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Copies LIST.COM default settings when upgrading to new version of LIST.COM. Includes complete C source code.
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Copies LIST.COM default settings when upgrading to new version of LIST.COM. Includes complete C source code.
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Contents of the LISTCNFG.DOC file

LISTCNFG - Configure LIST.COM V 7.4a & UP

This program is FREEWARE! It costs nothing. No monies will be
accepted. Nothing is required. Use it. No guilt. No problems.
How 'bout that? Share it. Give it away. Change it. Take the code
and make it your own. Enjoy!

Date: 09-22-90 (02:22) Number: 15984 of 16065
To: LARRY OTTERSBACH Refer#: 15982
Conf: MAIN BOARD (0) Read Type: GENERAL

I got LISTCNFG and liked it. I've been working on a complete
install/setup program myself, but haven't made much progress. You can
post yours anywhere you want. Thanks!

This program will configure some of the variables that are not
'cloneable' in the classic LIST PLUS program LIST.COM by Vernon D.
Buerg. It eliminates the need to use DOS DEBUG. It will save the
configuration variables area for future use allowing an easy update
of your configuration in a later version of LIST. It was written as
an exercise in the use of the CXL functions library.


LISTCNFG creates a backup .CFG file of the cloneable area of
LIST.COM in the current directory. If the /B option is specified,
LISTCNFG will use this config file to restore previous values to the
new version of LIST.COM. It will always write out a new .CFG file.

LISTCNFG does not modify any cloneable values already saved by LIST.
To change colors, number of dirctories, etc. make the changes directly
in LIST and use the ALT-C option in LIST to save the configuration
values. Run LISTCNFG to create the .CFG file for backup.

LISTCNFG has been succesfully used on LIST.COM versions

LISTCNFG was compiled using TURBO C++ V 1.0 and the CXL Function
Library V 5.2.


The author claims no responsibility blah blah blah blah blah...
I can be reached on the following BBS's:

Technoids Anonymous - (602) 899-4876
Chandler C Connection - (602) 829-7233

Larry Ottersbach
2543 E. Riviera Dr.
Tempe, AZ 85282-6058


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