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Lock It! Is a file encryption/decryption tool to use when data security is of vital importance.
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Lock It! Is a file encryption/decryption tool to use when data security is of vital importance.
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Lock It! - Version 1.1
by Gary Maddox, 06/17/90

Professional File Security

Disclaimer: The author, Gary Maddox is NOT RESPONSIBLE for any damages from
the use of Lock It!. It is an extremely powerful Encryption/Decryption tool
and must be used with care. DON'T FORGET YOUR PASSWORD!!! Once a file has
been encrypted with Lock It!, you will NEVER decrypt it without the original
password EXACTLY as it was entered. Don't come crying to me, because I can't
get it back either.

Lock It! Is an extremely POWERFUL, extremely FAST file encryption/decryption
tool to use when data security is of vital importance. Lock It! provides
three times the encryption power of standard file security programs. Lock It!
was written in assembly language and designed so that even if someone were
able to dis-assemble it, it would not help them without the password.

Lock It! is very easy to use. Enter "LOCKIT filename.ext" at the DOS prompt
and you will be prompted for the password. Lock It! will either encrypt the
file or decrypt the file depending on the current state of the file.

For added security, Lock It! supports an extra feature that will change the
file's attribute to be hidden and not viewable by DIR. To use this feature,
enter "LOCKIT /H filename.ext" at the DOS prompt to "Hide" the file. To
make the file viewable again, enter "LOCKIT /R filename.ext" to "Reveal" the
file once again. You can also rename LOCKIT.COM to something that looks like
a utility if you so desire.

Version 1.1 of Lock It! now supports up to 20 different file names from the
command line. Several paying users requested this feature. It was a very
good idea and now it is available to all. I have also included an 80386 pro-
cessor, 'POWER USER' version for those lucky enough to own a muscle machine.
LOCK386.COM will only run on an 80386 processor computer. It is only slightly
faster. The speed difference is also only noticeble on very very large files
like database files of greater than 1 megabyte or when encrypting/decrypting
multiple files.

Lock It! is not public domain. It was copyrighted in 1990 by Gary Maddox. You
are free to use it and distribute it in its original, unaltered state.

If you wish telephone support, then a donation of $5 is required. Please don't
call me and say, "the checks in the mail...". I've been writing shareware long
enough to know that the folks that call and say that almost NEVER send any
money. Don't waste your time and mine.

Custom versions of Lock It! are available if you have special requirements.

Send your donations to: Gary Maddox
1901 Spring Creek #315
Plano, TX 75023

Lock It! (C) 1990, Gary Maddox

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