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Three programs that turn DOS's RAW mode On or Off. ASM source included.
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Three programs that turn DOS’s RAW mode On or Off. ASM source included.
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Contents of the ARP.DOC file

Arp.Doc ARP : Another Raw Program 12/23/86


Included in this ARChive are the following files:

(Please note, the following programs accomplish the same task - toggling
raw mode On & Off. The methodology that each uses to accomplish this task
is structurally different. The assembly source has been provided as insight
for using each method.)

ARP01.ASM - Assembler source for using the PSP @ 5Dh for command line
comparisons. CMP's determine program flow.
ARP01.COM - Compiled version.

ARP02.ASM - Assembler source for using the PSP @ 5Dh for command line
comparisons. Tables determine program flow.
ARP02.COM - Compiled version.

ARP03.ASM - Assembler source for using the PSP @ 80h for command line
comparisons. Tables determine program flow.
ARP03.COM - Compiled version.

ARP.DOC - This doc file.


APRxx [on | off] xx = 01 to 03 depending on which version you care


I have always been intrigued with the idea of command line processing, and
have put these examples together utilizing a very popular idea from Chris
Dunford and his program - RAW.COM.

A note about raw mode (as opposed to cooked mode).

The following is taken from Ray Duncan's book - Advanced MS-DOS:
"In cooked mode, the operating system inspects each character as it is
received or transmitted, performing special actions when certain characters
are detected - therefore, we should say that the character stream is
filtered. In raw mode, the operating system does not take any special on any
characters in the input stream. All devices perform their input or output in
cooked mode by default, though raw mode can be selected by a program as
Setting raw mode on will speed up output from console drivers by disabling
checking for Ctrl-C, Ctrl-S, and Ctrl-P.

An added note:
Some programs will not function when the raw processing mode has been turned

Programs known to have problems (system must be rebooted):

- Microsoft's Macro Assembler v4.0
- Microsoft's Quickbasic Compiler v2.0

(Apparently Microsoft's products are very sensitive to Ctrl-C, Ctrl-S, and
Ctrl-P checking. Raw processing must be toggled back to cooked mode before


This code is released into the public domain without any restrictions as to
its use.

The author has taken due care in writing this code, and the code is supplied
as is. The author makes no expressed or implied warranty of any kind with
regard to this code. In no event shall the author be liable for incidental
or conseqential damages in connection with or arising out of the use of this

Questions, comments & critisism may be addressed to me at any one of the
following BBS's:
Jack Kilday's Northern Lights (207) 766-2467
Dennis Quinn's Automation Resources (313) 398-0824
Bob Blacher's Computer Connection (202) 547-2008
Paul Kopit's Software Society (201) 729-7410

Bill Gibson
January 1987

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