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Allows you to edit your path. ASM source is included.
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Allows you to edit your path. ASM source is included.
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Contents of the EPATH.DOC file

Have you ever wished you could add a subdirectory to your path without
having to retype the entire thing? Now you can!

The program EPATH is based on a utility program by Charles Petzold in
PC Magazine Volume 6, Number 8 (April 28, 1987). It uses an undocumented
interrupt (25H) to change the path.

You can use EPATH just like the PATH command. Any path you put on the
command line will replace the existing path.

If you run EPATH with no parameters on the command line, it will, like
PATH, display the existing path. At this point EPATH and PATH differ.
With EPATH you can now use the DOS editing keys to change the path!

If you hit the F3 function key, the entire path will be echoed and the
cursor will be at the end of the path. A new subdirectory can be added
if desired. Or you can use the right and left arrow keys to move the
cursor to any point in the path, then use the or keys to
add or remove a subdirectory anywhere within the path.

One caution: If you are using a long path, be sure you have enough space
in your environment to hold the entire path.

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