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Chain Dos commands. Enter all DOS commands, and then hit ENTER to run.
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Chain Dos commands. Enter all DOS commands, and then hit ENTER to run.
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Contents of the SUBMIT.DOC file

SUBMIT Version 2.0
- A command line batch utility -

Copyright (C) 1989 Bill Capen Computer Consulting
All Rights Reserved

This utility was conceptualized late at night, while going through
a "edit/compile/debug" loop on another program. After realizing how much
time I had spent writing "1 shot" batch files, I felt there had to be a
better way of doing things.
SUBMIT is simple to use, by just invoking it with a command line of
other program calls. Each program or routine to be invoked may possess
it's own arguments, and the entries are separated by semicolons.


To do a directory, format drive a:, copy the files in the
directory to disk a:, and delete the files:

C> dir/w
C> format a:
C> copy *.* a:
C> delete *.*

C> SUBMIT dir/w;format a:;copy *.* a:;delete *.*

To edit a program, compile it, link it, and run it:

C>edit program.c
C>cc program.c
C>link @program.lnk

C>SUBMIT edit program.c;cc program.c;link @program.lnk;program

! Boring Stuff:

Please feel free to pass this program along to other users, as long
as no fee is charged for distribution , and the program/ documentation
is not modified.
This program is being distributed as "shareware", for noncommercial
use, to allow the end user to try it out before making a commitment.

If you find SUBMIT fast, easy, and convenient to use, a registration of $10
would be appreciated. If you send $15 or more you will receive, when available,
the next version of the SUBMIT programs. Please state the version of the
software that you currently have. Send check or money order to:

Bill Capen Computer Consulting
1514 East Taro Lane
Phoenix,AZ 85024

If you can't afford to send any money, use the program without feeling
guilty anyway. If you wish to send more, it WILL be appreciated.
Please send any comments, suggestions, or commercial/site license inquiry's
to the above address.


Do not use this utility to load TSR type programs, as it could
create a "hole" in memory when SUBMIT terminates execution. This will
probably "crash" your system.


Bill Capen Computer Consulting makes no claims (express or implied)
as to the suitability of this product , and shall not be held liable for
loss of profit or other damage arising from use of this product .

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