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Backup copy routine.
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Backup copy routine.
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Contents of the BAC.TXT file

| Welcome to PC Magazine's Interactive Reader Service |
| Your SYSOP is Craig Stark. If not available through |
| our O)perator page, you may call me at (212) 503-5290. |

--- BULLETIN TOPICS (by number) ---

1. re Comments to PC
2. Expanded/reorganized PC Magazine indices, BBS, and
PCUG Listings(6/03/85)
3. New Dickinson BACopy program (Vol. 4, No. 17)(7/15/85)
4. Holzner Cache program (Vol. 4, No. 16).(7/3/85)
5. Symphony color CORRECTION and Word macro (Vol.4, No. 14)(6/14/85)
6. Subscribe to PC (or renew) via PC-IRS.
7. ASCII versions of .BAS program files now on line (5/2/85)
8. Note to SmartCom II and Crosstalk users.

--- BULLETIN NO. 3 ---

John Dickinson's "BACcopy" program (programming column, Vol. 4,
No. 17) is now on line. It dramatically eases the problem of
backing up files without DOS' cumbersome Backup-Restore procedure,
letting you use a Copy-like operation with disk changes as they
become necessary. It's a lifesaver! For the directory listings,
type L;1 from the Files menu.

BAC COM 1392 7-15-85 John Dickinson, "End Big Blue's Backup Blues,"
BAC ASM 14053 7-15-85 Vol. 4, No. 17 (August 20, 1985)
BAC ASC 7667 7-15-85 Ultimate ease in file backup

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