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Simple utility that will reboot your computer. C source included.
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Simple utility that will reboot your computer. C source included.
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Contents of the READ.ME file

Name: reboot

reboot [-c]


Reboot does just what the name implies and forces a reboot of
the system. The "-c" option causes a "cold" reboot and no option or an
illegal option triggers the default "warm" reboot.

Why reboot the system under programmatic control? Suppose you
have a batch file that has to reconfigure the CONFIG.SYS or
AUTOEXEC.BAT? You could do this and through this program reboot the
system to make your new environment take effect. What follows is an
example use of this feature.


****************** Autoexec.1 *************************

@echo off
REM This is the normal autoexec file that is used under normal
REM circumstances.


REM Invoke our menu program

**************** Autoexec.2 ******************************

@echo off
REM This autoexec is used while the CAD program is in use
cd \usr\lib\cadd
cd \etc\system

****************** config.1 *********************************

device=c:\dev\mouse.sys /e:512/p

******************* config.2 ********************************

****************** rst_sys.bat *****************************
@echo off
copy config.1 \config.sys
copy autoexec.1 \autoexec.bat

******************* startcadd.bat **************************

@echo off
copy \etc\system\config.2 \config.sys
copy \etc\system\autoexec.2 \autoexec.bat


As you can see by the above example, the CAD program has a memory
requirement that only allows for an environment with 2 files and 2
buffers allowed. To invoke the CAD program, the config.sys and
autoexec.bat files are "recreated" by copying the appropriate one from a
special subdirectory to the root directory. Then the system is
rebooted. The new CONFIG.SYS and AUTOEXEC.BAT take hold and the CAD
program is invoked. When the application is exited, the original
CONFIG.SYS and AUTOEXEC.BAT are "restored" and the system is then again

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