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Full screen edit of DOS's environment area.
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Full screen edit of DOS’s environment area.
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Contents of the ENVED.DOC file

ENVironment EDitor(tm) v1.1

Copyright (C) 1987

By Dennis L. Raney

This is FREE software. The copyright is still maintained by myself
Dennis L. Raney. You may use, copy, and give this software to anyone as
long as there is no charge. This includes any disks fee's. It was provided
to you, the user, as a FREE program and if anyone charges you anything for
it they are in violation of my copyright. I request you address any
violations of this license to me directly at the address below. Also if you
have any suggestions, questions, gripes, moans and groans, please send them
to the address below. If you feel that ENVED is worth anything please send
any donations to the following address.

D. L. Raney
2612 Castle Drive
Blue Springs, Missouri 64015

GEnie mail address: D.L.RANEY


I make no claims as to suitability of this program for anyone's
particular needs. You the user, must make your own decision as to the
quality and usefullness of this program. You the user, take full
responsibility of using said program.


Dennis L. Raney specifically disclaims all other warranties,
expressed or implied, including but not limited to, implied warranties
of merchantabilty and fitness for a particular, and without limiting
operation of the program license with respect to any particular application,
use or purpose. In no event shall Dennis L. Raney be liable for any loss of
profit or any other commercial damage including but not limited to special,
incidental, consequential or other damages. And besides, I've always wanted
to say that.

What is ENVironment EDitor?

ENVED is designed to make changing and setting DOS environment
variables easy with a text editor style program. Many times you may be
experimenting with an enviroment variable that a progam uses and find
yourself doing a lot of typing or editing a batch file many times.
ENVED is designed to eliminate that problem.

ENVED was designed to handle the problems I found while working with
the programmers editor BRIEF. Therefore it was written out of personal
needs and I'm providing it to others who may have the same needs. I will be
able to tell by any response I receive from you the users.

How do I use ENVironment EDitor?

ENVED MUST be run from a batch file! If you run ENVED directly from
the DOS prompt it will not be able to change anything. The batch file to
run ENVED must be the following:


ENVED is the program name. DRIVE is any legal drive letter. PATH is
any legal path name. BATCH_NAME.BAT is the name of your batch file. The
complete path and file name is essential to the operation of ENVED. It must
be able to find the batch file that envoked it. Otherwise no changes will
be made to the environment.
For example, if ENVED.COM was on drive C: in the sub-directory
UTILITY and you wanted to call your batch file EV.BAT you would create the
following batch file to run ENVED:


That is all that is required. The batch file will load ENVED
which in turn will read the environment variables into memory and display
them for editing. You may use your cursor keys to move up and down the
lines. The return key will advance you to the next line below. To delete an
environment variable from DOS's memory you must use the following format:


Do not delete the entire line. This works the same as from the DOS

You may add variables by placing them on a blank line following the
proper dos format:


When you have finished editing and adding variables press the ESCape
key. You will then be asked if you wish to save your changes. The screen
will clear and your settings will be made.

Why do we have to use a batch file?

Whenever DOS runs a program it provides a COPY of the DOS environment
to that program. This allows any program to READ what settings are in the
environment, but does not allow them to make permanent changes to it. So
ENVED dynamically changes the batch file EVE.BAT by adding the appropriate
SET VAR='s to the end of the batch file. This way when ENVED exits to the
DOS system it continues the batch file execution. This then makes the
permanent changes to the enviroment. After running ENVED you may type out
this batch file and will see the settings on the end of the batch file.

What are the limitations of ENVED?

Lines may not be longer than 80 characters. There can not be more
than 23 variables in your environment.

What are the editing features of ENVED?

Cursor keys work as would be expected. The home key takes the cursor
to the beginning of the line. The end key takes the cursor to the end of
the line. Also if you are used to Wordstar(tm) editing keys you may use
those also (^A,^S,^D,^F,^G,^E,^X,^Y,^W,^Z).

^A....HOME.............Beginning of line.
^S....Cursor Left......Character left.
^D....Cursor Right.....Character right.
^F....END..............End of line.
^G....DEL..............Delete character under cursor.
^E....Cursor Up........Up one line.
^W....Page Up..........Top of page.
^X....Cursor Down......Down one line.
^Z....Page Down........Bottom of page.
^V....Insert...........Toggle Insert/Overwrite mode.

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