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Batch file that will automate unzipping ZIP files.
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Batch file that will automate unzipping ZIP files.
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Contents of the UN.DOC file

Preliminary documentation for UN.BAT

Ken Kroninger
Canton, Ohio
April 27, 1989

Are you confused with .ZIP and .ARC files? Well, here is the batch file for
you! Un will unwhatever that file needs, so long as either Pkunzip or Pkunpak
can handle it.

To install Un.Bat, put it in a directory in your path, and also see that
Pkunzip and Pkunpak are also in the path. Then, when faced with one of those
collections of files, just type the following command line.

UN [file,file,file]

where is the .zip or .arc file you want to extract files from, and
[file,file,file] is any optional information like the destination directory,
or individual files if you don't want to extract all the files in the

Example: You have the .ZIP file JUNK.ZIP, from which you wish to extract all
files, with the files being extracted to drive D:.


Note that if you have the archive file JUNK.ARC, that you wanted to do the
same thing with, the command line would be:


Notice the similarity? It's intentional.

Pkunpak and Pkunzip are copyright Pkware, Inc.
Un.bat is released to the public domain for non-commercial use. Commercial
use is permitted so long as nobody bothers me about licensing.
The author specificially disclaims all responsibility for any effects of using
this batch file!

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