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Convert ALL archive formats to .ZIP's. Two batch files for Dos 2.0+.
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Convert ALL archive formats to .ZIP’s. Two batch files for Dos 2.0+.
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Contents of the CVT-ZIP1.DOC file



Copyright (C) 1989

Post Office Box 9096
Salt Lake City, Utah 84109-0096

Version 1.0
April 24, 1989

What is CVT-ZIP?

CVT-ZIP is a set of two batch files that will allow you to
convert all archive files in a current directory to .ZIP format

What are the advantages of CVT-ZIP?

CVT-ZIP finds all archives in the current directory (regardless
of format type), and converts each one to the .ZIP format!

CVT-ZIP automatically re-compresses all .ZIP's in the current
directory too!

CVT-ZIP will convert nested archives (archives within archives)
to the .ZIP format. Even mixed archive formats will be
converted to the .ZIP format within the new .ZIP!

CVT-ZIP automatically erases the old format type if there are
no errors found when extracting the files.

CVT-ZIP will automatically move any defective archive to a
subdirectory which CVT-ZIP creates called BAD.$$$

CVT-ZIP automatically drops all comments because it extracts
and compresses the file to the .ZIP format!

CVT-ZIP gives you total control over its operations:

CVT-ZIP can be customized to do most any routine with
simple batch commands (see suggestions below).

CVT-ZIP can be customized to remove any unwanted routines!

CVT-ZIP can be easily modified to include new archive

CVT-ZIP's user fee is only five dollars!

What are the disadvantages of CVT-ZIP?

Since CVT-ZIP is a set of batch files, it requires slightly
longer to process than .exe or .com programs. This reduction in
speed is only slightly noticeable on hard disk systems, and can
easily be overcome in floppy disk systems with the use of a small
ramdisk such as IBM's VDISK.SYS.

What else do I need in order to run CVT-ZIP?

DOS 2.0 to 3.21

Edit the first line in both CVT-ZIP.BAT and CVT-ZIP!.BAT to
read "echo off".

Add the enclosed program CALL.COM to any directory in your

DOS 3.3 or higher (you're set -- no changes necessary).

You will need the following program in order to make your new

PKUNZIP.EXE (Ver. 0.92 or above)

You will also need the following archive format programs to
extract files from the other formats:

ARC - ARC.EXE (any version) \
PAK.EXE (any version) \
PKXARC.EXE (any version) / any 1 will do
PKUNPAK.EXE (any version) /

DWC - A bug in Vers. A5.01 and earlier will not
support parent directory (..\) function. DWC
informs me that future versions will have the
bug fixed. A patched version is available from
me now (see EXTRAS for details).

LBR - LUE.EXE (Vers. 2.20)

LZH - LHARC.EXE (any version)

MD - MDCD (any version)

PAK - PAK.EXE (any version)

SQZ - ALUSQ.EXE (Vers. 1.1 - will process any ?Q?)

ZIP - PKUNZIP.EXE (any version)

How do I configure CVT-ZIP to run on my machine?

CVT-ZIP is ready to go! It is setup to use PKUNPAK.EXE to
extract .ARC files. You may need to change that to the .ARC type
compression program that you have, or make some other minor changes
for CVT-ZIP to use your various archive format programs. All
programs must support the parent directory function (..\). This is
necessary in order to cycle properly to pickup any nested archives.
The format for configuring format types is as follows:

NOTE: [fext] means the filename extension which is made by the
archive format program. [FEXT] means use the same
filename extrension, but use all caps.

CVT-ZIP.BAT (in the :RUN section)

if exist *.[fext] set arctype=[FEXT]

CVT-ZIP!.BAT (in the :START section)

if "%arctype%" == "[FEXT]" [program name] [switch] ..\%1
if errorlevel 1 goto BAD

CVT-ZIP!.BAT (in the :DOZIP section)

if exist *.[fext] set arctype=[FEXT]

NOTE: All of the above changes must be properly made for each
archive format program. If not, CVT-ZIP may not convert
all of the files, or will not convert any nested
archives of that format type.

NOTE: Do not use multiple archive format programs, ie. do not
use ARC.EXE and PKXARC.EXE together -- pick one only.

How do I run CVT-ZIP?

Add CVT-ZIP.BAT and CVT-ZIP!.BAT to any directory in your PATH
(also remember to add CALL.COM if using DOS 2.0 to 3.21).

CD (CHDIR) to the directory containing the files you want to
convert, and execute CVT-ZIP -- the rest is automatic!

What kind of modifications can I make to CVT-ZIP?

Here's where to make the modifications which are listed below:


del ..\%1
if exist *.z!p ren *.z!p *.zip


pkzip -a -ex -o ..\%1 *.* <<< SEE BELOW
ren ..\%1 *.z!p
goto DONE

I like to remove the file time from all of my program files. I
strip off all the file times, but leave dates intact by using
either of the following two utilities:

REDATE.COM [redate *.* 00:00] (W.C. Parke)

FD.COM [fd *.* /t00:00] (Peter Norton)

NOTE: I suggest that you add the full path where programs can
be found that you add as routines. The reason for this
is if you ever have a file by that same name, CVT-ZIP
will often percieve it as a bad file. Example:

c:\utility\fd *.* /t00:00

NOTE: It's not a bad idea to edit the .ZIP compression command
because of the facotrs in the previous note. Example:

>>>>>>>>>>>>> c:\utility\pkzip -a -ex -o ..\%1 *.*

I have a favorite BBS that always has an ad for the BBS
included inside any file I download from that board. It's a waste
of space to have that included, so I add an automatic deletion of
that particular file to CVT-ZIP:

if exist [filename] del [filename]

If you don't want to see the file extraction or compression
routines, or just about any other function add the following at the
end of the command line:

> nul

Example: c:\utility\pkzip -a -ex -o ..\%1 *.* > nul


There is no charge for the patched version of DWC.EXE, but I do
charge for the cost of the disk, postage and handling. If you want
a copy of the patched version of DWC.EXE, send cash or money order
(checks accepted, but allow two weeks to clear) to:

Kenneth H. Starling
Post Office Box 9096
Salt Lake City, Utah 84109-0096

5-1/4 360-k floppy disk $6.00
3-1/2 720-K floppy disk $8.00


ALUSQ Copyright (C) 1985 Alan Losoff
ARC Copyright (C) 1985-1989 System Enhancement Associates, Inc.
CALL Copyright (C) 1987 Craig D. Veal
DWC Copyright (C) 1986,1987,1989 Dean W. Cooper
FD Copyright (C) 1987-1988 Peter Norton Computing, Inc.
CVT-ZIP Copyright (C) 1989 Kenneth H. Starling
IBM is the registered trademark of IBM Corporation
LHARC Copyright (C) 1988,1989 Haruyasu Yoshizaki
LUE220 Copyright (C) 1984-1986 Vernon D. Buerg
MDCD Copyright (C) 1988 Mike Davenport
MS-DOS is the registered trademark of Microsoft Corporation
PAK Copyright (C) 1988,1989 NoGate Consulting
PC-DOS is the registered trademark of IBM Corporation
PKUNPAK (tm) Copyright (C) 1986-1988 PKWARE, Inc.
PKUNZIP (tm) Copyright (C) 1989 PKWARE, Inc.
PKZIP (tm) Copyright (C) 1989 PKWARE, Inc.
PKXARC (tm) Copyright (C) 1986-1987 PKWARE, Inc.
REDATE (tm) Copyright (C) 1986,1989 W.C. Parke


These programs are provided "as is" without any warranty of any
kind, either expressed or implied, including, but not limited to
the implied warranties of merchantability and fitness for a
particular purpose. The entire risk as to the quality and
performance of the programs is with you. You, the user, assume
full responsibility for the results of the use of these programs,
including, but not limited to the loss or corruption of data, or
damage to any equipment. By your use of these programs, you agree
to hold harmless all parties connected with the manufacture and
distribution of these programs from any any liability whatsoever.


These files may be freely distributed, provided however, that
any such distribution be made under the filename CVT-ZIP1. Such
distribution must include all of the following four files in their
present form without any alteration whatsoever: CVT-ZIP.BAT,
CVT-ZIP!.BAT, and CVT-ZIP.DOC. These files may NOT be distributed
as the part of any other program or under any other name


You may examine, modify and use CVT-ZIP.BAT and CVT-ZIP!.BAT
free of charge for ten days. Thereafter, if you use CVT-ZIP.BAT or
CVT-ZIP!.BAT, either in their present form or any other form, you
must make payment of the $5.00 user fee.

Upon payment of the $5.00 user fee, you are granted a non
exclusive license to use and modify CVT-ZIP.BAT and CVT-ZIP!.BAT
for your personal use only.

You may not distribute any version of CVT-ZIP.BAT, or
CVT-ZIP!.BAT, except as provided above.

Send user fees to: Kenneth H. Starling
Post Office Box 9096
Salt Lake City, Utah 84109-0096

CVT-ZIP.BAT & CVT-ZIP!.BAT . . $5.00


If you wish to contact me, you may leave a message on the
following Bulletin Board System:

Redundant Department (801) 272-7057

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