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Shows CAPSLOCK status by cursor size.
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Shows CAPSLOCK status by cursor size.
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Contents of the CAPS.DOC file

CAPS.DOC -- 08/22/87 -- Show state of CAPS LOCK via cursor size.

This RAM-resident program shows you the state of keyboard CAPS by
changing the size of the cursor. Even if your keyboard has a CAPS LOCK
light, you may find this useful because you don't have to take your eyes
off the screen as you type.

You may toggle the display of CAPS status by holding the ALTernate key
down and then tapping the CAPS LOCK key.

Some application programs turn the cursor off but neglect to turn it
back on again. CAPS will force the cursor back to normal if you toggle
the display option with ALT & CAPS LOCK or SHIFT & CAPS LOCK.

"CAPS #" will force the cursor to always be block style. This makes the
cursor a lot easier to see on a LAPTOP computer with an LCD screen. The
block cursor can also be toggled on/off by holding down the Shift key
and tapping the CAPS LOCK key.

"CAPS _" will install the CAPS program but turn CAPS display off as
default. Display of CAPS status can be toggled on/off by holding the
ALTernate key and then tapping the CAPS LOCK key.

If the curosr doesn't come out right, try "CAPS *". CAPS tries to
figure out what kind of video display you have but does not always come
to the correct conclusion. "CAPS *" tells him to try the other kind.

It is recommeded that this program be invoked from your AUTOEXEC.BAT
file. It should be among the first RAM-resident programs that you load.
IF EXIST CAPS.COM CAPS >NUL: <--- Suggested command for AUTOEXEC.BAT.

Since CAPS modifies the hardware cursor display, it will have no effect
when the display is used in graphics mode. In graphics mode, the appli-
cation program is responsible for making a cursor appear on the screen.

If you find this program useful a small donation of $5.00 is requested.
Carl Flarity / 1386 Arleen Ave. / Sunnyvale, CA 94087

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