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Time dos command execution - great for speed testing.
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Time dos command execution – great for speed testing.
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Contents of the SW.DOC file

(c)1987 Philip Yanov Associates

Stopwatch is a one second resulution stopwatch that can be used
to time the running of another program. The syntax is:

SW program parameters

Just prefix whatever command you intend to run with SW. The
Stopwatch program, then shows the starting time and executes any
.COM, .EXE, or even .BAT file just as though SW weren't running.
Once the program ends, StopWatch will show you the ending time
along with the elapsed time in Minutes, and seconds.

If you have been wondering how long it takes CHKDSK to run on
your computer just type in:

SW CHKDSK *.* /f

All parameters pass right through StopWatch to the intended program.

StopWatch is donated to the public domain and may be reproduced
just as long as no one else is making any money off the deal.
Please keep the Documentation with the program proper.

Stopwatch was written by Philip Yanov (Compuserve 73277,3336) as a
diversion while learning to use the Microsoft C compiler.

For lots of other programming utilities, call The Door to the
South Electronic Bulletin Board Service. 803-967-3286.
300 / 1200 / 2400 Baud; 24 Hours; 7 Days

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