Version 2.10

Copyright (C) 1993 by Guy Hunter

All Rights Reserved

--- Introduction --------------------------

Have you ever wished that you could see both your config.sys and
autoexec.bat files at the same time on the same screen? Well now
you can, with EDCON PRO.

--- What it is ? --------------------------

EDCON PRO is a double editor that will show you, let you edit,
save back to the source, and even print the files. The editors
have full line insert, delete, page up, page down, and line scroll.
Each line can be a length of 128 characters and system will now
read up to 200 lines in both config and the autoexec files.
Options allow printing of both files. With the new added INI file,
the system can be configured to read the two files from anywhere on
the system. c:,a:,e:etc. You could even use it on other files, such
as your WIN.INI, SYSTEM.INI, OS/2 config, etc. As long as they fit
the 128 characters and 200 lines limit. These limits can be changed
under custom orders. EDCON PRO has a screen saver system, and
on line help.

--- Installation --------------------------

IBM-PC or compatible MS-DOS machine is all that is needed.
Dos 3 & up. The program is menu driven and easy to use
without referring to the documentation. All that is needed
is to place the files in the subdirectory you wish, edit the
EDCON.INI file and run EDCON.

--- License Terms --------------------------

This version of EDCON and associated files may be freely distributed
provided that the entire package is made available and only a reasonable
copying fee is charged. This version is fully functional and has no
opening screen or other annoying traits. It is labeled as UNREGISTERED.
Registration allows the individual to use the one copy any way they see
fit. Site license users may, of course, use as many copies as specified
in their license. If there is any question about multiple machines or
users, the "like-a-book" rule applies: It should be impossible for more
than the registered number of copies to be used simultaneously.

--- Registration --------------------------

Registration of EDCON PRO is $ 10.00. If you find that you can not
afford this price, and do need to use it, A gift to you from me.

The installation of the Registration Key is quite simple. Just press
and hold the shift key immediately after you start EDCON and a panel
will pop up and show you the registration info and provide a place to
put your name and the number. Remember, the Name and Number must be
exact as on the registration form received, and it is case sensitive.

--- Screens & Keys -------------------------

The TAB KEY will move you from FILE to FILE.
UP and DOWN ARROW KEYS will move up and down lines.
LEFT and RIGHT KEYS allows EDIT within the lines.

INSERT and DELETE KEYS operate to edit the lines.
END KEY takes you to the END of line.
HOME KEY back to START of the line.
* PGDN key will go forward by 20 lines.
* PGUP key will go back by 20 lines.
ALT C will clear the line at cursor.
* ALT F will take you to the top of File.
* ALT T will take you to the top of page.
* ALT B will take you to the Bottom of page.
* ALT E will take you to the next open line.
* ALT P will give you a print out of both files.
You will have an option to place a form feed between files.
F1 KEY will provide on line help.
F2 KEY will save the files back to the DISK, Then EXIT.
F5 KEY will insert a line at the cursor.
F6 KEY will delete a line at the cursor.
ESCAPE KEY will EXIT program without a SAVE.

* Denotes new features

Comments, suggestions, bug reports, Registrations, I can be reached at


1:110/269 FIDO
Hunter's Point BBS. 513-233-0807
Any thoughts and improvements may be dropped here.

--- Disclaimer ------------------------

I am not responsible for anything you claim this program does to
your computer, it is not guaranteed to do anything except take up
disk space! Bottom line - "You use at your own Risk". I do not
like that line anymore than you do, but some times you just have
to do what needs to be done. I have tested EDCON on a large variety
of MS-DOS machines and all works well, including an OS/2 box. If
you see anything out of the ordinary, drop a note in the mail or
call my BBS and leave me a note. I will resolve it.

Real bottom line here is - Thanks for trying
EDCON and I hope you can get some use of it.

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