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This is a utility that will attempt to make your real-time clock more accurate. Works with both XT's and AT's.
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This is a utility that will attempt to make your real-time clock more accurate. Works with both XT’s and AT’s.
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Contents of the FIXTIME.DOC file

Fixtime Version 1.0

Fixtime is Copyright 1989 by Michael Hutchinson, and may be used
free of charge. The author will not be liable for incidental,
consequential or any other mayhem that may be directly or indirectly
caused by this program or its use, and issues no warranty, express or
implied, for its suitability or fitness for any purpose.
(but it works for me.)

Fixtime is designed to compensate for inaccuracy in the on-board
real-time clock on AT-type machines. It should work on PC/XT machines
with clock cards, but the clock card must be set from the system time by
use of the appropriate software. It operates by adjusting the clock
by a fixed amount when it is run. It is smart enough so that it will
only adjust the clock once per day, even if run many times a day. I
run it from my autoexec.bat file. If you do not run the program for
several days it will "catch up" by adjusting by the appropriate amount.

The program can take two parameters - /c : calibrate program
paramters must be lower-case /d : display parameters

To calibrate the program you will need to set the clock accurately,
writing down the time, then wait several days. I suggest waiting at
least 10 days get an accurate calibration. After this period write
down the system time and actual time. Run Fixtime /c and answer the
prompts. It is not neccesary to set and check the time at the same
time of day, the calibration routine takes different times of day into
account. The program will calculate the number of seconds error per
day, and a further adjustment at a minimum 10-day interval to account
for any fractional second inaccuracy.

The program does not adjust the time until the day after it is calibrated.

Note that the program needs to write to itself to update internal
variables. It should be run under DOS 3.x or greater so that it can
find its .exe file. It may run under DOS 2.x if run from the current

Please address any comments/bug reports to me at

Michael Hutchinson: Compuserve 75036,2747

Geneal BBS,
Durham NC (919) 471-6026

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