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Destroy sensitive information, much `etter then delete.
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Destroy sensitive information, much `etter then delete.
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Contents of the DESTROY.DOC file


DESTROY: Program (DESTROY.EXE) and Documentation (DESTROY.DOC - what you
are reading now!) Copyright 1984,1985 by MicroHelp, Inc. Portions
of DESTROY.EXE are Copyright 1981, 1982 by Microsoft Corp.
All rights Reserved except as noted in the documentation.

I. Description of program

Use this program to DESTROY a file which contains sensitive

If you use this program on a file there is NO POSSIBILITY of data
recovery using any recovery program or any other method.

This program has no effect on 'read-only' or 'hidden' files.

II. System requirements

A. Any computer running PC-DOS or MS-DOS (Version 2.0 or higher)
B. At least 128k bytes of RAM
C. PC-DOS or MS-DOS, version 2.0 or higher

III. Why use this program instead of the DOS 'DELETE' or 'ERASE' command?

When you use the 'DELETE' or 'ERASE' commands, your files are only
"marked" as deleted - the data is still available for recovery using
a variety of methods.

The DESTROY program rendors the areas of the disk useless and the

IV. Distribution of Software and Documentation

DESTROY is "freeware". That is, anyone who wishes to use it may do
so with no charge. DESTROY is available on many bulletin-board
systems (BBS) and from many user groups.

If the program does not meet your requirements for a data
destruction program, you don't have to pay one red cent to use it.
However, if you find DESTROY to be of assistance to you, we would
greatly appreciate your contribution of $20.00 for the program. If
you are using the freeware on more than one machine and wish to
make a larger contribution, your consideration will result in
our effusive thanks! This contribution is voluntary and will
entitle you to become a registered user. What good is that? It means
you can:

A. Call us if you need help
B. Receive free updates to the program (you pay only for
the diskette and postage.
C. Receive free notice of new programs released by us.

If you wish to register as a user, please send your check,
name, address and phone number to:

Prior to June 10, 1985: MicroHelp, Inc.
(404) 395-6741 8131-E Colquitt Road
Dunwoody, GA 30338

After June 10, 1985: MicroHelp, Inc.
Call directory 2220 Carlyle Drive
assistance for Marietta, GA 30062
area code (404)


Whether or not you use the program and whether or not you send us
your contribution, we encourage you to to copy the program and pass
it on to friends and associates, subject only to the following

A. Don't modify the program or documentation.
B. Copy both the program (DESTROY.EXE) and the
documentation (DESTROY.DOC).
C. Don't charge anything for the copies. The only
exception is a minor amount (maximum $10.00) if the programs
are included on a 'PUBLIC DOMAIN' diskette and the charge is
only for copying and/or the cost of the diskette.
D. DO copy both files to BBS's!

User groups, clubs and BBS's are encouraged to distribute the
program and documentation, subject to the above limitations.
All we ask is that you encourage contributions to our cause so that
it remains worthwhile to develop new freeware.

We welcome your suggestions for modifications or
improvements to our freeware. Any that we use will result in the
contributor (of the idea - not $$$) receiving a free program from
us and being made a registered user of same for no charge.

V. Warranty

Our warranty is very simple. The program will destroy all data,
with no possibility of recovery, in the files that you specify in
accordance with the instructions in this documentation.

If you are a registered user and the program does not destroy your
files properly, please send us a written explanation of the
problems and any special circumstances that may have caused it. If
we find a problem, and we are able to fix it, we will supply you
with a copy of the fixed program. If we find a problem and cannot
fix it, we will return your registration contribution on a pro-rata
basis as follows:

Problem brought to our attention Percent Refund
------------------------------------ --------------
Within 30 days of receiving contribution 100.00
Within 60 days of receiving contribution 66.67
Within 90 days of receiving contribution 33.33
After 90 days Sorry

If you are NOT a registered user, you might try sending us a stamped,
self-addressed floppy disk mailer together with an explanation of
your problem. While we won't guarantee a response, we will try
to help as long as time permits. Remember, though, there's no such
thing as a free lunch.

In any event, MicroHelp, Inc. will not accept responsibility for or
be liable for any damages, whether physical or otherwise, that
may result or be allegedly caused by this program.


VI. How to use the DESTROY program

DESTROY is 'command line driven'. In other words, you invoke the
program with a one line command at the DOS prompt with the following

DESTROY filespec [/p]

If you forget the syntax, you may just type 'DESTROY' (Return) and
the program will remind you of the command syntax.

A. Filespec

'Filespec' is the DOS file specification (which may contain DOS
'wildcards') to use and can be preceeded by a drive letter and/or


Filespec Description
----------- ---------------------------------------
*.bas All files on the currently logged drive
that have the extension '.bas'

C:*.bas All files in the currently logged sub-
directory of drive C: having the
extension '.bas'

C:\programs\*.bas All files in the 'programs' sub-
directory of drive C: having the
extension '.bas'.

C:\data\*.* All files in the 'data' directory of
drive C:

C:gl*.bas All files in the currently logged sub-
directory of drive C: that have the
suffix '.bas' AND that begin with the
letters 'gl'.

C:\programs\*.ba? All files in the 'programs' directory
of drive C: having 'ba' as the first
two characters in the filename
extension and ANY character in the
third position.

*.* All files in the currently logged drive
and sub-directory.

C. Pause command

You may instruct the program to print a list of the files it will
be destroying and pause before destruction begins. If you wish to
do so, simply add '/p' or '/P' to the end of your command line.

If the DESTROY program sees this option, it will show you the
date and time of all files matching your file specification.

You may stop the program at this point by pressing any key OTHER
than the Return key.


VII. Error messages

A. Error in command line

The command line that you entered cannot be interpreted properly.
Did you use the syntax as shown in section VI?

B. No matches found for (filespec)

The program could not find any files on the drive/sub-directory
matching the file specification that you entered.

C. File is read only

'Read only' files are not affected by this program.

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