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Microsoft and Logitech mouse menus for 4DOS.
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Microsoft and Logitech mouse menus for 4DOS.
File Name File Size Zip Size Zip Type
4DOSLM.DEF 232 180 deflated
4DOSLM.MNU 50 38 deflated
4DOSMICE.DOC 2055 889 deflated
4DOSMM.DEF 233 178 deflated
4DOSMM.MNU 42 36 deflated

Download File 4DOSMICE.ZIP Here

Contents of the 4DOSMICE.DOC file

P.O.Box 1056, 6801 BB ARNHEM, The Netherlands
Fidonet Node 2:508/28.0 Tel# +31-85459034

Mouse Drivers for 4DOS
(Microsoft Mouse & LogiMouse)

Included in 4DOSMICE.ZIP you will find 5 files:

* 4DOSMM.DEF - Source code to the 4DOS Microsoft Mouse Driver
* 4DOSMM.MNU - Compiled version of the above
* 4DOSLM.DEF - Source code to the 4DOS Logitech Mouse Driver
* 4DOSLM.MNU - Compiled version of the above
* 4DOSMICE.DOC - The file you are reading right now

Apart from these files you will need either the Microsoft or the Logitech
Mouse and Menu drivers (MOUSE.COM and MENU.COM). You will find both on the
disk(s) that came with your mouse.

Startup for Microsoft version: | Startup for Logitech version:

I recommand that you place these commands in AUTOEXEC.BAT. Complete driver
will not take more than 2 Kb of RAM.

Operation for Microsoft version: | Operation for Logitech version:
Both Buttons: Start Help | Middel Button: Start Help
Left Button: Choose | Left Button: Choose
Right Button: Exit | Right Button: Exit
Move Up/Down: Cursorkeys | Move Up/Down: Cursorkeys

This program is placed in Public Domain. If you like it, just stand up from
your seat, yell 'Hoorah Hoorah Hoorah', sit down again and enjoy working
with 4DOS!

Tom Ordelman,
European Cybernetics,
International Fidonet Node 2:508/28.0 aka 2/103,
European Home of Multi-Edit and D'Bridge.

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