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Logitech mouse drivers for Sharc.
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Logitech mouse drivers for Sharc.
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README.1ST 1048 579 deflated
SHARC869.DEF 4745 1579 deflated
SHARC869.MNU 2825 1240 deflated
SHARC874.BAK 5117 1799 deflated
SHARC874.DEF 5129 1810 deflated
SHARC874.MNU 2916 1376 deflated
SHARCMNU.DOC 4175 1795 deflated

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Contents of the README.1ST file

When I first saw Jay Merill's Logitech 3 button Mouse menus for SHARC
version 8.69 and 8.70, I fell in love. The technique of overlaying an
image of the help screen as a mouse pop-up menu makes the user feel much
more at home in using the mouse with SHARC.

SHARC 8.74 is the latest version of that program (as of this writing) and
additions to that fine program have resulted in changes to the help screen
and to the control keys used. I have modified Jay's .def files to
accommodate the new features, and the modified files in this archieve
are SHARC874.DEF and the compiled menu SHARC874.MNU. The original files
have been included as SHARC869.DEF and SHARC869.MNU, along with the
original documentation files. In the 8.74 version, the left button is
ENTER, the middle button will call a pop-up menu appropriate to the
screen being displayed and the right button is ESC. All other assignments
are as shown in the original documentation.
Jim Gaffney (70515,1036)
Netmail 381/23 - Rio Grande TP Board
(915) 592-4976

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