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AsEasyAs (1-2-3) Clone. Very Fast, Very Compatible. Great Graphics. Uses 1-2-3 or Symphony files without conversion. Excellent.
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AsEasyAs (1-2-3) Clone. Very Fast, Very Compatible. Great Graphics. Uses 1-2-3 or Symphony files without conversion. Excellent.
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Contents of the READ.ME file

: AS-EASY-AS Version 5.01e Copyright 1985-92, TRIUS, Inc. :
: P.O. BOX 249, North Andover, MA 01845 :
: ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ :
: Orders ONLY!: 800-GO-TRIUS (800-468-7487) :
: Info: 508-794-9377 FAX: 508-688-6312 BBS: 508-794-0762 :

This READ.ME file contains a variety of recent changes, and other
useful information. It also lists the files distributed with Ver
5.01, and explains how to upgrade from previous versions.

Please READ THIS FILE THOROUGHLY! It contains very important
information, and reading it now will probably save you time and
trouble later on!

You can print this file by COPYing it to your printer with the
following command:

copy READ.ME prn

If you want to look at the other On-Disk AS-EASY-AS documentation, see
the file list below, which lists all of the documentation files. See
the end of this file regarding the On-Disk User's Manual.

Shareware and the Association of Shareware Professionals
____|__ | (tm)
--| | |-------------------
| ____|__ | Association of
| | |_| Shareware
|__| o | Professionals
-----| | |---------------------
|___|___| MEMBER

The shareware concept has made it possible for you to obtain extremely
powerful software at a price you can afford, and it gives you the
opportunity to try the software before you register.

Shareware is kept alive by YOUR support.

Evaluate the program for 30-days and give copies to your friends for
evaluation. If, after the 30 days, you continue to use the program,
then register it by sending us the registration/order form included in
this help file or by calling 800-468-7487 (Orders Only!). You will
receive the Latest version, Printed manual, 90-day free Technical
Phone Support, BBS Technical Support, Quarterly Newsletter, and
Reduced price Upgrades.

Support new developments in AS-EASY-AS, register your copy today!

Thank you for your support,

AS-EASY-AS is produced by a member of the Association of Shareware
Professionals (ASP). ASP wants to make sure that the shareware
principle works for you. If you are unable to resolve a shareware-
related problem with an ASP member by contacting the member directly,
ASP may be able to help. The ASP Ombudsman can help you resolve a
dispute or problem with an ASP member, but does not provide technical
support for member's products. Please write to the ASP Ombudsman at:

ASP Ombudsman
545 Grover Road
Muskegon, MI 49442-9427

or send a Compuserve message via CMail to ASP Ombudsman 70007,3536.

The information provided below is to help you start the program for
your hardware configuration. For more details about the operation of
the program press the F1 (function) key once you have started the

The following files are absolutely essential to run AS-EASY-AS:


These three files need to reside in the same sub-directory. In
addition to that, if the files ASEASY.HLP, ASEASY.PRT, ASEASY.CFG,
HTREE.EXE, and any Addins, are going to be used, they HAVE to reside
in the same (ASEASY) directory as well.

AS-EASY-AS is started from DOS using the command:

C:> ASEASY /Option1/Option2/Option3/..... [ENTER]

Where Option can be one or more of the following:

/P - Use alternate menu file (ASEASY.MN2) which provides
command compatibility with version 4.00 of AS-EASY-AS.
/ATT - Enables ATT display graphics, video mode $48
/ATT2 - Enables ATT display graphics, video mode $40
/AUTO=File... - Specify the worksheet to be loaded
when the program is started
/BK=x - Set screen blank-out period to x seconds
/BM - Bypass Mono Detection Scheme
/CFG=xxx - Specify the configuration file to use
/CTR - Center column identifying letters
/DIR=Path.. - Set the Path to the WKS files
/DW - Color protected cells after /RL command is used
/E - Enables graphics for EGA
/EM - Enables mono EGA Mode
/EV - Enables Graphics for VGA
/EVM - Enables Graphics VGA mono mode
/H - Enables graphics for Hercules
/H2 - Enables graphics for Hercules, Video Pg. 2
/MONO - Changes colors to white on black (CGA card)
/NE - DO NOT use EMS even if found
/NT - No Turbo Keyboard. Also disable status blinking.
/NR - No recalc Linking. Forces Manual Recalc.
/NW - Use Nth bin model rather than Nth+1 (default)
/Q - Quick screen updating for CGA
/RA - Round Absolute (e.g. 1.6 to 2., -1.6 to -2.)
/UK _ Set the currency to and @DATE to DD/MM/YY
/VM=nnn - Use Virtual (disk) EMS model, nnn-Pages (4k each)
/VP=Path - Set Path for Virtual (disk) memory File
/V1 - Force CGA Emulation (normally on VGA Monitor)

Starts AS-EASY-AS for a Hercules type monitor, using the second
page for graphics, and instructs the program that the data files
will be located on drive C, in subdirectory "Data".

Ordering Information
Remember that a shareware copy is an EVALUATION copy that you can use
for up to 30 days. If you continue to use the program, Registration
is Required! You may register using the order form in the ORDER.ME
file, or by calling TRIUS, Inc. and charging your purchase on your
credit card. We suggest that you call, since prices are subject to
change without notice.

You may also order your copy on-line by calling our TRIUS Support BBS
at (508) 794-0762 [2400,N,8,1 - 24 hrs].

If you live outside the US and Canada you may want to check the list
of international dealers in the help file, or contact TRIUS, Inc. for
a dealer in your country. Purchasing through these dealers can save
you the delay and inconvenience which may be involved in dealing with
currency conversions and international shipping and in many cases will
provide you with faster technical support.

Files on the AS-EASY-AS Distribution Disk
ASEASY5.FLS - Compressed Archive used by LHA.EXE
READ.ME - Start-Up instructions (This file)
ORDER.ME - Ready-to-print order form
LICENSE.DOC - Please Read This!!
VENDOR.DOC - Info on Distributing Shareware Copies
INSTALL.EXE - Automated SetUp File
LHA.EXE - Compression Program (c) Haruyasu Yoshizaki, 1991
........ - Other files, from time to time

To Install on Floppy or Hard Disk:
Although the program will work if installed on 360k diskettes, we
recommend that the program is installed either on a hard disk, or a
high density floppy diskette, since this will permit the help file,
the printer setup files, and other auxiliary files, to be available
to the user without swapping disks. If installing on 360k disks, you
need a minimum of 2 - 360 drives, e.g., A and B.

* Place the AS-EASY-AS original diskette in drive A: (or B:)

* Make sure the current logged drive is A: (Type A:, or B:, and
press ENTER, if it is not).

* Type INSTALL and press [ENTER]. Then, follow the simple on-screen
instructions to install your copy of the program on the desired disk(s)
and/or subdirectory.

If you are experiencing difficulties with the installation program
you can try to manually install the program from DOS. To do so,
for example, place the original disk in drive A, log onto the
drive and/or directory that you want to install the program, type

A:LHA e A:ASEASY5.FLS and press ENTER.

NOTE: If you are trying to extract the files on 360K diskettes,
you will need more than one diskette!

On-Disk Documentation
The installation process extracts a file called ASEASY.MAN. This is a
ready-to-print formatted, User's manual for the program.

Following the installation, make sure that the ASEASY.MAN file is
indeed on your default directory. Then, to print this manual:

(1) Make sure that the your printer is ON and there is enough
paper in it (the manual is about 102 pages).

(2) From the DOS prompt, type


Note that if your printer is connected to a SERIAL port,
then you need to use the command COPY ASEASY.MAN COM1, or
COPY ASEASY.MAN COM2 (depending on which serial port your
printer is connected to).

New Features and Main modifications in Ver 5.01a to 5.01d
A number of new features have been incorporated in Version 5.01 of
AS-EASY-AS. Many have already been documented in the ASEASY.MAN
(the on-disk user's manual) file. A brief description of the new
features and modifications that did not make it in the manual are
presented below:

The EMS/VM module of the program was completely overhauled.
A new, proprietary technique, developed by TRIUS, continuously
performs an intelligent allocation of the Conventional/Expanded
memory pool. The end result is the capability to load worksheets
up to 10 times larger that with version 5.00 (provided the user
has enough EMS).

The maximum amount of VM (virtual disk memory) that may now be
used by AS-EASY-AS was increased from about 400k to 2000k.

An increase in speed was achieved in version 5.01, by going from 2k
EMS/VM pages to 4k pages. In particular users with VM applications
should welcome this speed increase.

A new command was introduced; Range, Copy, Formula. This command
will copy cell containing formulas, while maintaining the original
formula references (/CopyCell translates the formula references).

A new parameter was introduced in the /Sheet, Text, Find/Replace
command. In addition to the PU options, a new option, R, if
specified, will now prompt the user to specify the range upon which
the Find/Replace command is to operate.

A new option is now available under the User, Install menu, the
CMdStr command. When this command is selected, the user is
prompted to enter the default startup command line switches desired
(remember to save the configuration file). Then, when the program
is started NEXT TIME, it would work as if all the specified
switches were placed at the command line. For example, setting the
CMdStr parameter to:

/VM /E /RA

would, next time, start the program using virtual disk memory, with
EGA graphics enabled and the Round Absolute option ON (see earlier
section for command line switches).

Note that ANY command line switches, specified when starting the
program from DOS, are ignored if a CMdStr string has been defined.
The only exception is the /CFG command line switch (which is also
ignored if placed in the CMdStr parameter string).

A new menu option "None" was introduced under the "/PrintTo,
Printer, Options, Pitch" menu. This allows the user to disable the
pitch control codes, normally sent to the printer, when using
generic print drivers.

A new dimension of capabilities was given to the @USER defined
functions. In earlier versions, these functions could only return a
value. In this new implementation, user defined functions are
capable of returning a string result as well.

A new video mode was implemented (CGA 40x25) for users experiencing
trouble reading fine print. This feature is something that many
visually impaired users would welcome.

A new function was introduced, @MEMAVAIL which returns the
number of bytes of memory available at the time of call,
as follows:
@MEMAVAIL(0) - TOTAL memory available
@MEMAVAIL(1) - CONVENTIONAL memory available
@MEMAVAIL(2) - EMS/VM memory available.

PICKLIST macro was modified to handle entries up to 21 characters.

A significant modification to the EMS/VM model will permit a
larger number of formulas (linked cells) in a worksheet. The
modifications resulted in a more robust model that will
correctly intercept memory allocation errors, out-of-memory
conditions, etc.

A modification was made to Print, View to correctly display
condensed print and wider than 80 column pages.

/Sheet, Text commands will now start from the current cursor
location, rather than from the upper left corner of the worksheet,
unless a range is specified by the user.

A new, powerful function was introduced that allows the user to
sum a range while multiplying it by another, range.


Every element in Range1 is multiplied by the equivalent element in
Range2, and the products are summed.

ex. @PSUM(a1..a3,q5..q7) = a1*q5 + a2*q6 + a3*q7

Range1 and Range2 should be of the same length, or else an ERR
condition will be returned by the function.

A modification to the /File, Retrieve module has resulted in
speeding-up the Linking process by 2 to 26 times!

A modification was made to allow proper operation of the PSETUP.EXE
addin program (Version 2.0), for non-standard graphics printers.
PSETUP.EXE Ver. 2.0 and PSETUP.DOC may be downloaded from our BBS.

An adjustment was made to the placement of the Y-Axis label in PIC
files generated by the program.

A new command line switch (/DW) was introduced that forces the
protected cell color ON when a Range, Lock command is executed,
whether Sheet, Global, Protection is enabled or disabled.

A new command line switch (/NW) was introduced that changes the
boundary values for the Data, Bin operation. Without this command
line switch, the criterion used for assigning a sample to a bin is:

Limit1 >= Value < Limit2 : Value placed next to Limit2

If the command line switch /NW is used, then the criterion is:

Limit1 > Value =< Limit2 : Value placed next to Limit2

Count Without Count With
Data Bins the /NW Switch the /NW switch
~~~~ ~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
1 1 0 2
2 2 2 2
3 3 2 1
1 1 0

An error was corrected that would permit the numeric results (but
not the labels) of a Data Regression operation to be inserted in
protected cells.

The {BS} (backspace) macro was modifies so that it now works as
expected when an argument is supplied, e.g., {BS 3}, {BS 12}, etc.,
for multiple backspacing.

A modification was made to allow the program to read WKS/WK1 files
with non-standard value records created with other programs (i.e.,
stock files downloaded from some PRODIGY services).

The internal length for a single formula was increased to 240
characters and internal stack was changed to increase the
maximum number of level of operations, in a single formula,
from 20 to 60.

The @VTABLE and @HTABLE functions have been significantly
enhanced so that they now accept String Criterion arguments.

A new command line switch was introduced /NR. If the program is
started with this switch, the program is forced to manual
recalculation mode and Recalc linking does not take place. The
result is significantly decreased time for loading complex

The program was modified to correct a situation where single
cell absolute references would always default to single cell

The function keys (bottom of the screen) may now be selected
using the mouse. (Audible indication that key was selected).

A modification was made to permit the 'Div' parameter to be
treated as a 'Skip' parameter for non-functional graphs.

Summary of Modifications in AS-EASY-AS Ver. 5.01E
1. A modification was made to correct a problem that would occur
under certain conditions when the @Q statistical functions
would return unpredictable results.

2. The program was modified so that the /File, Store, Backup command
does not leave open file handles. In earlier version, file handles
would be left open which might result in DOS errors "Unable to
Open/Close File".

3. In earlier versions of the program, formulas greater than 225 bytes
were filtered out after retrieval, although the formula file creation
limit is 240 bytes. Formulas up to 240 bytes will now be loaded

4. A modification was made to correct the placement of graphs on the
screen during a /PrintTo, Printer, View operation.

5. A modification was made to the program so the {PICK...} macro
command will now accept up to 20 characters per entry.

6. A modification was made so that the EMS limit of 500 pages (16k
each) is now enforced. Earlier versions might experience problems if
more that 8 MB of EMS was detected.

7. The maximum number of named graphs was increased from 40 to 50.
The internal test was 50 but the number of graphs allowed in earlier
versions was only 40.

8. A modification was made in the treatment of comma delimited
fields when importing or parsing data. A sequence of two commas
would skip that field. In this version, a sequence of two commas
will insert a blank field (cell) at that location.

9. A modification was made to allow support for the use of the @LINK
function with multi-dimensional worksheets, e.g.,

10. A modification was made to correct the behavior of formulas
linked to cells in the rightmost column of a sorted range. After the
sorting operation, links to such cells might be re-set incorrectly in
earlier versions.

11. The behavior of the Data Question command, when using blank cells
in the criterion range, was modified. In earlier version of the
program, such operations would not work properly unless the blank
cells in the data range were formatted.

12. A modification was made to the program to handle the special
printing case where a horizontal multi-page print range is defined
and the length of the print range (rows) happens to be exactly the
allowable print length for the current settings (e.g., PageLength =
60, Top/Bottom Margins = 0 and a print range of 54 rows). In earlier
version this would result in blank pages printed in the middle of the
------------------------ END OF READ.ME --------------------------

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