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Function Key Templet Maker, 10 F# Keys.
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Function Key Templet Maker, 10 F# Keys.
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Contents of the FKEYMAP.DOC file

FKEYMAP.COM Ver 1.1 (C) 1986 Hard Times Computing

FKEYMAP is a "what-you-see-is-what-you-get" utility that makes
templates for any PC with the 10 function keys on the left side.
It works with any dot matrix printer that:

1)Uses IBM or Epson printer codes.
2)Supports variable line spacing.
3)Supports graphic characters.

Variable line spacing is necessary only if you want a "perfect
fit" over the function keys. Without the adjustment, the
keyhole in the template is too long.

The syntax is:

FKEYMAP (ESC2) [filename]

(ESC2) is replaced with the character "y" or "n" (for yes or no)
depending on whether or not your printer requires an ESC2 to
activate the line spacing set by ESCA (Most do). This program
was tested on OKIDATA 92, EPSON FX+ and FX80, all of which
require the ESC2. It was also tested on a DIABLO (XEROX)
printer, which turns variable spacing off with an ESC2. If your
printer is like the OKI/EPSON/IBM variety, replace ESC2 with 'y'
on the command line. Otherwise (Xerox/Diablo for example), use

[filename] is optional--add it if you want to edit or print an
existing template.

The program is menu-driven, and pretty straight-forward. You may
notice some quirks in the way insert/overstrike works in editing
portion of the program because text must stay inside the
boundaries of the keys.

TIP: Many people do not know how to enter graphics characters
like ,, etc. into their text. Any character with an ASCII
code higher than 32 (a space) can generally be entered into a
program by holding down the ALT key and entering the ASCII code
FROM THE KEYPAD. When the ALT key is released, the character is
displayed. This works with most programs, like WordPerfect,
Turbo Pascal, Edlin, and even at a DOS prompt. You can enter
graphics characters in this program in this manner. ASCII codes
are listed in the back of the IBM Basic manual.

After you are done constructing your template, cut it out and
fold the top on the line between the header and the first
function keys, and slip it on your keyboard!.

A sample template for WordPerfect 4.1 (WP.TEM) and for Lotus
version 1A (LOTUS1A.TEM) are supplied with the FKEYMAP program.

FKEYMAP VER 1.1 (C) 1986 Hard-Times Computing
* *
* If you find this useful, consider *
* sending a few bucks ($3-4) to the *
* author, who works overtime to put *
* food on the table: *
* *
* Hard-Times Computing *
* 824 South Elgin *
* Forest Park, IL 60130 *
* *
* *

If you pass this utility around (Please do!) distribute it in its
original form as FKEYMAP.COM and with its document (FKEYMAP.DOC)
and the two template files (WP.TEM and LOTUS1A.TEM). Thanks.

VERSION 1.1 - Released September 22, 1986
Fixed an editing bug in the insert mode.

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