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Disk Commando. Norton and Mace disk utilities clone.
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Disk Commando. Norton and Mace disk utilities clone.
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Contents of the README.DOC file


Distribution Notice:

Disk Commando 2.10 offers several features of the Advanced Norton
Utilities along with the Mace Utilties. Some of these features
include: Unerase, disk optimizer, disk testing, and disk editor.

Because this software is shareware, Sandi and I are counting on
individuals who use the software to register. After talking it over
with several other shareware authers on how to get people to register,
Sandi and I have come up with the following distribution scheme for our

"The software is fully functional and with complete documentation.
But, all the full screen utilities have a shareware notice log on
screen. Also, all the boxes on the screen are drawn in reverse-video
white-blinking '$'s to remind the user of the requested registration."

Registered users will receive a serialized copy of the lastest
version of the DISK COMMANDO utilities and printed documentation for
$40.00. Multiple copy orders and corporate users should read
documentation for more information.

Getting Started:

First, print and read the 45 page manual. Then run the Disk
Commando Integrator (DCI.EXE) to get a general feel for the DISK
COMMANDO package.

NOTE!!!!! Print the maunal in 12 cpi on your printer!

Benefits to registered users:

-update notices.
-unlimited free updates if you provide the mailer, disk, and postage.
-unlimited phone support.
-25% discount on registration of our other software programs

How to Register:

Send check to: Sandi & Shane Stump
Box 276125
San Antonio, Texas 78225-6125

or call (512) 670-8835 for COD, Visa, or Master Card orders.

Purchase Orders are accepted.

Happy Computing!

Shane Stump

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