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Arc to zip program.
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Arc to zip program.
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Contents of the ARC2ZIP.DOC file

ARC2ZIP can be used to convert one or more ARC files to corresponding
ZIP files. When converted, the original ARC file is deleted, and the ZIP
file is copied to the original directory with the ARC file's date and
time stamp.

The program creates a temporary directory called __A2Z__.TMP on the
current drive for extracting the ARC file and creating new ZIP file. The
directory is deleted when the conversion is complete.

To run the program, type the following at the DOS prompt:

arc2zip path_name

where path_name is the full path name of the arc file(s) to convert. DOS
wildcard characters (* and ?) are fully supported.

The program is compiled using Microsoft C version 5.1, and is hereby
released to the public domain.

Greg Thielen
Innovative Systems Design
CompuServe [71320,535]

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