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Detects COM ports & Serial Mouse IRQ's that are being used.
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Detects COM ports & Serial Mouse IRQ’s that are being used.
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For detecting installed serial ports and type of mouse

Copyright 1989, Life Sciences Editorial Services
1236 River Bay Road
Annapolis, Maryland 21401

AUTHOR: Peter Petrakis


This program detects what serial ports are installed in an MS/DOS
or PC/DOS system. The type of mouse, if installed, is also shown
(serial, bus, InPort, HP). If it's a serial port mouse, the program
indicates whether it's on the IRQ line for COM1/COM3 or the
IRQ line for COM2/COM4, to guide a user in selecting an
available COM port for other devices when more than two serial
ports are installed. Because PCs have only two IRQ lines for
serial communications, COM3 must share COM1's IRQ line and
COM4 must share COM2's IRQ line. Unfortunately, two devices
using the same IRQ line can't be active at the same time. COM3
can't be used for a printer or modem if a serial mouse is active on
COM1, for example. Likewise, COM4 can't be used if a serial
mouse is active on COM2. The following table shows what ports
are available for other devices when a serial port mouse is present
on a multiple-port system:

Serial port mouse on COM ports available for other devices
-------------------- -------------------------------------
COM1 or COM3 (IRQ 4) COM2 or COM4
COM2 or COM4 (IRQ 3) COM1 or COM3



The program is provided free by Life Sciences Editorial Services,
Annapolis, Maryland. It may be copied and distributed promiscuously
provided no money is charged for it and it is not modified. Although
the program has been extensively tested, Peter Petrakis accepts no
responsibility or liability for any mishap resulting from its use.

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