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Select which AUTOEXEC.BAT to use during reboot.
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Select which AUTOEXEC.BAT to use during reboot.
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Version 1.0

Documentation Version 1.0

Written by Jon M Robertson

Written in Turbo Pascal 5.5

Copyright January, 1991

ShareWare Information

This program has been released into the vast domain of
ShareWare software. The author grants the right to use and
distribute the code, as long as all documentation and executable
files are distributed unmodified. A recommended BBS description

SELECT.ZIP Select from multiple AUTOEXEC.BAT files on boot-up

I don't doesn't expect a donation if you use this software, but
would be interested in hearing from you anyway.

The Purpose of Selector

The purpose of Selector is to allow the user to run different
autoexec files each time the machine boots. Selector can be used
to allow one machine to run be on a network, set up a developing
environment with several TSRs, or just simply boot DOS; without
having to change your autoexec.bat each time.

Setting Up Selector
Setting up Selector is easy. Simply run the program from
your autoexec file. You can have several commands which always
run, then run Selector to choose which additional commands you
need. For example:

@echo off
path c:\dos;c:\
prompt $p$g

Would set the path and prompt, and then run Selector. Once
Selector finishes, the program returns to the batch file and
shows the current DOS version. Then set up a batch file in your
root directory for each of the six options on Selector, naming
them STARTUPn.BAT where n is a number from 1 to 6.

Once Selector is Setup
Once you setup Selector, you are all ready to go. Each time
your machine boots, the Selector menu will come up and allow you
to choose which option you desire by pressing the corresponding
number (between 1 to 6). If you haven't chosen an option within
ten seconds, the default option (option 1) is automatically

Registering Selector
There is a registered version of Selector currently
available. The registered version allows you to modify the
options on the menu, the batch file each option runs, the time
delay, the default option, as well as other options. If you wish
to register your version of Selector, please send a check or
money order for $10 (U.S. currency only) to:

Jon Robertson
KingTrader Programming
8 Black Road
Conway, AR 72032

If you find Selector useful, I would appreciate hearing your
comments. You may write to me at the above address, or contact
me via BITNET at [email protected]

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