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Latest version of software for the ALL Charge Card. Fixes previous bugs.
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Latest version of software for the ALL Charge Card. Fixes previous bugs.
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ACCTEST.EXE 25627 10388 deflated
ALLEMM4.SYS 17584 10478 deflated
ALLMENU.EXE 55021 28821 deflated
ALLOAD.EXE 24512 10939 deflated
ARCNET.DAT 1192 622 deflated
BANYAN.DAT 7453 2344 deflated
BUFFERS.COM 24032 10658 deflated
CBIS.DAT 2942 1229 deflated
DECNET.DAT 2997 1332 deflated
DEVICE.COM 24112 11303 deflated
DMAFIX.EXE 11801 6724 deflated
FILEMENU.EXE 22693 12778 deflated
FILES.COM 21376 9393 deflated
GENETINF.DAT 4865 1842 deflated
LASTDRIV.COM 19760 8894 deflated
NCOM3.DAT 12489 4373 deflated
NETFILE.DAT 1689 354 deflated
NOVELL.DAT 2750 1430 deflated
PROTEON.DAT 352 221 deflated
READ.ME 3704 1577 deflated
TOKRNG.DAT 4451 1580 deflated
TOPS.DAT 8654 1975 deflated
VERSION.ALL 100 94 deflated

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Contents of the READ.ME file

ALLEMM4.SYS Version 1.04d


Fixes from the previous release of ALLEMM4:

1) A problem with Function 21 sub function 1 (5401h)
Search For Named Handle has been fixed.

New Additions:

The ALLMENU program is a menu driven series of tools
that includes within it the following functions:

- EXAMEM (to examine logical memory use)
- XEXAMEM (to examine physical memory allocation)
- ALLEMM4 Information (EMS 4.0 type information)
- System Information (info about your computer)
- Drivers Installed (list of installed devices)
- Files Installed (list of installed DOS FILES)
- Buffers Installed (list of installed DOS BUFFERS)
- Lastdrive Information (list of the DOS drive tables)
- DOS Memory Blocks (list of the DOS memory allocation chain)
- Dump All Info (gathers all the above info in a text file
called ALLDMP.DAT for support purposes)
- Network and Misc. Information (displays configuration data
on various networks -- .DAT files)

Note: FILEMENU.EXE is used by the ALLMENU program.

Note: The manual refers to the EXAMEM and XEXAMEM programs
as independent utilities. These are now part of the
ALLMENU program.

The ACCTEST program will test the ALL CHARGECARD.
To use ACCTEST, reboot your system with no CONFIG.SYS
or AUTOEXEC.BAT files, and then run the test program.


Example: ACCTEST 100 -- will test the card 100 times

Many users use a batch file to change their configuration
information and then want the system to reboot immediately
using a program which resets the computer by jumping to
the reboot sequence in the BIOS (at location FFFF:0000).
The problem is that the system will reset but the maps on the
ALL CHARGECARD remain enabled, thus causing a faulty restart.
The ACCRESET program will reset the ALL CHARGECARD first, and
then jump to the BIOS reset sequence.

ACCRESET.COM Source Listing

mov dx,33e0 ; call the ALL CHARGECARD port
mov al,00 ; with disable mapping sequence
out dx,al ; and turn mapping off
jmp ffff:0000 ; now jump to BIOS to reset

Since the ALL CHARGECARD maps memory a problem arises with
applications that transfer information directly through
the DMA (direct memory access) rather than through the
standard DOS interrupts. When mapping, logical memory is
no longer related to physical memory on a one-to-one
basis. Thus a direct DMA transfer may occur sending information
into a mapped region, and into oblivion. Tape back-up systems
are the most common occurance of this problem. Previously,
the only way to do a tape back-up would be to reboot your
computer without ALLEMM4 in the CONFIG.SYS file. The DMAFIX
program will allow you to use your tape back-up system without
having to reboot your system (ie. with ALLEMM4 still active).

Syntax: DMAFIX /SET -- before running the tape back-up

DMAFIX /RESET -- to restore mapping

Note: If you a running under DESQview DMAFIX will only
work in the first or primary partition, which must
be a DOS partition.


Technical Support (416) 960-0111 9am - 5pm EST

Bulletin Board Service (416) 960-8679 24 HRS.

************************* END OF FILE **********************************

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