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Device driver for 720K floppies.
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Device driver for 720K floppies.
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Contents of the README.DOC file

Installing the device driver for 720K drive in XT or AT:

Using a suitable editor make the following entry into your
CONFIG.SYS file on the root directory of your hard drive.
If you do not have a CONFIG.SYS file create one.


Replace "/d" with the drive parameter you chose from the
chart below depending on how the 720K drive was installed:

Firt floppy drive ... /0
Second floppy drive ... /1
Third floppy drive ... /2
Fourth floopy drive ... /3

Boot your system. The following message will appear during
the boot process.

DVR35 v1.xx External Disk Driver
Copyright 1986 J&M Systems, Ltd.
Driver loaded successfully for drive x:.

Formatting 720K diskettes:

FORMAT35.COM command syntax

[d:][path]FORMAT35 d:[/B][/V][/I=interleave factor]
Parameters: [d:][path] preceding FORMAT35 to indicate
drive and path; default is the current drive
and directory. Optional.

[/B] reserves sectors for system files to
be later installed by using the SYS command
in DOS. Optional.

[/V] will prompt user to enter a volume
label. Optional.

[/I=interleave factor {1..8}] resets the
interleave factor the disk is initialized to
when formatted. Valid factors 1 through 8.
Default is 1, which is the fastest in speed
of formatting. Optional.


If you are installing MACH 3.5 on a PC AT or compatible, be sure you
run your setup program and configure drive B: as a DOUBLE SIDED drive.


Note that if you are using version 2.x of DOS that the drive
letter designator used by the 3.5" drive will be 1 greater than
your last drive. For example, you have two 5.25" floppies
and one 3.5" floppy in addition to a single hard drive. The
following would be your configuration:

A: first 5.25" floppy360K
B: second 5.25" floppy360K
C: 3.5" floppy, 360K format
D: hard drive
E: 3.5" floppy, 720K format

Drives C: and E: are the same drive! Two LOGICAL devices are
implemented on the same PHYSICAL device. Use drive E: for
general use and drive C: when a mirror image copy of a 5.25"
disk is required.

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