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Kryptik 2.3 - Simple Encryption/Decryption Program.
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Kryptik 2.3 – Simple Encryption/Decryption Program.
File Name File Size Zip Size Zip Type
KR23.EXE 59548 40895 deflated
KRIN.DAT 4015 191 deflated
KRYPTIK.CFG 38 34 deflated
KRYPTIK.DOC 1149 602 deflated
KRYPTIK.KRS 2560 2560 stored

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Contents of the KRYPTIK.DOC file

This is the newest release of Kryptik, a file encryption-decryption
program written in BASIC. CRYPTIC was originally released by the HillBilly
Pollock, but his routines were too slow and limited messages to approximately
40,000 bytes. The newest Kryptik offers speedy operation, user-friendliness,
and strong security.
The default encryption scheme, KRYPTIK.KRS, is included. However, you
can create your own and distribute them to a select few. Thus, only you your
inner circle will be able to decode sensitive messages. If you want to post a
solution to a game, for example, use the KRYPTIK.KRS scheme, and all users
will be able to decode it. On the other hand, use your personalized schemes to
create messages only few other people will be able to decode.
Guess that's it.

The command line should be:

(file_to_process is optional)

Routine Development and Programming by Allon Rauer Concept by Baruch Lazarus

(Please send mail to Colonel Mustard
if you find this little program useful)

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