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Binary (HEX) search and replace program.
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Binary (HEX) search and replace program.
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Contents of the KPATCH.DOC file


Kpatch is a binary search and replace program. It can be used
for patching any DOS file if the target bytes are known.
Simply input the filename to be patched, then the target
hexadecimal bytes to search for, and then the hexadecimal
bytes to replace them with. Each hex byte must be separated
by a space.
The resulting file is written out as filename 'KPATCHED'.
Just rename the file to what you need and try it. The original
file remains untouched.
If you use the program on a regular basis and find it useful,
I would really appreciate a donation, say $10 or so, with which
I will gladly provide future phone support.
I may be contacted at 301-490-9298.

Please send any donations to:

Kevin Traub
13315 Briarwood Dr.
Laurel, Md. 20708


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