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View file names within ZIP/ARJ/LZH/ZOO/ARC/PAK without unpacking.
File VIEW6X.ZIP from The Programmer’s Corner in
Category Utilities for DOS and Windows Machines
View file names within ZIP/ARJ/LZH/ZOO/ARC/PAK without unpacking.
File Name File Size Zip Size Zip Type
CARC.COM 2000 1137 deflated
CARJ.COM 2000 1139 deflated
CLZH.COM 2000 1150 deflated
CPAK.COM 2000 1134 deflated
CZIP.COM 2000 1140 deflated
CZOO.COM 2000 1124 deflated
LISTERS.DOC 4944 1850 deflated

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Contents of the LISTERS.DOC file

| Compressed File Directory Listers -Swift-Ware- Copyright 1991 |

Files contained within VIEW6X.EXE self/extracting file...

CARC.COM - Displays directories of ARC extension files...2K Bytes
CARJ.COM - Displays directories of ARJ extension files...2K Bytes
CLZH.COM - Displays directories of LZH extension files...2K Bytes
CPAK.COM - Displays directories of PAK extension files...2K Bytes
CZIP.COM - Displays directories of ZIP extension files...2K Bytes
CZOO.COM - Displays directories of ZOO extension files...2K Bytes
ListerS.DOC - This document file............................5K Bytes

To use any of the above program files simply type the first name of the -
lister program you wish to use then type the Path and Filename[.ext] you
wish to view the directory contents of, and press the enter key.
The extension is optional and need not be included if you wish.

Example: A> CZIP APR89.ZIP







These listers do not support extended pathnames or comments.

All the above lister programs will PAUSE whenever the screen fills
while viewing very long listings of file names.



This software and accompanying documentation file are provided -
"AS IS" without Warranty of any kind. Further, -SWIFT-WARE-
does not Warrant Guarantee or make any representations regarding
the use or the results of the use of this software. All risk taken
in the use of this software is assumed by you the user, and Not -
-SWIFT-WARE->, nor any club or vendor distributing this software.


Permission is given to freely copy and distribute this program so
long as there is no charge, (except for a minimal diskett cost) and
that it is not added as an incentive to market another software or
hardware product. These programs are FREEWARE.


Any questions comments or suggestions can be mailed to my home address
listed below or leave a message via Compuserve electronic mail service.

Compuserve - User ID. [72230,1306]

I will do my best to answer any questions you may have.


Author: William Cravener
520 N. Stateline Rd >>>>>>>> THIS PROGRAM IS FREEWARE <<<<<<<<
Sharon, Pa. 16146


BOBCAT ($15.00) ....... Lets anyone manage their Files and Directories,
with an easy press of a key you can copy, move

delete, view, mark, create, edit, compress, -
uncompress, format - plus enables the user to
assign up to 20 of his or her commands or favorite
programs to the menuing system and many more -
features from within a window environment...

MENU MAKER ($10.00) ... Makes it easy for anyone to create beautiful
stand alone - 3D Text mode graphic shadow box
window menus. Create up to 4 windows you can pop
down by the press of a function key then highlight
your commands or program names via menu bar or -
mouse to activate them.

REDEFINE ($10.00) ..... Enables assigning up to 20/60 character command -
strings to any of the Alt + Number keys or function
keys F1 to F10 plus recall your last 10 DOS commands.

Also includes many utilities - View files, Copy,
Delete, Rename, Show All Paths, NotePad, and many
more in an easily Deactivated Pop Down TSR.

GRAB4 ($10.00) ....... TSR that makes it an easy task to capture text
mode screens from within most any running program.
Enables saving screens as Executables including -
their color values, or save as a readable text mode
ASCII file, you can also edit any current or saved
screen and capture or append to another file.
Easily Deactivated.

------------------------------- END OF DOCUMENT --------------------------------

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