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Set of utilities for the Omnikey 102 keyboards.
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Set of utilities for the Omnikey 102 keyboards.
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LITES.EXE 2759 1655 deflated
OC.DOC 1071 627 deflated
OC.EXE 70043 30576 deflated
POURVOUS.COM 233 231 deflated
POURVOUS.DOC 938 515 deflated
README.DOC 701 441 deflated
SFSET.DOC 1143 581 deflated
SFSET.EXE 42531 19663 deflated

Download File OMNIKEY.ZIP Here

Contents of the README.DOC file

About your OmniKey Utilities Diskette ...

This diskette contains four programs for keyboards used
with virtually any 80286, 386 and 486 IBM Compatible Systems:

1. OC (OmniCruise) -- Sets repeat and delay rates to speed or slow
keyboard entry and delay before entry begins.

2. POURVOUS -- Locks out < and > so you don't get U>S>A>

3. LITES -- Lets you set LED lights and functions for on or off at
bootup or anytime.

4. SFSET -- Lets you set top FKeys on OmniKey/Ultra as: Shift/SF,

We recommend you copy this diskette to a new or existing a directory
on your hard drive and run it in DOS mode.

Print the .DOC files for full implementaion instructions.

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