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Clear Cap, Num, and Scroll lock if they become "Stuck" on.
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Clear Cap, Num, and Scroll lock if they become “Stuck” on.
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Reset that stuck keyboard!!!!!

This program is intended to handle certain keyboard and software
situations where the CTRL, ALT, Left Shift, Right Shift, Insert,
CAPS LOCK, SCROLL LOCK, and NUM LOCK have become stuck ON or the
lights on the keypad for NUM LOCK and CAPS LOCK have become
reversed. This program resets the BIOS internal keyboard flags
to the OFF state and reinitializes the keyboard.

The program works best when loaded before any other memory
resident programs such as SIDEKICK, 1DIR, etc. This program
installs in the keyboard interrupt 09 handler address in BIOS
and monitors for the CAPS LOCK and ALT keys being held down at
the same time. This program will not work with some programs
that disable the interrupt 09 keyboard routine while they are in
control. This is true of SIDEKICK and some terminal emulator

This program has been tested with SYMPHONY and LOTUS 1-2-3 in
particular, as these programs install their own keyboard
handlers which rely on the keyboard interrupt 16 routine to
obtain the current keyboard status and to read the keyboard.
This results in an occasional stuck Left Shift key which
causes the program to interpret the keyboard input in the
shifted state.

It is best to load this program after setting the Date and Time.
Key in KBRESET at the DOS prompt. The routine will become
memory resident and will remain active until the system is
rebooted. After pressing the CAPS LOCK and ALT keys, a 3 second
pause is executed to give the operator time to remove the
fingers from the keyboard.

Reset the keyboard --- Hold down Caps Lock then press Alt key.

Note: The only problem that may happen is that the ALT key will
become stuck ON after the reset routine has executed,
this is easily fixed by pressing and releasing the ALT
key after the keyboard has been reset.

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