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Search displays all occurences in memory of a command-line parameter string.
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Search displays all occurences in memory of a command-line parameter string.
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Contents of the SEARCH.DOC file

SEARCH is a program that searches through the first megabyte of memory for
a string specified as the command-line parameter. Search displays the memory
location of any matching string found in memory. It also displays the contents
of memory around the string found so the user can get an idea of context. If the
context displayed is not a large enough, debug's D segn:ofsn command can be used
to look at and around the location of the match. As the user will quickly
discover, there are always about 8 matches which occur due to just running the
program. These are easily identifiable and therefore do not reduce the
usefulness of the program. If a string occurs more than about 20 times in
memory, redirect the output of search to DOS' MORE filter like this:


SEARCH has interesting security implications. For example, if someone has
just exited a word processing program, it is possible to find out what they have
been writing by searching for common words like "the" to find the approximate
location of the document and then using debug to inspect the contents of memory
where the document is. It is also interesting to see what kind of stuff (names,
etc.) programmers insert into their programs. Bet you don't know the name of the
guy who wrote the virtual disk driver for IBM?

Please leave a message for me, Ben Denckla on the board which you got
SEARCH from. I'd like to hear your comments.

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