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Shell for PKARC & PKXARC: "Point & Shoot".
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Shell for PKARC & PKXARC: “Point & Shoot”.
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Contents of the SPKX.DOC file

SPKX.DOC Instruction file for the following:

SPKX.COM The main Command file.
PKX.BAT The invoking Batch file.

The above files are available for Public Domain as long as they are not
modified in any way.

Program's purpose:
This program was written to be an enhancement to the public domain
PKARC series of programs. This utility will give you an easy-to-use
way to select files inside an arc file, and then to extract them. For
the novice PK user, the instructions are a bit hard to figure out.
Also, for the experienced user, if you have a large arc with many
files, it is easier to extract all the files than to select and enter
all the filenames you wish to extract. You don't even know the
filenames yet! So you View it first and try to write the names down
as they scroll by.
Program operation overview:
The program is executed by the batch file PKX.BAT. Pkx.bat accepts
your command line entry of the target arc name. It then executes a
PKARC (V)iew command with the output directed to a file so it can be
used in the next step. Then the PKX.BAT file calls SPKX.COM, the
main command program. This program reads the text file and extracts
all the available filenames. Then it gives you an easy "Mark for
extract" routine, then per your marking, it writes a batch file that
will extract all your marked files to a location of your choice.
These programs do not actually extract or view anything. They simply
give you an easy way to create the necessary batch files to let the
PKARC and PKXARC programs operate easily. So the SPKX.COM and PKX.BAT
files need to be located on the same Drive\sub-dir as your PK
Program Usage:
First you must copy SPKX.COM and PKX.BAT to the same Drive\Sub-dir as
the PK programs.
Now to actually use the program, type "PKX" and the arc file name you
wish to access. Examples:
PKX C:\temp\arcfiles\filename.arc

The rest of the program operation from here is self-explanatory.

Program's Advantages:
1) The program gives PKXARC a "marked" extract feature.
2) You can now use PKARC to arc up whole sub-dirs and with an easy
extract you can restore files as you want without complicated
command line entries and unknown filenames.
3) Even if you normally Un-Arc the whole file for ease, you can now
View first without extra commands, and only extract what you
really want.

Any Questions, Suggestions, Comments, or Bug reports may be directed to
the Sysop of: Electrons Under Control BBS. Riverside, CA. 714-689-5084

PKARC & PKXARC are copyrighted in 1986 by:
7032 Andara Ave.
Glendale, WI. 53204

SPKX.COM is copyrighted in 1987 by:
P.O.Box 4532, Riverside, CA. 92514

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