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Makes using PKZIP and PKUNZIP much easier.
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Makes using PKZIP and PKUNZIP much easier.
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Contents of the ZIPGUN.DOC file

ZipGun version 3.3 dated 14 May 1990

ZipGun is a "shell" program for PKZIP and PKUNZIP which were written
by Phil Katz.

ZipGun uses the "point and shoot" method of pull down menus in an
effort to make it easier to manipulate .ZIP files without having to
remember the various option switches. The easiest way to use
ZIPGUN is to go directly to the Directory option on the command bar
by depressing the Alt-D keys. Use the Change option to change to the
directory you're interested in. Use the Display option to see a sorted
list of files. At this point, you can use the F1 help key to see a
window of the available options while operating in this mode.

ZipGun assumes that the following program files are located in the
current directory or in a directory supported by the DOS Path:


I strongly urge you to use Vernon D. Buerg's LIST.COM with ZipGun, but
if you have another favorite program for viewing/editing files, be sure
to make a copy of it and rename it to LIST.

This program is considered FreeWare for those of you who use this
program once in a while. If you use ZipGun more often, the program
is then considered FreeWare Plus.

Users of FreeWare Plus programs are encouraged to make a small donation
to program authors. A donation of $5 will greatly be appreciated by:

Warren E. Fuller
1211 Holmewood Drive
Pasadena, Md. 21122
(301) 437-1609 home voice
(301) 360-2506 BBS
(301) 688-7629 work

I've tried to keep ZipGun extremely easy to use and understand.
If you have any constructive comments or suggested enhancements
which follow this train of thought, please submit them to me
in writing.


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