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DELAY.COM - Ver 1.02.
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DELAY.COM – Ver 1.02.
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Documentation for DELAY.COM - Ver 1.02
A Shareware Program Written By Craig Veal

Here is a short .COM file I wrote to let me temporarily pause a batch file yet
automatically continue after a set number of seconds (I use it with ZMODEM
protocol and ProComm+). That way if I'm immediately available when the batch
file ends it will continue after the "delay". I can also end the delay at any
time by pressing any key.

The default delay is 5 seconds, but you can change it from the command line by
typing the delay time you want (0 - 99 seconds). If you enter a number larger
than 99 only the first 2 digits will be read.

Syntax: DELAY [time] where [time] is the numbers of seconds you want the
program delay.

DELAY - Delays batch file 5 seconds (default)
DELAY 3 - Delays 3 seconds
DELAY 15 - Delays 15 seconds

Share this program with others. Craig Veal
4734B Jacksonville Lane
Andrews AFB, MD 20335
Phone 301-599-1071

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