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Makes your scroll lock key do what the name implies.
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Makes your scroll lock key do what the name implies.
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Contents of the SCROLLK.DOC file

John Socha
SOFTALK ----- May 1983

"SCROLLK.COM' is a background program that can be loaded with all your
AUTOEXEC files and makes the SCROLL LOCK key work as advertised. Try
it with any progrm listing, long directories, documentation files, etc.

Hitting the SCROLL LOCK once will stop a scroll. Hitting it the second
time will again produce scrolling. In addition, if you have stopped
the scroll and depress the LEFT SHIFT (arrow), exactly 23 lines
(1 Page) will march by. If you hit the RIGHT SHIFT, a single line
will be scrolled........... Try it....... You'll like it!!

SCROLLK.COM is the file that you'll want in your batch routines.

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