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TOLIST pipes standard output to the LIST file viewer by Buerg so you can use all of that program's features.
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TOLIST pipes standard output to the LIST file viewer by Buerg so you can use all of that program’s features.
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Documentation for TOLIST Page 1
See the end of the file for information about the programs


TOLIST pipes standard output to LIST, so you can use all of
that program's features.




LIST is a very flexible file viewing program which lets you
browse forward and backwards within a file by screen page or by
line number, search in a file for a text string, change from an
ASCII display to a hex dump and back again and many other
operations. All versions of LIST whose ARC files start with
LIST60, and perhaps some earlier versions, allow a "/s" command
line switch, which says, "Use standard input." TOLIST is a
trivial program which automates that process.

TOLIST exists in two forms, TOLIST.BAT and TOLIST.PCD. Once
they are set up, you can use them in exactly the same way. For
TOLIST.BAT, just be sure that it is in your default directory or
else on your PATH. TOLIST.PCD requires PCED; if you have it,
then just type "ced load tolist.pcd". If you like it, then use
the PCED SAVE command to save it with your other synonyms.

There is no fool-proof way to find out if a program uses
standard output. DIR and other commands from DOS do, as does
DEBUG. If the program's instructions say that you can redirect
its output, then it does. If it writes to the screen very
quickly, it probably does not. Otherwise, all you can do is try
it. In particular, unredirected standard output and standard
error will look exactly the same.


Here are the ways I have used TOLIST so far.

You want to see what is in BIGFILE.ARC. "arcv bigfile"
scrolls off the screen. Use "tolist arcv bigfile". Inside it,
you find several files with extension .DOC. Use
"tolist arce bigfile *.doc /p" to list them to the screen.

Documentation for TOLIST Page 2
See the end of the file for information about the programs

If you prefer, in the last situation you could use
"tolist pkxarc /v bigfile" and "tolist pkxarc /c bigfile *.doc".

You want to see the ASCII strings in BIGFILE.COM. Use
"tolist scan".


Almost all bulletin boards have LIST. The current version

PCED is the commercial version of CED10D.ARC. TOLIST needs
replaceable command line parameters (%1, %2, etc.). CED10D
doesn't have this feature, but PCED does. PCED has a lot else,
and I can recommend it strongly. It is available from:
The Cove Software Group
Post Office Box 1072
Columbia, Maryland 21044
(301) 992-9371.
The documentation for CED10D.ARC, which is the last public domain
version, says, "The introductory price (through March 1, 1986)
will be $35.00 plus $2.50 shipping and handling (Maryland
residents add sales tax)."

My source for ARCV was ARCV116.ARC. Most bulletin boards
have at least ARCV115.ARC. I have not tested that earlier
version, but I would guess that it writes to standard output too.

Vern Buerg added the "/p" switch, which tells ARCE to write
to standard output, in Version 2.08. Versions 2.09 fixed a bug
with /p, and 2.10 fixed another bug in the output specification.
As a result, I suggest that you use ARCE from ARCE210.ARC or
later. I would guess that it will be available on most bulletin
boards soon if it isn't already.

Documentation for TOLIST Page 3
See the end of the file for information about the programs

My source for PKXARC was PKX34A.COM. Some bulletin boards
have it as PKX34A20.COM. In either case, run the program and it
unpacks itself into PKXARC.COM, PKXARCJR.COM and PKARC.COM and
some DOC files. This is not the place to go into the controversy
about PKARC. If you want to ARC files, rather than just use
files other people have ARCed, you should download the files
discussing it and file DISSQASH.PAT to conform your copy to
standard ARCing. In addition, you should probably find and
download file PKPATCH.DOC, which fixes a problem with the DOS

environment size and PKARC. There are earlier versions of
PKXARC, which I have not tested, but which I would guess also
write to standard output.

My source for SCAN was SCAN12.ARC. The Boss Bulletin Board
calls the identical file SCAN3.ARC.

Lew Paper

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