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DOS command editor and recall history TSR. Like CED.
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DOS command editor and recall history TSR. Like CED.
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Contents of the DOSINP.DOC file

DOSINP Version 1.0
(C)Copyright Kenneth J. Mercier January, 1989
All Rights Reserved.

DOPTIONS Version 1.0
(C)Copyright Kenneth J. Mercier January, 1989
All Rights Reserved.


Kenneth J. Mercier
20 Denby St.
Woonsocket, R.I. 02895


This program is distributed "as is" with no warranty of any kind.
In no event will the author be liable for any damages arising out
of the use of or inability to use this program.

Use of the DOSINP.EXE program and the DOPTIONS.EXE program
constitutes your acceptance of the above Disclaimer.

You may copy and distribute these programs for free, provided
this file is included and the programs are not modified, except
in the way that is allowed by the customization program.

If you find this program useful, a contribution of $10 would be appreciated.

Please send contributions to:
Kenneth J. Mercier
20 Denby St.
Woonsocket, R.I. 02895

Thank You.


DOSINP is another one of those memory resident programs that provide
DOS command line editing. Along with the editing features, DOSINP
adds the following capabilities:

* Recall the previous 20 command line entries
* Display a window with the available previous commands
* Delete unwanted commands from the command window
* Easily program the 10 Function keys.
* Flush the typeahead keyboard buffer, at any time.
* Easy removal of program from memory

How to use DOSINP and DOPTIONS

Run DOSINP and it will load itself into memory and monitor command
line activity. It will record up to 20 command line entries, so
that you can easily reselect any one of them, without retyping.

Below, are the "special keys" and their functions.

PgUp - Displays the recorded previous commands.

PgDn - Displays the current Function key settings.

Up - Select the preceeding command.

Down - Select the next command.

Home - Move cursor to beginning of line.

End - Move cursor to end of line.

Left - Move cursor one character left.

Right - Move cursor one character right.

Del - Delete character at current cursor location.

Ins - Insert a space at current cursor location.

Esc - Clear the command line. Closes open windows.

Ctl End - Delete to end of line.

Alt D - Delete unwanted commands from command window.

HOTKEYS - Pressing the user programable "hot keys", will cause
DOS to flush its keyboard buffer. This is useful when
you are typing ahead, and you make a mistake. You can
now flush the keyboard buffer, and rekey.


- DOSINP will use colors on a color system, and non-colors on
a mono system. If you have a color card, with a non-color
display unit, you can use the DOPTIONS program to change the
window colors so they are visible on your display.
The DOPTIONS program will be explained later.

- DOSINP is only active at the DOS command line.

- Alt D will delete the command that is hilighted in the
command window.

- DOSINP only has to be run once, and it will stay resident
until power is turned off, or you warm boot.

- DOSINP should not have any problems running along with other
resident programs.

- The keyboard flush hot keys were originally setup as ALT/ESC.
You can view/change them using the DOPTIONS program.

- If you plan on removing DOSINP from memory, you should load
DOSINP last among other TSR programs you may load.


DOPTIONS is the program that will allow user customization of DOSINP.
It is menu driven and easy to use.

The screens will be displayed in color if you have a color card. If
you have a color card and a non-color display unit, start this program
by specifying bw as parameter one. Eg: DOPTIONS BW
This will display screens in black/white and allow you to choose colors
that you can see.

With the DOPTIONS program, you can:

* Change function key settings

* Change window colors

* Change keyboard hot keys

* Make changes permanent

* Remove DOSINP from memory and deactivate


- DOSINP must be loaded if you plan to use DOPTIONS

- You cannot change colors if you have a mono system

- Permanently saving changes will update the DOSINP.EXE
program. If you dont save the changes, the changes you do
make will only be active for the current session of DOSINP.

Programs included in this archive:

DOSINP.EXE - Memory resident command line program
DOPTIONS.EXE - User customization program
DOPTIONS.SCR - Screens for DOPTIONS program
DOSINP.DOC - This text file.

Have Fun. Thanks


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