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Fix for AT&T system clock.
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Fix for AT&T system clock.
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Contents of the CLOCK402.TXT file

NCR Corporation

Date:January 14, 1992

To:PC6300 Users

Subject:CLOCK402 Driver

CLOCK402.SYS is an installable device driver that supports the date-and-time
clock on the PC 6300, 6300 PLUS, and 6300 WGS computers. It has no effect on
other computers.

Installation Procedures

Place the program disk in drive A. At the DOS prompt (C:), type
copy A:\*.* C:\ and press Enter. (Most people use drive a:, but you may have
another available floppy drive, B:.)

Insert a command line of the following form in your CONFIG.SYS file:

device=[drive:][path]clock.sys [year]where:
drive = drive containing the CLOCK402.SYS file
path = directory containing the CLOCK402.SYS file
year = determines the base year used in date calculations.

For your computer to keep the date accurately, the base year must be no more
than eight years before the present year. To install CLOCK402.SYS with a base
year of 1989, you would insert :
device=c:\clock402.sys 1989

Reboot the Machine and use the Date and Time command to set the current date
and time.

This should now setup the machine to keep track of the date properly even
after reboots. You will have to set the date and time once a year when the
year rolls over.

*** DISCLAIMER *** The SOFTWARE clock driver may not work correctly with
unsupported PC6300 DOS Versions, such as DOS 3.3 or higher, or non-AT&T DOS
versions. SOFTWARE applications which load into a memory range that
conflicts with the SOFTWARE clock driver may cause unpredictable results. Any
SOFTWARE applications which continue to read the HARDWARE clock instead of the
DOS clock WILL continue to see the wrong date.

NCR can not and does not warrant that the functions of the SOFTWARE will meet
your requirements or that SOFTWARE operation will be error-free or
uninterrupted. NCR has used reasonable efforts to minimize defects or errors
in the SOFTWARE. However, you assume the risk of any and all damage or loss
from use, or inability to use the SOFTWARE.

Your exclusive remedy and NCR's entire liability shall be, at NCR's option,
either the return of the fee paid for the fix, or the handling fee for this
fix, or the replacement of this fix.

Under no circumstances shall NCR or AT&T be liable for any damages whatsoever
(including without limitation, damages for lost profit, lost information, or
other economic loss) related to the use of this fix, even if NCR or AT&T have
been advised of the possibility of such damages.

If you need any assistance with this fix from NCR, call 1-800-543-9935 and ask for an analyst. You will be billed $50.00 for the call.

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