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Very good critical error handler for DOS. ASM source included.
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Very good critical error handler for DOS. ASM source included.
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Contents of the READ.ME file

Enclosed is a slight modification of Sam Smith's Critical Error Handler
replaement program, Fatal.

It contains a very slight change from the v1.4 source code. On lines 208,
1033, and 1040 of the source code, the version number has been changed
from v1.4 to v1.42. Hence, the filename has been changed from FATAL14
to FATAL142.

On line 425, the timeout parameter has been reduced from 182, which gave
10 seconds, to 37, which provides an approximate timeout of 2 seconds.

The timeout was hanged to 2 seconds for those situations, like a temporary
resource lock on a network, that would cause a fatal error. 10 seconds can
be too long, when the resource may only be locked for a second or two. The most
common example is the use of DOS' copy of a file in a shared directory. Two
seconds is sufficient time for a human operator to intervene if they so choose,
and yet not too long to retry the operation. In my opinion, 10 seconds is just
too long.

This modification is being posted with Sam Smith's permission.

You can contact me, Jay Caplan, on my BBS at 718-837-3236, or on Compuserve
by leaving E-mail to user ID 70421,17.

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